Thanksgiving Cards

Stamping cards for Thanksgiving is an annual thing for me. My family would think that Thanksgiving hadn’t come if they didn’t get a card. I think I started a trend many years ago, as some have been sending them to me for a while now too. Of course, I love the process of making them, so I got out some stamps, papers and inks to play. The set I am using is discontinued, but the individual sentiments are still available on Impression Obsession.

This year, I wanted to recycle some elements from cards I have received.

I cut up those cards, fussy cutting some cute motifs. Adding ribbon or patterned paper underneath, and come cute stickers completed these two cards. The sentiment is from Impression Obsession.

Some of the inside sentiments made wonderful card fronts, with the stamp sentiment inside, as this one on the left. On the right, stamped leaves and acorns next to a patterned paper is topped with a cornucopia sticker and the sentiment.

Next, I cut a larger card’s sentiment down to a small size and framed it in brown, then added some patterned papers and a leaf sticker. The card on the right has a dimensional turkey and I added a pilgrim hat. The thankful sentiment is another one from Impression Obsession. Patterned papers and leaf stickers, along with a pumpkin complete the card.

This last card was one I made last year, and it just didn’t turn out that great on the front.

It is a tri-fold card, and the second leaf looks good.

The inside is pretty cute with the chef holding the turkey.

I decided to dress it up just a little, with a dark chocolate paper bar across the bottom, and a leaf and acorn dimensional sticker. Adding the Happy Thanksgiving at the top made it look more finished. It was ready to send now.

If you are planning a gathering for Thanksgiving, please do be safe, quarantine now, and have a happy holiday!

Are you making cards or playing with paper?

Impression Obsession has wonderful stamps for Thanksgiving and Fall.  It is fun to look at all the stamps available.  They also have the perfect Sentiments for our Safelight Project, and yes we’ll do that again next year. Save 25% on the Featured Category stamps at Impression Obsession.

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cards

  1. I love that you are upcycling card elements. The way you layer the various papers is inspiring to me. Mine always tend to look rather flat like that one you didn’t care for. Your addition of a second stamp color and added elements looks terrific. Nicely done and inspiring.

  2. Working on some TG family cards to get in the mail by week’s end, now that my AJ quilt top is done. Love the colors and images for TG and the design process is very similar in quilting and cards. Glad to know about the Safelight Project in the spring, as I have several cards ready for them. Love how you repurpose the sent card images into your own newly made cards. Fun!

  3. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Great cards, Carole! I just finished a Happy Thanksgiving/Congrats on your new home card to send to my brother and sister-in-law (embroidered card). I was pleased with how it turned out. I also finished a “George and Birdie Bird” snowman card that was one of the designs I digitized. I actually painted the background of that one with some Jacquard Lumiere paints. Now I need to get some stamps for the inside of cards!! I am having so much fun with embroidered cards and have a 201 class this morning! Looking forward to learning more techniques!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!!

  4. Cathy Walker

    Great idea about recycling cards and using the parts that are relevant. I think I’m going to have to incorporate that into my card making. Have you tried any of the embroidery cards? I’ve done a few with my sewing machine just adding some decorative stitches, buttons, etc., but I might have to go a step further.

  5. Hi Carole! These are so wonderful. I can just imagine being a recipient, feeling all the love and care that will pour out from the envelope as they open it. {{Hugs}} This is definitely LOVE in an envelope. Spread it around to all your peeps. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. kathyinozarks

    beautiful and fun I sent out cards this thanksgiving from current as I am in the middle of some projects hope to make some christmas cards though

  7. Joan Sheppard

    I have 3 shoe boxes full of stampers and used to make all my Christmas cards and a few birthday cards but fell away from it. Mine were never as lovely as yours! I especially like the “There is always something to be thankful for”!!!!! – Like you! Thanks for all the ideas! j

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