Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

Are you having fun with Autumn Jubilee? (#AutumnJubilee2020)  Today we continue with a new wool stitchery project.  I hope you like this new design!  This year we will make a wool pillow for a lovely Autumn accent.  You can also finish this into a wall hanging if you choose not to do a pillow.  Begin with selecting some beautiful wool felts or wool fabrics for your project. I ordered my wool felt for this project pictured below from One of the Flock, today’s giveaway sponsor. The felts are lovely soft, and the colors are stunning for fall projects.  Choose a base color, and cut a 12 x 12-inch piece.

Cut one of each leaf given in the pattern from three different colors.

I’m using Aurifil Wool Threads for my project.  If you don’t have these, you can also use two strands of matching DMC threads, or perle cotton.

Gather some embellishing buttons and beads in complementary colors for later.

Pin your leaves to your base as shown, or in a pleasing way to you, slightly overlapping the leaves.

Stitch the leaves to the base using the stitch you prefer.  I use a whip stitch with a single wool thread.  You can use more threads, different threads, a blanket stitch, whatever pleases you. For a country look, use black threads and a blanket stitch.

Stitch all the edges down.

I press the piece at this point to be sure it all lays flat.

Then using two strands of wool thread (or your choice), stitch the veins in the leaves using a backstitch.

In two weeks, we’ll embellish and finish the pillow, so you have plenty of time to get the base done.

Download the pdf – Wool Stitch Along Pattern

Today’s giveaway is a $40 gift certificate from One Of The Flock for their lovely wool felt collections or kits.  Leave a comment below, then click on the Rafflecopter icon to enter.  US Shipping Only.


Do you enjoy wool applique?

61 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

  1. I LOVE wool applique…and really all things wool! Thank you for the leaf applique patterns…I see they’ll be useful in several projects. Enjoy the cooler weather—(it’s downright COLD here in southeastern WV). I look forward each year to your Autumn Jubliee shared fun. Blessings….

  2. Mary Stori

    A you know, I’m terribly fond of working with wool felt and it was even the subject of my last book. Perfect for a fall project.

  3. Linda B

    It is 34 degrees here, and this little wool applique project feels just perfect timing! Like lots of others here, I have not really tried wool applique, but this looks so doable and not intimidating! Thanks for the inspiration, Carole! Autumn Jubilee is just so fun!

  4. I have made a few wool felt projects like this, several snowman Christmas ornaments and some travel-sized pillows in the past. I like working with the wool felt rather than the acrylic, as it looks richer and is more supple, IMHO. Thanks for the larger size leaves-just seems easier on my arthritic hands these days! One tip I can share is to trace the pattern onto the non-waxy side of freezer paper, cut out the shape, leaving a small edge of background and press it onto the felt with a warm iron. (Test this on a scrap before using on your project). Cut out the shape on the line and remove the freezer paper. It sticks just enough so you dont need pins in the small piece to cut it out, which can distort the shape. I have had good luck with this. I use short pins to secure it to the background while I am sewing it on so my thread doesn’t constantly get caught in the pin heads. (Please note that this is Freezer Paper, not parchment paper, which I have not tried.). Hope this helps!

  5. Debbie Miller

    I love working with wool and done lots of wool applique pincushions, needlebooks and other smaller projects! Will have to try this pillow as a larger project.

  6. Nanci Cartwright

    I love working with felt. It’s my favorite kind of applique, using 12 wt perle cotton threads. Thank you for these lovely Autumn ideas and patterns!

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Even after all of the years of following you and doing so many of your project s, I have never done one of your wool projects. Wool is something I do not have on hand and I never think to buy any to prepare for Autumn Jubilee. I do love the shapes of your leaves and may go ahead and prepare a project using either just hand embroidery with your leaves or appliqued leaves with some lovely autumn cotton fabrics I have on hand. LOL though because I am still working on the Star Blocks for the Quilt and have not had the opportunity to start on the Tote Bag yet. I just got new glasses and am having one heck of a time adjusting to lined Bi-focals. It is like I almost can not see. LOL. Truly that is over exaggerating, but it is very frustrating! As always, I am enjoying each one of your posts for Autumn Jubilee and do plan on making each one of your projects again this year. It will just take me much longer this year. LOL. Have a fantastic day, Carole!!!

  8. Robin Sando

    I have only recently begun to follow your blog. You inspire me to sew and create more. You have such wonderful ideas and encouraging words for us all during this time. Love the wool project you started.

  9. Mom C

    Haven’t done any for awhile. Used to do lots of hand work but I’m more into machine piecing quilts. Your work is beautiful. Thanks.

  10. I haven’t done anything will wool other than a pincushion so am keen to give this a go and make a wall hanging. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas.

  11. Judy Chastain

    That’s so pretty. I’m not very good at wool appliqué. Maybe a soft wool like what you’re using would be easier.

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