Autumn Quilts for Decorating

I’ve been doing autumn theme quilts since my early days of quilting.  The second quilt I ever did was a huge, oversized king with tossed leaves on a beige background.  One of the three borders has uneven numbers of flying geese on each side.  It was only the second quilt I had entered into competition and I won my first ribbon with it.  I called it Autumn Breeze.

It is quilted with a swirly design pantograph (by someone else) that gives the feeling of wind.  It won an honorable mention for design.  And with that, I was hooked on quilting.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along ~ From My Carolina Home

I have a cute little stand for mini quilts, and this year I put the Autumn Jubilee Mini Quilt on it from 2016.  Next to it, I have a pair of quilt hangers, and I put the Maple Star table topper there this year.

My little miniature mariner’s compass was done with Carol Doak’s book Easy Paper Pieced Miniatures (affiliate link).  It is only 8-inches square.  I usually display it on a book stand.

Every Autumn Jubilee has a Quilt Along.  I display quilts from years past all over the house.  This Pumpkin and Leaf Table Topper is from 2016, and is on the library table between the wing chairs.

Autumn Decorating at

Tables in the kitchen are dressed with leaf runners made several years ago.  Both have a border print I really like, with little chickens and fall colors.

Autumn Decorating at

Place a quilt on a bench on the veranda with a little pumpkin. This one is my Square Dance quilt.

November Decorating at

Put 2018’s Autumn Jubilee Pumpkin Star quilt on your guest bed, folded at the bottom.

November Decorating at

Or place it on an ottoman to grab and snuggle under on a chilly evening.

Autumn Decorating at

Last year’s Harvest Star had two finishing options.

See all the projects, recipes, crafts, sewing, quilting and more from previous Autumn Jubilee events by clicking on the Autumn Jubilee category on the sidebar.  This year’s event begins Thursday, and you won’t want to miss a single post.  Tell your friends too!!

Last year’s Wool stitch along project table runner is on the large dining table this year with an art glass pumpkin.

Autumn Decorating at

Small projects like penny rugs are set around on tables with pumpkins or candles.

Autumn Decorating at

Is it getting cooler where you are?  Along with cuddling with an Autumn quilt, I made some soup this week too.  Comfort food for a cold day, my White Bean and Ham Soup got a substitution.  When I defrosted the ham bone I saved for this, I found it was ruined with freezer burn.  I guess it was older than I remembered.  So, I substituted four slices of bacon for the ham, and it came out wonderful!!  So no more waiting for a ham bone if I am in the mood for soup.  Served in my pumpkin bowls, we had a hearty meal on a chilly evening.

Do you decorate for Autumn with quilts and fall-inspired handwork?

31 thoughts on “Autumn Quilts for Decorating

  1. Rita C.

    Oh, how gorgeous, Carole! I love that little stand for mini quilts. I have the harvest star on my table now! Great idea for the soup to sub bacon, I’ll remember that.

  2. What a great collection of autumn-themed quilts! I love the first one–the big leaf quilt–you posted. Just stunning! Your wool work pieces are sweet, too! Looking at your heading makes me crave a piece of pumpkin pie!!! 🙂

  3. karenfae

    excellent that the bacon was a good substitute for the ham bone. I usually try to keep several “chunks” of bacon in the freezer – when I get bacon for cooking I will cut a package into four pieces and freeze them and have it ready to dice or slice for the soups or casseroles. I rarely have a ham bone as we do not eat ham often.
    Do you take your quilt in each evening or is it safe to leave on your porch bench? I have a feeling if I left one out I would find it covered with cat hair or something as I can hear strays outside from time to time and I bet they would curl up as I find stray hairs on the cushions now and then outside.

  4. I have my variation of the pumpkin star hanging already! I need to see about quilting last year’s project…I could use the leftovers after I baste Girl #1’s quilt, I think there might be some left from that. Looking forward to Autumn Jubilee!

  5. kathyinozarks

    Wow I love everything-especially the wool piece and the first photo-I have never made that leaf block and I have always loved it along with the bear paw and making a pumpkin block that I haven’t tried yet. I will need to try a pieced block again. I usually get frustrated with pieced blocks because mine don’t usually turn out accurate. Looking forward to your autumn jubilee

  6. I love seeing all these projects compiled in this one post. Each one is so interesting. I like the look of that tiny paper pieced project. I haven’t done anything that tiny and never done any work with wool. I can’t wait to see what comes up for the quilt along this Autumn Jubilee 2020. Great tip on the bacon. I need to clean out my freezer…I’m sure there is a freezer burned ham bone in the bottom.

  7. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    It’s certainly beginning to feel like fall here and leaves are coating the lawn with a crunchy layer. I enjoy Autumn Jubilee each year and appreciate the thought and work you put into it.

  8. I always learn something new from your posts. It may sound silly but I never knew or even thought about how to hang mini quilts. I always thought you made your own somehow. I clicked on the link for them. I feel a mini quilt is in my future for each season. Gorgeous quilts – I love the Mariners Compass. I do decorate for Autumn and have a few things out 🙂

  9. Julie

    Autumn quilt and bean soup, perfect for the upcoming months. Summer returned here yesterday, bright sunshine and a promised record-tickling temperature. I made a leaf quilt a few years ago, my daughter just borrowed it. I pulled out my autumn fabrics yesterday, I think I’ll make a pumpkin quilt this year. I spied something cute up above.

  10. Patricia Evans

    Always fun to review the past Autumn Jubliee projects. I have some pumpkin blocks somewhere that never got sewn together. I haven’t pulled out my autumn pieces yet, and since it’s going to be 85 degrees today, I think I’ll wait until the rain arrives on Tuesday. I don’t have anywhere near as many places to display things as you do. I’m going to check out the white bean soup recipe soon. I often use bacon in pea soup and potato soup instead of ham.

  11. Dot

    The pattern for Maple Star is still available on the wonderful Internet Archive! Here is the link to the Moda article. (You can also download the PDF by clicking on “Printer Friendly Version” on this page.)

    To find a lost Moda Bake Shop pattern, you need to search out the original link, which I did in this case by finding your old blog post about it, and copy it to your clipboard. Then you go to the site and paste the link into their Wayback Machine box. You’ll get a display of all the dates they’ve saved the page, choose a date, click on a time of day.

    1. Thank you, they were supposed to move it over to their new site, and that is what I was searching. That was supposed to happen in 2019, and it still hasn’t happened yet. It is still on the My Moda Fabrics site, and I’ve updated the link in the post. Thanks for the detailed info on using the archive, but my complaint is Moda not doing as they promised.

  12. I love your maple leaf block and have made many since I found Autumn Jubilee in 2016. I do pull out my quilted autumn things every year – I have enough now that I can change them out each month for Sept, Oct, and Nov! Looking forward to seeing what we will make this year!

  13. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, All of the quilts and fall themed projects that you have shared today are lovely! You made me sentimental and I had to stop and go wandering through past posts rediscovering each and every one of the Scrap Dance Mysteries I have done with you and each and every Autumn Jubilee that I have done also. Such fun and spectacular projects you have designed, shared and we have created through these fantastic filled years!! I have also tried many of your recipes through the years and today realized how many years it has been since I have had any Bean Soup. Once again, it has been since my Dad passed away, he was the Master Chef when it came to this recipe. Yet, my mouth watered seeing your photo and just thinking about your soup so now I must take over and begin his rituals. How many other readers have faced this issue and had this hard of a time doing these type of simple things as I seem to have? Just so every one knows, I am not being sad here in my thoughts only thinking out loud and just realizing how long it really has been. Sorry that your Ham Bone was ruined, though. I know that is something I would not have thought would happen either. Thank you for sharing all of your spectacular artful decorating with us. I always enjoy it! Have a great day!!

  14. So nice to see your Autumn quilts, all displayed so nicely. Down here in New Zealand Autumn has been and gone, along with winter. Spring is spring, so it’s time to change my winter hued quilts for some more Spring like. However, the weather has turned nasty with cold rain, gale force winds, our Spring weather can be rather fickle!

  15. Jo Anne

    Totally enjoyed your autumn quilt blog! Like how you display your autumn quilts and the seasonal ambiance they create! I especially enjoyed the miniature mariners compass…many small pieces I’m sure. I have my Halloween quilts up now and will sub them out for a couple of my fall pieces once Halloween is over.

    Autumn is my favorite season by far! Here in upstate New York, the sugar maples are turning orange. Colors will peak in a week or two.

    I am looking forward to your Autumn Jubilee debut Thursday! Thanks Carole for making my day!

  16. Connie Bryant

    I love the pumpkin star quilt! So pretty and unique at the same time. Would love to have a quilt like that. Too bad you are not doing a quilt giveaway!!!:)

  17. Elaine Nemeth

    So thrilled to be home finally Sept. 8 Can’t wait to start your autumn goodies. Only got Jan blocks done on Scrap Dance Twist . Love your blog.

  18. Camille

    I really enjoyed the autumn project tour! I have a few seasonal projects for every season but not as prolific as your collection.

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