A New Hat and Lunch Out

These days it can be a bit of a struggle to keep our spirits up.  Days run into days, and I cannot keep straight if it is Monday or Thursday, LOL!  Seems my quilting mojo has gone on coronacation, and it is difficult to figure out what to do.  I can waste hours going down different rabbit holes on the internet, but that isn’t helpful to my mood or my productivity.  So, what to do?  Well, I have found a restaurant in town that has opened its outdoor patio in a fenced area behind their restaurant.  They have the tables set well apart, and are following all the recommendations to keep customers safe.  Of course, an outdoor outing definitely needs a hat.  You all know by now that a new hat always lifts my spirit and I had one still sitting from a thrift store find last fall.  Now would be a good time to get it out, dress it up and have lunch with a friend outdoors.

New Hat at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I’ve had the hat sitting on the workbench shelf waiting for decoration for some time.  I decided that I needed one with green on it to go with a pair of summer sandals.  I also have a pair of shorts in this sage green color so it would go with several outfits.  The only ribbon I could find in this color was tulle.  I really wanted a more casual grosgrain, but the store didn’t have that color.  So I wrapped the tulle twice around the crown base and secured with hot glue.

New Hat at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

To add more decorative interest, lace was glued on top of the ribbon.

New Hat at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Then I made a flat bow and added a spray of greenish white flowers to finish.  Normally I add the extra elements to the back, but this time I put them on the left side.

New Hat at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

All done, it only took a few minutes to finish.  The nice part is it will cover up my hair, which desperately needs a cut.

New Hat at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Here it is with my cute green suede sandals with gold hardware.

New Hat at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

And so lunch on Wednesday with My Sweet Babboo and a lovely friend.  This is the outdoor patio at Sol Y Luna in Laurel Park, NC.  We had a fabulous Mexican meal, with wait staff all wearing masks, and only three occupied tables the entire time we were there.  So nice to have a meal at a restaurant!

Sol Y Luna

I love wearing hats, especially at outdoor events.  I’ve remade a number of them over the years I’ve been blogging.  Wanna see more?  I made this hat from a thrift store find for a patriotic holiday, then remade it into a red/white combo on my post Refashioning A Hat.  It went from this…

Hat Makeover Project ~ From My Carolina Home

to this.

Hat Makeover Project ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I wanted one for our introduction to the Mini Cooper Club with our car named Caliente.  I found another thrift store hat, put chili pepper fabric into it for a band, then made a  purse and sunglasses case to match on Caliente Hat.

Caliente Hat at From My Carolina Home

On another post, I wanted a hat to go with my favorite floral sweater for a drive.  My Spring Hat Makeover was a success.

Spring Hat Makeover at From My Carolina Home

I know this post seems to be just frivolous when there is so much worry in the world right now.  The news is full of heartache, violence and daily death counts. Closer to home, other friends are facing daily challenges to their health, especially with this pandemic.  A fellow blogger is going through tests to find out what is wrong with her heart.  A car club member just found out he has an inoperable glioma brain tumor, and his prognosis is very poor.  Another dear friend lost her husband just a few weeks ago.  More friends are having difficulty with the isolation and depression.  I hope that by writing these kinds of posts, that I can take your mind off your troubles for just a bit, and that my blog will always be a spot for you to escape and to be inspired to create.

What are you doing to keep your spirits up now?

41 thoughts on “A New Hat and Lunch Out

  1. Julie

    It was fun seeing all the hat decorations, but what I spied was you car’s name. I always name my cars.

  2. patsystitch@gvtc.com

    Your hats are so pretty. I have a few but seldom wear them. They are used as decoration on bed post, dressers and doors (inside and outside).
    The coronavirus has not hit our small town but just 40 minutes away in San Antonio, the cases are increasing at a fast rate. We have several family members with life threatening illnesses but no virus.
    Have a great day!

  3. Debbie Myers

    Love your hats but I don’t wear them, as they just don’t feel right on my head. I tried your tomato pie recipe and my husband and I loved it. It’s a keeper! Thanks so much!

  4. Enjoyed seeing your hats in one post Carole! Things have been looking up here in the past 24 hours. The pollen counts are finally dropping, and DH has gone from nebbing every 3 1/2 hours to almost 6. I am hoping the trend continues. As for keeping my spirits up, I have found much comfort and encouragement in the Psalms these past months, and yesterday Isaiah 25 really spoke to my heart.

  5. jesusnowand4

    We just moved close to family. I’m having so much fun fixing up my new house and being with my family! I never dreamed I would enjoy being with my sisters so much, but with age I appreciate more things! My parents are in my back yard and I can go check on them every day. It is such a comfort to lay eyes on them and know they are ok!

  6. I think it’s good to have diversions, fun things to look at and enjoy, while we are going through so many awful things in this world. We need to remind ourselves to take time to create, enjoy each other’s company, and that there’s still good in this world. I enjoy seeing you create your hats. I don’t wear them, but sure appreciate your creativity. Glad you could enjoy a.meal with a friend. We haven’t ventured out to a restaurant yet. Soon, I think!

  7. Considering the news and all that is going on in the world, it is easy to stand at the edge of the abyss and fall into depression and despair. But when I shorten the view and look at my immediate environment, things are very good. I’m safe, warm, have utilities and a loved one near me. It’s boring or maybe a cliche, but there is truly so much to be grateful for. Posts like these remind me there is so much more to life than what is on the networks, and I am grateful for those (you!) who shine a spotlight on what is still fun, good and “normal” in life. Thanks.

  8. karenfae

    enjoyed your post. I am a loner so my life really hasn’t changed all that much over the last couple months other than not running to the fitness center to exercise each day and that is where I would normally chat to people – I know some people who are really social are running all over the place anyhow and are no longer being careful and acting like they do not have a care in the world. You sound sensible and being careful but still getting out a little – playing with hats sounds fun seeing as you like hats – I can’t find a hat to fit my head and don’t like them on me probably because of that – I have a small head and hats fall down around my ears and on to my eyebrows!

  9. Hi Carole! I enjoy reading your posts! During the quarantined days of March, April and into May, my husband and I worked on one jigsaw puzzle each week. I posted a picture of the finished puzzle on Facebook (we did 11 puzzles for 11 weeks in a row!). I received many comments on the puzzles at the time. I’ve taken a hiatus from puzzles for the summer, so it has been several weeks now that I have done any. But, when I met with a couple friends yesterday for a scrapbooking session and they mentioned the puzzles, I realized that my little bit of frivolity kept their spirits up in a small way. So, keep up your entertaining posts, frivolous or not! Each one touches lives in ways you may never know! We all do what we can to get through these trying times. I participated in an online quilt-along from a local shop and loved the weekly challenge and love the finished quilt, too. My husband and I are travelers that take lots of pictures, but this year are confined to home. I’ve been doing quite a bit of scrapbooking lately, catching up on some of the books and adventures from earlier times. It’s a great sense of accomplishment and a fun trip down memory lane all at the same time, almost like taking the trip all over again! You’re a talented and giving lady and I look forward to each and every one of your posts. And don’t stop taking enjoyment in the little things…they are what keep all of us going from day to day.

  10. Carol Smucker

    I have enjoyed reading your blog since you gave a program at my Quilt Guild, Misty Mountain Quilters, in Blairsville, GA. I’ve enjoyed them very much. They are fun, informative, creative, beautiful and “happy posts”, which we all need, especially now. So thanks for the work you put into them. They are enjoyed and appreciated!

  11. Good morning Carole, and thanks for the millinery fashion show. Your Caliente hat is my favorite with the red and white color scheme. A real eye popper. The only time I ever wore a hat, is when, as a young girl in Catholic school, we had to do so whenever in church. I do have one that I made, when my best friend started a Red Hat Society group, and she insisted we wear them to meetings and outings. After she passed away, I gave the hat to a thrift store, hoping someone who enjoys hats, would find it . We have not yet ventured out to a restaurant with outdoor seating, but hope to do so when the temperature is not in the 90’s. .

  12. Rosemaryflower

    Staying out of trouble….. okay, well, no time for that.

    Texting a lot, and sewing and baking
    I adore your hats. I think they all look good on you too.

    Yesterday I took daddy out of his compound independent living Ashby Ponds, and I took him to the dentist. HE IS SO FUNNY and he does not realize it. laying there, after the hygienist had picked and cleaned his teeth, she left to go fetch the doctor, I said, “daddy you look so comfy laying there” and of course he said “I should have brought along my c-pap” He is an old accountant and thinks it is important for Medicare coverage to get his c-pap time in. haha

    1. Your hat is cute as can be, and I love hearing how much you enjoyed getting out to a restaurant with your hubby and friend! I agree that we have to find ways to lift our spirits that work for us, personally. Sewing, blogging, and reading/replying to comments help me. Plus, waiting out in the parking lot of the cancer center today for my husband to come out after his treatment was over, and knowing he’s got one more finished, really did it for me!

  13. Sue H

    Your posts always lift my spirits, especially the ones with garden, birds, and critters pictures! I also find that sewing lifts my spirits as well as touching base with my mother & neighbors. Have a great weekend!

  14. AJ

    Carole, I enjoy all your posts. You are so talented and imaginative, and you also have a talent for uplifting people’s spirits. Keep spreading your joy, your compassion, and your kindness. Your gift to us is huge and we must in turn re-gift it by continuing to spread joy, compassion and kindness to others.

  15. Sharon Vrooman

    I thank you for sharing all your talents and passions. So many things I don’t do , but admire those that can. Traveling along in the car, sitting at one of your lovely tables, dining on a different meal, flowers that may not be in my own garden, your quilt tepair tips have been added to the notebook – and the turkeys!

  16. Lovely work with your hats! Yes, sometimes it is the smaller things in life that can help us find a bit of hope. It is definitely are a hard time to be living through. Your posts do cheer!
    I went to the market yesterday and got the makings for the casserole you shared the other day. I used broccoli instead of cauliflower and it was a great hit! Delicious and not difficult for this “non-cook’ 🙂 to prepare. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Sarah

      Carole-I enjoyed your post. You were so creative with your hats!

      There is so much going on that is hard to deal with when it comes all at once. We just have to keep going and get through it. Some days I can get a lot done. Other days I end feeling that I have little to show for it. Pleasant distractions are most helpful in renewing my spirits and helping me to keep going. Reading your blog and seeing the photos you have taken are both so enjoyable to me. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Joan Sheppard

    Love, love the hats. Often buy them while on vacation. Covers bad hair days. My Mom took an evening class in millinery and for a while we had some real zingers! I put away the quilting for a while and making tote bags/purses out of upholstery fabric gifted to me. Now when I give away a quilt, it can go in style in the new tote bag. I give every newlywed a quilt with a shower curtain. I want them use it for picnics and the plastic protects it from the grass. Mine are not that fancy. Just something for them to remember us by. Had the kids (5 and 7) over for dinner last night, had a crab boil so we could be outside. I forgot how much little boys could eat! Thanks for everything Carole.

  18. Your post was lovely and refreshing.

    Our daughter from Denmark arrives tonight, and her sister is coming tomorrow. On Father’s Day, all three of our children will be here, as well as both grandsons. One of them thinks we haven’t been together for 10 years.

  19. Annette

    Finding a posting from you is always welcome! Your regular readers know you are not minimizing the suffering and misery around us but your uplifting, informative, enjoyable posts add a highlight to the day.

  20. Sherrill

    Is this your first meal out? I think our restaurants opened here 5/1 and I’ve been eating out ever since!! HA My DH’s been gone nearly 8 yrs. so I eat alone a lot and I do it out almost every day! Love to eat outside whenever I can but it’s getting too hot now. I have several hats but they mess up my hair..LOL.

  21. manasotavacation

    What a charming and bright post!!! I love your hats! I used to have a lot of hats, but I cannot buy the cute straw hats……being a pin head or something….they are all too big! Yours are delightful!

  22. Not at all frivolous, its lovely to read about your hat decorating endeavours. Although it is sad when friends and family are facing health issues, I’m sure you are there for them too.
    The pandemic and rising violence around the world certainly is all a cause for worry, so it is nice to read some of your happy hat news to keep things lighter.

  23. There is a lot to be said for the value of something pretty in this world. I see no harm (and a lot of good) in it. We must push back against despair and fear with the “weapons” we have.

  24. Nancy Roberts

    What a lovely day out you had! Your hat is perfect- love it. Hiding hair is an actual thing right now. As another commenter noted, I love hats but they don’t look good on me. Frivolous? I think we can use some frivolity right now, so I like a feel-good post and outing. We’ve not eaten out in a restaurant yet, so I’m glad to hear your good experience.

  25. Love a great hat and you’re are adorable. Gave me some great ideas 🙂 So glad to read your got out and about. Haven’t ventured out yet although many of the restaurants also have redone and added great outdoor eating areas.

  26. You are definitely good at decorating hats!!! I am like you – I have days where I am off down rabbit holes, and then I have to pull myself together and get on with things… Glad you managed to get out, these outings seem more special now, don’t you think? xx

  27. thedarlingdogwood

    Pretty! Great hat for outdoor dining! I am not a hat person but I enjoy seeing them on others.

  28. Perfect post to give us something else to think about during these difficult times. So nice you could go out for lunch.

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