Stamping Cards with a Food Theme

I am trying hard to watch all the videos I have on that soon-to-be-gone video streaming service (details below), and of course got inspired to make a few cards.  I wanted to use the embossing technique I had just viewed, especially since I haven’t done any embossing in quite a while.  The lessons dealt with coloring and stamping before and after embossing.

May Stamping Food Theme at

The theme at Impression Obsession was Play With Your Food so I used a couple of those sets that were perfect.  First, I used one with citrus fruit and the sentiment “Squeeze the Day”.  The set is called Citrus Set, and is discontinued and on sale now until supplies run out.

May Stamping Food Theme at

The technique was stamping over embossing, but it made more sense to me to emboss over the stamping.  I experimented with both ideas at once, stamping a lemon slice on a corner, then going over it with a sentiment using the Versamark pad.  Gold glitter embossing powder is generously poured on top.

May Stamping Food Theme at

Then the excess tapped back into the container.  I heat set the sentiment.

May Stamping Food Theme at

I had a lovely orange paper to use as a base, and I added a few lines of jute in gold.  I used tape adhesive on the back to secure the cords, wrapping around the paper.

May Stamping Food Theme at

I stamped lemons, limes and oranges around and over the top of the embossing.  This worked fine.  The color that gets on the embossed area from stamping over it can be wiped off, but it worked just as well to stamp the lemon first with less fuss.  I mounted the sentiment on a lime green frame and placed it in the center.

May Stamping Food Theme at

For the next embossing technique, I stamped a strawberry Summer Cupcake on white card stock and used red glittery powder to emboss.

May Stamping Food Theme at

Heat set the image with an embossing tool.

May Stamping Food Theme at

This technique used the embossed area to color with inks.  I used a paintbrush to get the colors right where I wanted them.  Just press the brush on the ink pad, and go over the areas where you want that color.  Using a bit more on the edges of the image creates depth.

May Stamping Food Theme at

The sentiment comes from a set called Berry Sweet.

May Stamping Food Theme at

The second idea from that module was to cut out the embossed image.  This was easy to do as the embossing creates a slightly raised edge that is easy to follow with paper scissors.  I used dimensional foam squares on the back.

May Stamping Food Theme at

A base of pink swirl paper that looks a bit like frosting is glued down first, then the framed sentiment and cut out cupcake are added.  I placed the cupcake at a slight angle, and overlapped the frame just a smidgen to create depth.  Next time I’ll add just a touch of yellow to the cake part of the cupcake image, and maybe a bit more color on the paper wrapper part.

May Stamping Food Theme at

All done, two cards for the shelf, ready for any sentiment inside when I need a quick card to send out.

May Stamping Food Theme at

I’ve already picked out my next sentiment to order from Impression Obsession, this one – Gardening is cheaper than Therapy and you get tomatoes!  Then a few veggie stamps to go with it for summer fun this year.  I’m still playing with my food, LOL!!

May Stamping Food Theme at

Are you playing with paper or stamping?  Have you caught up yet on any videos you haven’t watched?

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17 thoughts on “Stamping Cards with a Food Theme

  1. kathyinozarks

    Good morning, I enjoyed your post as I have never tried embossing.
    wow please keep us informed-not happy about them closing as I have a couple expensive spinning classes I bought for reference-wonder if they will let us download those to our computers some how. I didn’t get any news from them at all-will go check thanks

    1. Julie

      The Bluprint warehouse was open recently. I used patriotic fabric from a quilt kit for first responder masks & was able to replace it so I can finish the quilt.

  2. Keysha

    I have been busy trying to watch courses I had purchased, too. Thanks for sharing this information with us. Had it not been for you sharing it on your blog, I wouldn’t have known.

  3. Mary Ed Williams

    Blueprint is so wrong and greedy to shut down! I saw some people had hundreds of classes. I have 50 or 60. Some of them by teachers no longer alive. Is this the new normal for our country?

  4. jesusnowand4

    I too own a lot of classes on Bluprint! I have some ‘go to’s’ that I will be lost without! There are some that I have not studied very well that I should have. I am so bummed at the thought of losing these classes. I learned all that I know about quilting primarily through Bluprint classes!!!

  5. Joan Sheppard

    These cards are wonderful, bright, fun. Thanks for the inspiration.
    From 3 generations of stampers, my Mom, my daughter, now grandkids, we have lots of stamps, papers, inks, embosser, the whole enchilada. But it missed me. I prefer origami or paper cutting but the 2 skills blend okay. I can make a crane and they make the trees and lakes, I’ll cut shadows, they make the scenes, it works out okay. Like your cupcake, they print and color, I cut. Stamping is hard to do well, but the 5 yr old can participate in the fun (and get messy which he likes the best) and still make a object d’art. Thanks again, j

  6. Mary

    Lovely cards and really sharp images.

    Just a thought – when you access the class on Bluprint can you not just email it to yourself? Then it’s on your own file. Maybe they don’t allow that to happen but as you have paid for it, it is your own property. 🤔

  7. HouseDragon

    I googled:how to copy a video from a website You all may be able to “capture” the videos you PAID for! HTH!

    1. Thank you for trying, but the service is streaming kind of like Netflix, so there isn’t a way to download the videos. Most of us are not savvy enough to figure out how to find another program to ‘capture’ the video, I know I’m not. It is up to them to fulfill their contract. We’ll see what happens.

  8. thedarlingdogwood

    I’ve very disappointed at the Blueprint news. I have about 10 classes. I did not subscribe after they became Blueprint and was happier under the Craftsy name & business model, but I was still viewing my paid-for classes. I do hope they come up with something for the forever classes!

  9. Your cards look great. I hope that you have received the latest email from BluPrint which says “Please note that we will provide a way for those of you who have purchased classes to receive a copy of the classes you purchased. For example, we’re working on a solution to give you an extended period to download your purchased classes.” I hope they do.

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