Spring Chargers for the Table

Doing tablescapes is fun, and I have a lot of chargers in various colors, but I don’t have anything light for spring. While at the thrift store, I couldn’t resist this set of ragged looking chargers, four for $2. I really liked the detail on them, and knew I could use them to get the color I could not find for spring.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

Looking closely, it appears that these have already been painted once, and that paint was flaking off. Underneath, they were a shiny gold.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

I went after them hard with a steel scrubber to get that darker paint off.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

Setting them on a towel to dry, you can see the difference.  The one I haven’t cleaned in front, compared to the two I have finished scrubbing.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

I couldn’t get all the old paint out of all the little crevasses, but that didn’t matter. I don’t need another set of gold chargers, I already have two sets – one round and one square set. I wanted to paint this set.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

I covered my potting bench with paper, and laid them out for spray paint.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

Starting out, I lightly sprayed with the butter yellow I wanted them to become. I didn’t attempt to get coverage, just a first coat. I let it dry for an hour.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

Then a second coat, again thinly coated and allowed to dry for another hour.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

Third coat, starting to look evenly covered now, another hour of drying time.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

Adding a fourth coat, I think this will do it. I let them dry the rest of the afternoon.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

On the table, the pretty yellow color goes well with the spring green placemats.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

I’ll be setting my spring table in butter yellow and spring green.  The full tablescape is coming next week.

DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

Are you ready for spring?  See the full tablescape by clicking on Spring Chickens Tablescape.

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DIY Chargers at From My Carolina Home

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Happy crafting!

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15 thoughts on “Spring Chargers for the Table

  1. Shirley

    I am so ready for spring. I put out some of my spring decor a month ago hoping it would hurry spring along. Butter yellow and spring green are two of my favorite colors!

  2. Hi Carole,
    WOWOWOWOWOWOW!! These turned out great! I love chargers. I think they really add a wonderful value to a table setting, and these really sing Spring. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Pam

      Great idea—Yellow is my favorite; most chargers I’ve found are plastic, seemingly black with gold or silver paint anyway! What kind of paint did you use? I’m tempted to spray some in many, many colors.

  3. Oh Carole…you are so much fun. As I get older I want less and we even talk about how when we retire…that we’ll sell “everything” and start over simply. I’m gradually cleaning and giving the kids their “stuff” and my oldest daugther even inherited many of my holiday decorations ect….as when they were young I totally had so fun decorating house seasonally like you do….and know whe is doing it for her family and I get to visit and enjoy. 🙂

  4. Melanie

    I am so ready for spring! We have a nice spring-like day going on here today….but a rain due tonight and tomorrow. That’s okay; we need it. Your chargers turned out super! Good for you in finding these and making them the color you wanted. You are inspiring! m

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