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Recently, Fat Quarter Shop told their associate bloggers that the newest Jolly Bar Book was on the way, and it released this week.  Just for fun while we are all stuck at home, nine bloggers were invited to Row Along using some of the patterns in the book.  With the Scrap Dance Twist mystery wrapping up in mid-May, I thought it would be fun participate.  The Jolly Bar Book Vol 2 is available now at FQS.  We got the book in advance so we could begin the blocks.  Isn’t this cute, the book is the same size as a Jolly Bar.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

For those not familiar with this precut, a Jolly Bar is a pack of 42 cuts measuring 5-inches x 10-inches.  I ordered the Harper’s Garden Jolly Bar to do the quilt along.  My solid color is Porcelain in Bella Solids. I’ve been secret sewing for some days now!

Jolly Bar Row Along at

Fat Quarter Shop is working with a reduced staff, so orders are taking a bit longer to get shipped.  They wanted to give us time to get the book and our planned Jolly Bars with plenty of time to spare before the fun begins.  The Row Along will begin May 21, and post once a week for six weeks, with a finishing post on July 2.  Check out the Row Along on Jolly Jabber!   The finished size of the quilt is 51 x 56, and you’ll need one Jolly Bar plus 2-5/8 yards of background fabric.  You’ll need a bit more for backing and binding.  You can use up some stash too if you like.  The patterns are fun and easy.

Jolly Bar Row Along at

You’ll get the requirements for making just a few blocks for each row as the weeks go on.  I’ll be participating, and will post on the blog for the beginning and end, and on Facebook and Instagram for interim weeks.  You’ll need to follow Jolly Jabber to get the requirements each week.  See all the wonderful Moda Fabric collections Jolly Bars and the  Jolly Bar Book Vol 2 available at FQS.

What do you think, want to Row Along?

Jolly Bar Row Along at

Special note on our Facebook group, Friends of From My Carolina Home, our group is growing, but one thing is a problem.  If you invite your friends to join us, you must have them use the ‘join us’ button and answer the intake questions or the moderators will decline them.  The questions are simple, take only a moment, and explain the rules of the group that participants must agree to before acceptance.  Right now we have six people wanting to join, and none have answered the questions.  So, if you are one of those, please go edit your application.  If you’ve invited someone that you don’t see as a member, please let them know to finish their application.  Moderators will give new applicants about a week to comply before declining.  If you’ve been declined for that reason, please reapply and be sure you answer the questions.  If the answer is no to the question of if you follow my blog, that is still acceptable.  But you have to answer yes to the rules.

10 thoughts on “Jolly Bar Row Along

  1. Diane

    Good morning, I just ordered The Jolly Bar Book, hopefully I will keep up with the quilt along. Looking forward to it. By the way, this is my first order with The Fat Quarter Shop.
    Grace and Peace.

  2. Thanks for reminding everyone of the Facebook group and questions. As one of the moderators, I feel terrible making people who want to join wait, but when they haven’t answered the questions, I can’t approve them. The Jolly Bar book looks like fun!

  3. Suzanne

    I love to make Frankenbacking and use up those larger pieces of wide-back trimmed from other quilts. I do my own quilting, so no one else has to deal with the issues that can happen. Having seams parallel to the loading bars is the best way to go, I’ve learned the hard way.
    I just put one of your book recommendations on hold as an audiobook-The Rosie Project. Sounds great!

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I have a Jolly Bar that I won quite some time ago and for whatever reason never used it. Yet, I promised myself that no new quilts would be started until I have all of my UFO’s finished. Of course, I will enjoy watching from the side lines and seeing what you and everyone’s quilts look like as the Jolly Bar Roll Along goes!! Have a fantastic day!

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