Safelight Project 2020 is underway!

Cards and case sets are coming in for Safelight, and it is exciting to see this project take off so quickly.  We hit our donation goal within 48 hours of the first announcement, and have now gone well over.  I knew that the shelter was completely out of bags for new residents, so I wanted to get some done right away.  I ordered the bags online, and put in a bulk order for some of the items from Dollar Tree.  That shipment will have the sunglasses backordered, and the other items are estimated to arrive on the 23rd.  I’ll just get some from the store so I can move forward with the next delivery.  Going to the mailbox this week, I picked up cases and cards that had arrived from Ruth Jones.  Cute prints and lovely garden theme cards were really appreciated.

Safelight Project 2020 at

That same day, cards arrived from Jennie Rauch.  These are so cute, and I loved the messages inside.

Safelight Project 2020 at

I went to my stamping workbench and made several cards with mostly the same design so I would have a total of 20 to start.  I used the ‘Smile’ stamp, with just a simple layered decoration and a sticker, with an inspirational message inside.  The back has a cute stamp that says ‘inking of you’.  I stamped the envelope with another message to ‘shoot for the moon’.  Each one was signed ‘a friend’.

Safelight Project 2020 at

Then I got out what I had left in the stash.  As usual, I was delighted that that the variety of sunglasses colors fit beautifully with the case prints.

Safelight Project 2020 at

I had one hair treatment, one pedicure kit, 10 pairs of sunglasses, 8 tissue packs, and a couple of dozen lipsticks.  I matched up the sunglasses with cases.

Safelight Project 2020 at

When the bags arrived, I could go ahead and do the first run.

Safelight Project 2020 at

I stopped off at Dollar Tree to pick up enough other items to complete 10 bags.  Seven case sets from Nancy Grimm and three more from Linda Brayton went into the first delivery.

Safelight Project 2020 at

Each bag is a nice medium weight canvas, with two cards, cosmetic case with lipstick and nail hardener, tissue case with travel tissue pack, sunglasses case with new sunglasses, along with a new hairbrush, hair treatment, hand lotion and pedicure set.

Safelight Project 2020 at

When I had 10 bags filled, I put a piece of glittery tissue in the top of each one to make it seem more like a gift.

Safelight Project 2020 at

I delivered the first 10 bags to Safelight, picked up by Denise, one of the Safelight volunteers.  Residents that have recently arrived and are still at the shelter will receive one right away.  So, pressure is off, as they have enough to last a few days, hopefully past the point where I can do the end of the month delivery.  That is the Dandelion Cafe in the background, the place that has that fabulous Tomato Pie.

Safelight Project 2020 at

More goodies arrived in the mail this week, beginning with Heidi’s beautiful cards.  Heidi blogs about her creations at My Little Stamping Blog.

Safelight Project 2020 at

Inside, Heidi’s cards are inspiring and cheerful.

Safelight Project 2020 at

Helene Cline sent case sets with wonderful happy prints.

Safelight Project 2020 at

Becky Harbour sent fun case sets.

Safelight Project 2020 at

These cheery cases came from Kathie Laposata, along with a nice donation.

Safelight Project 2020 at

Sallie Minnich sent two sets with lovely flower prints.

Safelight Project 2020 at

Mary Ann Lyon sent four sets with a fun flip flop print, a button print, and 2 pretty floral prints.

Safelight Project 2020 at

So, here is where we stand.  Enough donations have come in to do 130 bags for women and five men’s bags, 35 more than our original goal.  I ordered all the bags we need to complete this project online.  The women’s bags have arrived in two large boxes.  The men’s bags will get here this week, and I’ll get the items for those to deliver this month.  I have done one bulk order to Dollar Tree that will arrive next week, which will complete 48 women’s bags for the next delivery in March.  So far, 56 case sets have arrived, 10 already delivered.  I have had an email from Lenora Scott that she has sent 50 of her beautiful cards and they should arrive this week.

Here is what I hope you can help with.  To finish the project, we need
Case sets – 74
Cards – 146 (so each bag can have 2)

In this time of everyone staying home rather than go to meetings or outings, I hope my stamping readers will get out their supplies and stamp some inspirational cards for the shelter.  And I hope some more sewing readers will have some case sets on the way.  If you have already sent a contribution in any way, thank you.  The drawings for the great prizes from Fat Quarter Shop, Aurifil, Quilter’s Dream, and Impression Obsession will be in late April, so you have time.  Tomorrow, I’ll have something special for you, to have some fun while we are ‘self isolating’.  Stay safe, stay well.

What are you going to work on this week?

9 thoughts on “Safelight Project 2020 is underway!

  1. Nanc

    Good Morning!
    Awesome news! Thanks for the update! It’s fun to see so many wonderful and creative cards! There are 3 more sets in a box that are ready to go out in tomorrow’s mail. Plus, I plan to make and send several more sets as soon as I replenish my velcro supply. Thank you Carole for all of your time and efforts to make this project happen.

  2. I am determined to make a set or two (checking my scraps) for you this week. My week will be quiet and wild, I am teaching piano lessons on line! We have regular lessons this week, and a performance class next week, and both will be done on line with video conferencing. While I’ve done lessons this way during blizzards, I’ve never done the performance class this way so I’ll need to to think how I can keep the kids involved during the process. Since, I don’t have to scrub down the house constantly, I hope to get in some more crafty time! 🙂

  3. Joan Sheppard

    Unbelievably awesome community of people helping people. Virtual hugs to you all for your time and effort and big hearts.

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Every person who contributes any item or donation are getting my standing ovation! Of course, you above everyone deserves that because of just having the heart to organize this project and help your community out! Thank you for all that you do and everyone else is doing also! Have a fantastic day! Oh, I forgot to tell you that we are getting snow! The mountains that surround us are covered and as we live much lower on one of those mountains, we are getting just light snow, but it is definitely cold outside! LOL.

  5. Pat Semeraro

    It’s so exciting to see the response to this wonderful project so far. So many will be blessed by it. Thank you Carole for making it happen with all your volunteers and donors.

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  7. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carolina friend, Praying for everybody to stay safe during this perilous time. I’m trying to keep up with friends, neighbors that might need help etc. and trying to get some unfinished projects caught up on. In going through my e-mails I found this one and wanted to pass this onto you. Many of us have food that is left over and I had some saffron cooked rice so going on line I found out our feathered friends can eat the rice if it is cooked and that saffron rice is something they can ear with no harm to them. They also like pop corn but I didn’t see about different flavors of it. We older folks like to feed our friens that fly and others like deer, turkeys etc. so thought this might make a few of our friends happy to know. Stay safe, Phyllis

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