Safelight Project 2020, the first update

It was an amazing weekend, with the announcement of the start of the Safelight Project on Friday.  Almost immediately, the donations began pouring in, not only from readers in the US, but also one from England!  I was so grateful for the immediate support, and the number of contributors.

Thank you so much to these wonderful donors!  Pam A, Lesley G, Cindy B, Connie W, Vicki W, Amy D, Susan P, Sherrill P, Susan G, Loretta C, Bonnie H, and Linda D.  We were well on our way to the goal in under two days.  Then, on Saturday afternoon I opened up my email to find a donation notice that left me speechless, and you know that is not something that happens often, LOL!!

The amazing Dorothy F made the most stunning donation, and we rocketed past our goal!  At this point, the project has enough money to do 120 bags!!  Dorothy, I cannot thank you enough for your awesome generosity.  As we exchanged emails, one thing she said resonated with me.  She said “we are all in the same boat in this world, and being in that boat takes a lot of team work to get us all to the greater end.”  So true.

I hope you are working on cards and case sets, as we’ll need even more now!

See the original Safelight Project post for downloads and shipping information.

So, I began ordering the bags and items for filling them yesterday.  We are on our way!!  I can’t wait to see what comes in the mail this week!

Safelight Project Update at From My Carolina Home

If you slept late over the weekend, I hope you are getting used to Daylight Saving time.  I personally hate the changeover.

What’s on your list for this week?

14 thoughts on “Safelight Project 2020, the first update

  1. Nanc

    Hello Carole!
    Just read your Safelight Update and wanted to let you know that a few more “sets” will be on their way to you in a couple of days. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this project. I’ll be following your blog every morning with my coffee.

  2. Carole you are an inspiration, so generous with your time and talent, and helping others. I am so happy for your Safelight recipients and that you are meeting your goals…

  3. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Such incredible news! I am so thrilled for you and the Safelight Project! I still have not started on mine, but that is my goal today. Have a fantastic day!

  4. Elaine Nemeth

    I am out of town for thr month. But so or sew ready to make goodies and cards for the project
    Blessings to you.

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Wednesday is Sewing for the Kids. Finished 3 twin sized quilts to take. We will be making pillowcases using the Hot Dog Pattern. Sew Easy.
    Thanks for doing this wonderful work.

  6. Bonnie Coleman

    I will start my cosmetic & sunglasses cases this week! Just letting you know! Thanks for “rounding” us up for this project! I did it last year and will make as many as 4 sets. Bonnie C. In So. GA

  7. Hi Carole – My assisted living ladies got “ONE” full set made today….gosh sometimes they can be a challenge just keeping needles threaded…..sigh….exhausting. I have a bunch ready to mail that they did last fall, and will get them ready to mail in the next couple of days. Not all have tissue cases, and if you want me to hold those back until I can get tissue cases made, I will. I am “locked out” at the assisted living for the future until all the COVID-19 scare goes away. I was lucky to get in today under the radar. I was hoping they would be able to sew all month for this project. 😦 Let me know if I should ship without tissue cases; or wait.

    1. Joan Sheppard

      Threading needles is a full time job. But maybe you can get some help. Scout troops are always looking for ways to be helpful. If you provide a couple spools of thread, a box or so of needles, they can thread them for you. Ask them to come to your activity room to also help with the packing or whatever else you need with this project. Great life lesson for kids to help others.

      1. Mary Deeter

        Thanks for the Great ideas . I am Sewing with these folks on school days …using machines, not hand sewing. And, not able to go back to the facility until the Coronavirus cools off…these 85+ ladies are very vulnerable to illnesses so they don’t allow me to bring in kids ever.

  8. Melanie

    Making sets again; thank you for all the work you do, Carole, to put this project together. It’s a worthy endeavor and will bring smiles to the recipients, many of whom need a smile and more at such a time in their lives.

  9. Linda Brayton

    I already mailed 3 sets with a donation, before I saw that you reached your goal. I’m sure you’ll find a way to use it! I’m happy to take part in this very worthy project for three years now. Thanks for all your work organizing this.

  10. Susan Nixon

    Hmmm, it looks like I waited too long to donate! It’s wonderful that you already have plenty of money for what you need.

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