News for the New Year

There is a  lot of news to share today, with two big announcements today for the Scrap Dance series, plans for the coming year, and I need your feedback.  First, the wait is over for Minuet to publish!  For this week only, you can order Scrap Dance Minuet directly from me at the introductory price of just $6.  Introductory price will be good until January 3rd.

To order,  just send me an email with your request, or leave a comment.  I’ll send you a paypal invoice, and when the payment is completed, I’ll email you the pattern.  If you’d like to order additional patterns, please use the My Patterns page form.

Next, things are going to get rolling in January, with a special event announcement coming on January 3rd, and I’ll need your help with that wherever you are.

Then, we’ll finish up the layout of the Teacups Quilt Along on the 10th.

More news!!  There will be a mystery quilt along in 2020!  Get ready to Twist the night away!!  Gather your charm packs as we’ll use a lot of 5-inch squares.  Details to follow on January 17th, with clues monthly on the third Friday.

Then, we’ll begin the Vintage Christmas Quilt Along on the 27th, with new posts on the fourth Monday of each month. We’ll be using the book Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas Book for block patterns.

Once again for New Year’s Eve, I want to remind you to put your money outside that evening!  Have you done this with me in years past?  You hide some money outside on New Year’s Eve, (doesn’t matter how much) then bring the money into the house on New Year’s Day. It is supposed to bring good fortune with it, as long as it is still there, LOL!! Now, I am not superstitious, this is just something fun to do, and seems to be a conversation starter too.


For more good luck on New Year’s Day, I usually do a version of Hopping John that I have kicked up a notch with sausage and call Jumpin’ John.  The peas are mixed with rice, sausage and sauce, then garnished with green onions.  It is a good luck lunch in a bowl while watching the football games.  Here’s a pdf of the recipe in case you’d like it – Jumpin’ John.  Share your good luck traditions in the comments, and on our Friends of From My Carolina Home Facebook group.

Jumpin John - 11

One more thing, since we are on the cusp of a new year, I’ve been thinking of the direction the blog will take in 2020.  I have always thought that we are all multi-faceted individuals with more than one interest, and my blog has been a wide variety of subjects reflecting all my hobbies and adventures.  But, it is perhaps time to streamline just a bit.  I know that sometimes I’ll have a few new readers subscribe with a fun post, then when the next one is on a different subject, they cancel their subscriptions.  So, it is that people want blogs to be one subject, or is it that only certain things aren’t appealing?  Help me out, certainly with the plans outlined above this blog will continue to be heavily quilting, but what else are you interested in seeing?   If you need to see what has been done in the past, like for the Japanese Inspired February event, click on that category on the sidebar.  The answers come up in a random fashion, so everyone will see them in a different order.  I’ll assume things with few or no votes will be the things you wouldn’t rather skip.  Select as many as you like.

If for some reason, the poll isn’t showing for you, please just leave me a comment with your choices, or click on POLL.  Quilting, sewing, crafting, stamping, book reviews, gardening, cooking, mountain living, tablescapes, embroidery and needlework, wool applique, thrifting, decorating, travel, and special events like Japanese Inspired February and Autumn Jubilee.  Thank you!!

Have a very happy and safe New Year’s Eve, and a wonderful New Year!!

70 thoughts on “News for the New Year

  1. Margo

    I voted for quilting, but I do want you to know that the main reason I enjoy your blog is that you share so many interests. Your posts inspire me to try different things. Thanks for the excellent job you do!

  2. I love your blog! When I write mine, I think of it as a bit of journal. So, with that in mind, I think you should write about topics that are close to your heart, or “FROM YOUR CAROLINA HOME”….whatever makes your heart happy. Readers will find you, readers will come and go. I started blogging in 2012, and sometimes I don’t have a thing to say. I love your stitch alongs, I enjoy watching you create with hand embroidery and wool, though it is not my particular craft. I imagine you are using tag words that cover the specific topics as you write, and often new readers come because a search engine found you for them. Be YOU. I am so excited about the TWIST & our Vintage Christmas. Time to clean up some scraps in my sewing room. 🙂

      1. Kim

        I have enjoyed your blog for some time now. What I enjoy the most is being able to read your content without being bombarded by ads. I will drop or never re-visit a site that is frustratingly obnoxious with ads. You are doing just fine with your topics and I truly enjoy your giving nature wirh the shelter and the hurricane quilt drive. Keep up the good work. Best, Kim

  3. Lenora

    Carole, I can’t take this poll because I like all of the subjects you have listed. I do not have the skills you have, but I so enjoy all your posts and also enjoy the surprise of what will be there today. Eventually I may need to limit my online time but it will never be because of what you post. It is so much fun to think of you as “the friend I haven’t met yet.” I tell my real life friends about your posts quite often. I know posting about all you accomplish must be draining sometimes and wish you luck in streamlining. Thank you for being you. Happy 2020 to you and your family!

    1. Teri

      I really enjoy most of your posts. Thanks for keeping it so interesting. Including the travel and special events. No poll appeared

  4. Judi mitchell

    Please tell me : I am wondering about the quality of the fabrics offered with the Blueprint kits. How have you found the fabrics.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and understand that you want to “fine tune”your efforts. I especially like your quilting patterns, stories and suggestions. I find your thrifting stories and pictures encourage me to look more closely to all sorts of treasures.
    I appreciate an occasional wool project. Shoot. I I find your blog is a nice visit with a good friend ..

  5. I love it just as it is. We are like friends. We share what is going on and each day is a little bit different. I love quilting, but seeing pictures of your place is inspiring. Knowing and seeing what is going on in your life is a great connection. Love quilt alongs and your patterns help me use up my scraps. I love Quilts of Valor so including some would just be the cherry on top!

  6. Liz Stewart

    I love your blog and all that you write about. I discovered you because of quilting and then discovered you were about so much more. From tablescapes to birds to bears to gardens to Turkeys to quilts if valour to charity work. Please don’t change anything!

    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes I think readers just aren’t interested in other subjects. It is disheartening to lose readers when I post on travel or mountain living. But perhaps I won’t worry about that so much with the response from today’s post and all the wonderfully supportive comments like yours.

      1. Nanc

        Happy New Year Carole! If I only followed one blog, it would be yours.
        My husband and I both enjoy your Mini Cooper Rod Runs, I have learned so much from you about many subjects and always enjoy what you have to say. If you feel you need to make changes do what YOU would like to do but I can’t think of one thing to change. It’s evident that you put a lot of work into your blog with the beautiful pictures, well-written information and your personal touches. I love your travel information and gardening photos, The Clarence Report and wonder if you will get any of the peaches this year! I plan to participate in your Safelite project again and am excited that you may have something in the works for Quilts of Valor.
        I could continue on but will add again: If I only followed one blog, it would be yours. May 2020 be a wonderful year for you and your Sweet Baboo.

  7. Whatever the topic, I truly appreciate the good writing and astute observations you share with all of us. The variety of subjects makes for a much richer experience for me, at least. What I like best is You sharing You!

  8. Linda B

    Well, don’t have much to add that has not already been said. Probably good for you to take an occasional poll, but I agree with everyone that said we appreciate following you and enjoy the things that you write about and enjoy and share with us. I would hate to think you stiffled your creativity in a certain area just because it was not in the top four or five categories. That lovely piece of advice probably applies here: don’t be attached to the outcome. Who knows why someone would subscribe and then cancel. But so many appreciate you so much, and are looking forward to the new year with fun expectation!! Thanks for all you do!! Happy New Year everyone!!

  9. Dot Murdoch

    I like that you cover so many different subjects on your blog….I really enjoy your beautiful outdoor pictures and your tablescapes, as you call them, as well as the quilting…..If something doesn’t interest me I just skip over it….I’d say do what pleases you, it’s your blog…..Dot Pa…”

  10. NancyA

    I marked the things that I am most interested in for myself, but I enjoy reading about all of your activities/interests. For example, I have no desire to do stamping, but enjoy your projects.

  11. lynn bourgeois

    Carole, your blog posts are my opportunity to visit with you, even though we live thousands of miles apart. We are multifaceted individuals, and while I may not have a burning interest in everything you post, I enjoy seeing the things you do from your perspective.
    I’m quite excited by your “twist and shout” project, (it might be my age”, and intrigued by the Vintage Christmas project you will be doing.
    Keep on doing what you love, and it will feel good for you and for those with whom you share. Some come and some go every day, and that is the way of the world.
    Happy New Year

  12. Carole, I enjoy everything you post, though I did vote for my favorites on the poll. Your blog should make you happy, everything else is gravy. I view your posts as a conversation between friends!

  13. anne Smith

    Good morning Carole,
    I look at your post, first thing each day and have already learned so much from you. And like several other ladies have already mentioned, I love all of your work and your work in beautiful. And I intend to make the Jumpin’ John dish for New Years.

  14. Celeste Delostrinos

    May you continue to be blessed with inspiration for your kindness in sharing your knowledge and artistry with the world. I’ve been a subscriber for several years, and I always look forward to receiving your next post because of the variety of topics covered. I’ve made many of your recipes (yummy!), participated in all of your mystery quilt-a-longs, sent blocks for your charity projects, and constantly admired your beautiful photography of places and things. If I could read only one blog a day, it would be yours.

  15. Amy O'Donoghue

    It wouldn’t let me click the last option, which for me was travel, so please add one click to that category too!

  16. Loris Mills

    I enjoy all your posts. Quilting is my main interest but I do enjoy being inspired by your charity efforts. Safelight project is always wonderful! Happy New Year!

  17. It wouldn’t allow me to vote on all items, but I would’ve if I could’ve. I love your blog BECAUSE you have so much variety! While my interest is mainly quilting & sewing, that is not all I am & I imagine it’s not all you are. Reviewing & evaluating what you blog is good to do, as well as making changes. Life changes & we change so, of course our blogs should change, too. Thank you for all the time you out into sharing your activities with us. I look forward to continuing to follow your posts, whatever you do. Happy New Year!

  18. Debbie Myers

    I voted for them all, Carole, because I love the variety in your posts. Mostly I’m a quilter but I like to be inspired to try something new. I don’t know how you do it all!

  19. Bertha Romine

    I enjoy your blog – all aspects of it!!! You are an amazing person, and I enjoy that you share your talents with us all!

  20. I encourage you to write about whatever interests you!
    Or you will lose interest in blogging as so many folks do over time.
    Quilting is my favourite and I adore your mystery quilts!
    But I enjoy reading about new things, and will come by to visit no matter what you are talking about! LOL

  21. I found your sight when I was looking for something to do. Love love love how you do a little of everything enjoy your trips as I would never get to see the mountains. All the quilt pattern and crafts things done, and great recipes. Keep up the great work, loved seeing all your wildlife Happy New Year.

  22. I used your poll, but it wouldn’t allow me to vote for the last one (travel). Please don’t change anything. I love your blog “as is” as it is packed with #CreativeGoodness, fun, inspiration, and kindness.

    Are you setup for PayPal to order a copy of your pattern? Scrap Dance Minuet. i hope you’ll be sharing tips for fabrics/color selection (I could use your help).

  23. I tried to vote for them all, Carole, but stamping cards would not mark so I decided to just write a note instead of letting one go blank. I don’t do all the things you write about but still find them interesting and enjoy reading them.

  24. Ditto to the others above Carole. I think your blog is lots of fun and quite eclectic. Write what you want to write about – don’t worry if you lose a reader here or there. Happy New Year!!!

  25. Janie

    Most of us have varied interests, yet not the same as you. I receive several blogs and when the topic isn’t quite my taste, I scan and delete. I agree it should be “your” blog and change it as suits you, but keep ‘em coming please!

  26. kathyinozarks

    Hi Carole, I voted for everything-I am someone that bounces all over the place with my arts and crafts always wanting to try something new along with still doing my main interests.
    It is your blog so do what makes you happy and don’t worry too much. I am not a one craft person at all-but I know when I was following allot of quilting blogs-that’s all they did is only quilt. my husband always says one only needs so many quilts unless you have a large family or do allot of gifting-so make the blog what makes you happy-I will still follow along hugs

  27. Connie Jordan

    Carole, I love your blog with most everything you post. Of course there is always some I find I am more interested in than others but sometimes you inspire me to try something I might not have thought to try. I don’t do tablescapes but I love looking at what you create, and your plants are now things I look forward to each spring. I suggest you just keep “being you”.
    Happy New Year,
    Connie Jordan in OH

  28. Myrna Watson

    I have enjoyed your blog for coming on 5 years, have followed along with one mystery quilt, and the paper piecing tea cups, I am behind on this, have saved all the patterns and hope to complete. I also enjoy your book reviews, gardening, cooking and pictures. I read most of your blogs and do find some inspiration, so do keep up with what you enjoy and I will continue to follow and take out what works for me. Happy New Year and will see you in the NY.

  29. Mary

    Happy New Year Carole. I have voted for everything but I wasn’t allowed to click on TRAVEL. I vote on that too.
    I really enjoy ALL of the topics that you cover on your blog. I enjoy reading about your garden (and the bears), about your travels in your Mini car club, about your cooking, in fact, all of your interests are aligned nicely with mine.
    Being from a completely different country to yours, I am fascinated with reading your blog. Thankyou for a conversation that rambles across lots of different subjects – just like it would if we were sitting chatting.
    Don’t change a thing unless YOU want to. :))

  30. If you are on my blog read post list along side of my blog posts (and you are) that means that I enjoy your posts and what ever you post about–so keep it going–
    and I plan to do both of your stitch alongs–!!!
    luv, di

  31. I’m afraid I’m going to sound like the majority of readers here—-don’t change a thing! There are some posts I enjoy more than others but that is to be expected. One of the things I enjoy most about your blog is it’s diversity in posts—it really is well-balanced I think. The only reason to change things is if it’s become stale to you—but I assure you—it has not become stale for me. My favorite posts lie along my own interests: quiltinWg, cooking, thrifting, tablescapes, repurposing, gardening, nature/animal photographs and reading. I read a great many blogs regularly and have made some wonderful virtual friendships over the last few years but I can honestly and truthfully say if I could only choose one blog to read it would be this one….it gives me a taste of many different “bites” of life. Thank you, please know you are appreciated.

  32. Nancy Sumner

    Thanks for your version of Hoppin John. My dad is from the south and so every New Years we had black eyed peas for good luck. I still carry on that tradition if we are home. We also used to have oyster stew on Christmas Eve, but I always hated the slimy oysters my mom got out of a jar and have never carried on that tradition!

  33. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I have been following your blog for quite a few years and have enjoyed each and every post! You have inspired me in so many ways and helped me in even more ways! After taking your poll, which I was able to mark everything, I took the time to read the comments of everyone. In no way could I possibly say what each and every other devoted follower has already said. You, dear friend, are a unique individual that manages to keep your blog very interesting on a day to day basis by sharing your life in such a positive fun and festive way, that every one of us that have chosen to follow you. We all fall in love with you and your blog and all think of you as a friend! Not many bloggers can say that. Like so many others have stated, no matter what You choose to blog about, we will all be right here supporting you and learning new things all of the time from the way that you share. Thank you so much…and I am really looking forward to a brand new year especially doing all of the projects that you BLOG/POST about every day!!

  34. I am with everyone else it seems Carole, I enjoy all your posts, I have learned lots from you and enjoy your Mini club trips, love seeing the animals and birds that visit you. My blog is a record of what happens in my life over the year and that is what I enjoy about yours. It should be what you enjoy blogging about.

  35. Nancy

    I did fill out the survey and I clicked all but one item. I love the variety. You sometimes lose me with stamping but that is mostly because I refuse to start a new hobby. And even though I do not do tablescapes I love seeing yours. Sometimes I feel lucky to even get the table set.

  36. Rebecca Burch

    Keep the quilting coming by all means! I’m excited about the mystery (tho I hope I have enough charm packs accumulated for it) & the project starting January 3rd REALLY has my interest piqued (I make QOVs & it looks like it might work for that)! The “Vintage Christmas Quilt Along” sounds interesting (the 27th of what month to begin? January?), too. I’d put my $$$ out on New Year’s Eve except I spent it all on fabric… LOL! Happy New Year to all of y’all!

  37. Cookie

    I Enjoy the variety of your blog. I don’t do all the things you do but I like to read about what others are doing. Do what is good for you.

  38. Melanie

    I enjoy all your posts, Carole. Some are more connected to my interests than others, but always love your creative ideas and generous sharing. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed here at home with trying to finish projects,, but always interested in the “next great idea/pattern.” Your postings about your tours and also the wildlife and birdlife pictures are outstanding.

  39. LINDA

    I think stitchingrandma said it well. While my main interest is quilting, I am most interested in the person writing the post. I don’t particularly want to be entertained; I want to get to know the author. So, I agree: write about what interests you. Let me know who you are. Looking forward to whatever you write about in 2020! Happy New Year!

  40. Hi Carole! You must be smiling from ear to ear after reading all the sweet comments, and I’ve only read a handful. I agree with the few I read – you just keep doing you. It’s what has drawn us to the blog in the first place, and if a few people leave after a short time then they weren’t meant to be here. I may not read every detail about card making, for example, but I still enjoy seeing the post and reading your tips. {{Hugs}} Happy New Year to you and your family. I look forward to all the excitement in 2020. ~smile~ Roseanne

  41. Rosemaryflower

    So many well deserved comments here.
    I am so happy I found your blog.
    I enjoy reading everything you share. I do not always comment because I am probably treadmilling, or sitting in a doctor office with daddy, or have a sleeping baby on the couch with me.
    I cannot think of one single blog like yours, with so much, so many subjects and interests for all.
    It makes me envious…. hee hee that you have so many fabulous skills and ideas
    I hope the new year is perfectly wonderful in every way for you. ❤

    1. Quilterwannabe

      You have amazing info! I would like to learn quilting so I subscribed when I found your site. Being new, I was a bit confused by the change of topics and almost unsubscribed (quilt-along class vs. buy fabric vs. buy pattern). May I suggest a list of contents (your survey list?) at beginning of each update that enables you to click on desired topic and go directly to it? Could you add a list of definitions for beginners (jelly roll, charm pack, stitch in ditch, etc)?Regardless, I will try to keep up with you and your fascinating updates! Thanks!

  42. Linda

    I voted for the three items I’m interested in. When you blog about things I have no interest in (tablescapes, car club, stamping, etc.) I just skip reading those since my time is limited. I like participating in your charity projects, like the quilts for fire victims and the Safelight.

  43. farmquilter

    Variety is the spice of life and your blog shows us a slice of your life. “From My Carolina Home” could be about anything and it works. If a specific topic you are blogging about doesn’t float my boat, I’ll at least look at the pictures! Plus, I always know that future posts will have me reading every word. Those that come and go probably just wanted to get in on a giveaway that was open only to your followers and weren’t really there for the long haul. Since more than 50 people have commented before me, you will be busy answering them all in emails!! I try to comment on every post, but sometimes a squirrel (my dad) runs by and I get distracted. I’m looking forward to all the exciting things you have planned for 2020. Happy New Year and may your family be showered with blessings.

  44. Patricia Evans

    I will just echo everyone else and say that it’s your blog and you can write about whatever you want. You have a group of faithful followers and it looks like many of them don’t want you to change a thing. I wouldn’t worry about the short timers. Happy New Year.

  45. Joan Sheppard

    While I too did the Poll, I found that I do enjoy the variety you put into this missive. Like a letter from a friend, it’s always a pleasure to hear what going on in your neck of the woods. Love hearing about the Turkeys and the trees, and the tablescapes remind me to use my pretty things for my enjoyment. What brought me to your blog in the first place was your great tutorials on fixing mistakes and damage to quilts, but I have since read 2 of your book suggestions and tried your biscotti recipe and a bean recipe – so please keep doing what you are doing. Be true to yourself. Thanks for all the work you put into this. It is truly appreciated even if I forget to tell you.

  46. thedarlingdogwood

    So excited to hear there will be a 2020 mystery–and I love the twist! I came in 2nd in a twist contest when I was 9 🙂 Happy New Year to you, Carole, and I look forward to 2020!

  47. Cindy

    Ha ha They always say, “out of 100 compliments it’s the 1 negative that always stands out”. So, now what will you do? You have NO negative comments. I LOVE this blog, it’s my favorite morning cup of coffee. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the time you take to inspire us. I had been running into books that were less than interesting, so much appreciate your honest reviews. Since we have the same taste and interest, you have guided me in the right direction. In the day of throw away (get new) I love the re-purposing. I am trying hard to get to the point of keeping only ‘stuff’ I use and need so I don’t leave a burden for my kids to dig into as I had to do. Maybe suggestions on how to do this and/or storage tips. I guess this suggestion doesn’t eliminate anything in your blog – but, would add to it instead. LOL Love you and your blog. God bless you for reaching out to us.

  48. connie wolfe

    Each and every blog has been a great read for me. I appreciate your writing style and your careful attention to spelling and grammar. Given auto correct functions that are put into devices now, this cannot be easy to do. Your gardening, thrift store and cooking posts have captured my attention while the quilting posts were what brought me to your blog (not sure if this is the information you were hoping to learn from the poll and the comments). I am looking forward to following you in the new year!

  49. Kathy D

    I could definitely see the poll, however I wanted to comment instead. I love quilting, but that said I find many, not all of your posts interesting. It is in fact your blog and you should do what works for you. If I am not interested in any given post, I don’t read it, but on another day I may be very interested in that same subject. Our lives are changing and I think it is good to get some diversity. I read many other blogs, the ones I find most interesting are diversified. I appreciate what you share with all of us and pick and choose based on my life at the time whether I read it or pass it by. But I always check in to see what you are doing. Love your quilting posts the most. Hopefully this makes sense. Happy New Year!

  50. June Neigum

    The poll did not come up at first but when I went to comment it did come up so I hope my votes counted. I to like all your varied interest but I follow you for the quilting, recipes , gardening and mystery quilts. I envy your location. I live near Charlotte, NC

  51. Susan Nixon

    I’ll take the poll in a minute, but I want to wish you a wonderful new year. It sounds like you have some terrific plans, and I love the idea of a twist, as I spent a lot of time getting stitches in my side as I twisted the night away a few too many times. LOL

  52. Niki W

    I love your blog and the wide variety of subjects you cover. I didn’t see the poll. Below are the subjects I really enjoy hearing about from you.

    Quilting, crafting, stamping, gardening, cooking, mountain living, tablescapes, thrifting, decorating, travel

    Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents.

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