Autumn in the Garden

It is Autumn in the garden, with the temperatures finally cooling off a bit this week.  I’ve been looking forward to chilly mornings and cool afternoons, which will bring on the color in the trees.  Around the garden, some interesting things decided to bloom in October.  It has been so warm, that my iris got confused, and waited to bloom until just last week.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

I adore this white bloom, and it gave me two more before it was done.  A misty morning created droplets of water on the petals.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

The daisy is looking a bit peaked.  I think the heat is getting to it, but it is still bravely blooming as best it can.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

The superbelles on the birdcage are looking a bit ragged, but it put on one more show of blooms with the heat.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

The big surprise was the dahlia.  I planted several without a clue as to what color or size they would be.  Imagine my surprise to find this huge purple bloom!

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

Plus it gave me several at one time, so heavy the plant is leaning over, and I need to stake it.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

If you want bulbs for spring time blooms, like daffodils and crocus, now is the time to put those in the ground.

November in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

My little flock of turkeys continues to hang around, but none of them will puff up and display like the males have done in the past.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

Then, over the weekend, a new flock showed up.  They were more than happy to run up for a handout, so I know they’ve been here before.

Autumn in the Garden at

Up on the feeder, My Sweet Babboo keeps the birds well fed.  A cardinal and a little woodpecker work on the seed.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

Then, a titmouse joined the party.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

Later, the first appearance of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak.

Autumn in the Garden at

The orange dahlia bloomed again too, perfect colors for this time of year.

Autumn Jubilee in the Garden at

I need to pull up the remaining tomato plants as they are all done.  Then I need to do some weeding as well.  I’ll deadhead the hydrangea soon.  The dahlias will need to come inside for winter, so those have to be lifted.  I gave up on the African violets, the fungus was just not going to be cured so I threw them out.  The scraggly leftovers in pots all need to be pulled and the pots put away for winter.  So, a bit of gardening work yet to do, now that the weather is a bit cooler.  At the edge of the forest, a promise of color to come is seen.

Autumn in the Garden at

What is blooming in your Autumn Garden?

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53 thoughts on “Autumn in the Garden

  1. Janice Snell

    Carole, we had our third frost last night so I put my vegetable garden to bed yesterday. My window boxes continue to overflow and my Rose of Sharon is still blooming. But the latest gal to the party in my garden is the sedum. I am envious of your irises and dahlias!

  2. An iris blooming in October is unbelievable! Aren’t dahlias so gorgeous with their large blooms? The hubby staked ours. Our resident turkeys are always visiting as are the deer! Happy Wednesday!

  3. That iris is just lovely….nothing is growing in my garden right now…after the hot, dry summer we’ve had here in southeastern WV. I’ve managed to keep my geraniums blooming on my porch but I’m not even going to try to “winter” them. My house is rather cold in the winter with little natural light so I can only maintain the hardiest of house plants.

  4. Your garden is so beautiful. It’s been a hot summer so there isn’t a lot blooming this summer, just a few scraggly flowers here and there.

  5. Cherilyn Anderson

    Part of me is sad as I put the garden to bed…another part is thinking ahead to new plants, new colors, new seasons!

  6. Karen A

    Because of the warm weather we had here in western Pennsylvania, my cannas still have blooms. I also have mums and a confused spiderwort that is blooming for a second time.

  7. connie wolfe

    You continue to get wonderful color from your garden. We got home from our 11 week RV travels in the New England states on September 20th and found that all the flowers, except the marigolds, had fallen to the drought. It’s very sad looking around here, so, seeing your photos was a nice pick-me-up.

  8. Oh how I wish we had flowers at all! We bought our house last winter from an older woman who had really let her landscaping go (which is understandable, she was 92!) but we basically tried to selvage things this year with little success. I think we just need to rip everything out and start over next year. 😦

  9. Joni A Keefer Giancola

    I have started cleaning out the gardens, picked the last apples to freeze for the doggies food I cook for them, and still need to clean up the garage since the walls and painting is complete. Summer went so fast and we were away for over a month spending time with the new baby girl who joined our family….

  10. Dian

    Here in Western Wisconsin, we have had too much rain and lots of flooding in the hilly terrain. It all began in April and is continuing with more this weekend. That has resulted in copious amount of garden growth and wonderful flowers but unfortunately, most of the blooms were very short lived due to all the rain. We have beautiful rose colored sedums and hdrangeas along with wonderful mums in many colors.

    The farmers here are really hurting because it is almost impossible to harvest the crops due to high ground water levels causing ponding and deep mud making it difficult for tractors to function. It’s a real mess and not our usual Indian summer. On Thursday, the Mississippi River is due to crest and flood for the 4th time this summer.

  11. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I wish my knees would allow me to garden like you do. I really enjoy seeing your bounty! I have glad that (fortunately) return every year, though they really need to be thinned. I think I am going to try to plant some daffodils as they are one of my favorites. That is, if DH can get a shovel in our hard clay-y ground! It’s been so dry the ground is just baked.Thanks for the opportunity to win this adorable planter!

  12. Your garden is always beautiful, with the colors vibrant in both your flowers, birds & animals that visit! Right now in South Mississippi, the wild sunflowers (Helianthus) are everywhere, pops of bright yellow alongside our roadways!

  13. Our leaves are starting to fall along with more pine needles. My maple tree in the front yard is starting to show some of the brilliant yellows and reds. My garden is a disaster because I have abandoned it this year. No excuse. I want to go sew instead! 😉

  14. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    My azaleas are blooming again! Most everything else is finished or will be after the predicted frost this weekend. I’m ready to clean out the beds and put everything to sleep for the winter! Love your Snow White iris.

  15. Judyk

    My daises and caladiums are looking bedraggled as well. The only happy things I have left are the hens and chicks and the elephant ear. With cooler temps on the way it will be time to get those caladiums and elephant ear out of the ground. Such pretty dahlias, too windy here to have those.

  16. Loris Mills

    So many lovely flowers and birds that you care for. I get jealous seeing those beautiful cardinals. None here in the west.

  17. Lovely photos! The white Iris and the deep purple Dahlias are to die for. We still have fibrous begonias and impatiens blooming, and the sedum at the mailbox are still going strong. Haven’t had a hard frost yet, but I’m sure it’s coming! Hubby says we need a hard hat because of all the acorns.

  18. Susan Lux Stanton

    My butterfly garden is still going strong here in Texas. One of their favorite plants is Gregg’s Mist flower. Another is Texas lantana. Both are covered in butterflies!

  19. Here in the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, our temps are still quite high – 80’s-90’s and will stay that way through next week when they will gradually begin to cool down. My garden is for flowers as it’s too hot to plant vegetables unless I put them in the ground in Feb/Mar before the high heat of summer. The giant zinnias that grow regardless of temps over 100F bloom continually throughout the summer and are a food source to so many lovely birds, butterflies, bees and once I spotted a katydid laying her eggs. Right now our Texas Ranger bushes are loaded with blossoms and bees. Makes my heart sing to see so many busy bees❤️ Barb in Tucson

  20. Kathryn Laposata

    About the only thing still flowering in my garden are the Lantana. A great annual for me each year.

    1. Debbie Miller Meyer

      I have those same three birds at my feeder daily. I love the red-breasted grosbeak the best. The underside of their wings are so beautiful when they fly. My garden is all but done already. We’ve had a few mornings of frost already. Not anything to see any longer.

  21. Your gardens are always so gorgeous! I love those dahlias especially! I just harvested the last of the cherry tomatoes here, and cut a bouquet of marigolds. We’re expecting to wake up to our first snow tomorrow morning, so I think that’s it for our blooming!

  22. Joan Sheppard

    I so enjoy your garden – and then I don’t have to weed! We had some “volunteers” this year including one that grew to over 3″ tall. No one knows what it is so my grandson calls it “Grover”.
    The birds really enjoy your garden too. Thanks so much for bringing them for us to enjoy.

  23. Sharon Beck

    I just love how your garden grows. What a wonderful gift. Thank you Costa Farms and you also. Jus t love your blog.

  24. Your garden looks beautiful! We are expecting frost the next three nights and possibly snow Friday so I will lose a lot of my blooming flowers. Today I have Cleome, mums, Rose of Sharon, and my roses.

  25. I love dahlias! I’m sure the fall flowers took a hit here because we had an unexpected snow storm last night. Wet heavy stuff that knocked down branches all over the city–trees were still full of leaves. Hence power outages, three hours for us.

  26. farmquilter

    I’ve got a few roses hanging on, but we’ve had a hard freeze so everything is quite finished. My butterfly bush lost all its leaves overnight! It seems as though we are going to have a long, cold winter this year. At home in Washington, Spokane got over 3″ of snow yesterday, so I know all my plants at the farm in settling in for a long winter as well.

  27. s5821140gmailcom

    i live overesas and your pictures of the garden, porch and birds always remind me of home!~ thank you for sharing them

  28. Vicki in MN

    I love my hydrengea tree, it is so pretty with it’s dark pink blossoms yet. And just a few forget me knots are left.

  29. Kathy E.

    My gardens are coming to a sad end with the freezing weather we’ve had here. I do have a few dahlias that are hanging in there with their brilliant colors!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  30. dezertsuz

    What beautiful bloomings in your garden. My daisies are not looking perky, either. In fact the foliage on them starting dying, it was so dry so long. I watered, but it wasn’t the same. Since mine only bloom once a year, I was sad they were sort of truncated, but there were some lovely flowers there, and are still some. The rose was cut back and has put out new foliage, but whether it will have a chance at a last set of blooms, I don’t know. Otherwise, not a lot of blooming here, or even much fall color yet.

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