September in the Garden

I have rejoined the land of the living, and am grateful for that. As some of you know, I spent six days acutely ill with the flu, actually more ill that I have been in about 35 years. High fever kept me from doing anything for days, other than to lay in bed, completely oblivious to the passage of time. I could do a little bit of something for maybe 15 minutes, then it would be back to bed for hours. Luckily, I had many days of blog posts already written and scheduled, up to the row along. At about the midpoint, I put an auto-reply on my email, gave up trying to keep up with it and went back to bed. The most annoying thing about this was I had planned to get my flu shot the day after I contracted this disease. Instead I had a miserable time, in a febrile stupor for days, with severe back pain, and muscle aches leading into a horrible cough and a lack of sleep that has left me needing more days to rebuild my strength.  And I won’t even begin to talk about the number of hours of work I couldn’t do on Autumn Jubilee, so I am doubly grateful I got a head start on that.  But at least I am on the mend.  My Sweet Babboo took great care of me, getting me special foods and ice cream to tempt my lack of appetite while we maintained as much distance as we could to keep him from catching it.  He cooked and cleaned, ran errands and did the shopping I usually do, working pretty hard to do all his chores and mine.  Thank you to those who sent get-well wishes,  I really appreciated them.  It was lovely to get out for a few hours yesterday to sew with friends, even if I couldn’t stay for the entire day.  I took all the pics on today’s post prior to being ill, so let’s see what’s been happening in the garden.  The first of my new dahlias bloomed, a lovely apricot.

September in the Garden at

Birdwatching has seen a variety of little birds enjoying the seed.  Titmice, a chickadee and a goldfinch share the bounty on this day.

September in the Garden at

The red bellied woodpecker stops by regularly.

September in the Garden at

A bright goldfinch calmly enjoys a meal while a titmouse shares the space, and another blur of feathers is seen leaving the perch.

September in the Garden at

The black bear visited again one early morning.

September in the Garden at

He sat at the edge of the meadow where it meets the beginning of the forest to the west side, pulled down a branch and began stripping it of whatever it offered.  I think this is a little nut tree of some kind, but I have not been down to that part of the meadow so I can’t be sure.

September in the Garden at

A white dahlia made an appearance, and I almost missed it.

September in the Garden at

The asters bloomed beautifully, and were past peak by the time we returned from our trip to the national parks out west.

September in the Garden at

The yellow torenias are still doing well, but the purple ones in the hanging baskets are winding down.  Everything got a bit drought stressed while we were on our vacation.  I had placed all the plants where they would get rain while we were gone, but then it didn’t rain.

September in the Garden at

Begonias gave one last brilliant show, coming back nicely from the stress of lack of water.

September in the Garden at

The impatiens just kept going as usual, and are still full and lush.

September in the Garden at

Dusty miller and white petunias share a pot.

September in the Garden at

In the flowerbed, this dianthus bloomed.  I like this variegated pattern.

September in the Garden at

A nice surprise, this gorgeous blueish lavender hydrangea bloomed right after we got back.

September in the Garden at

Most of the hydrangea blooms now have moved into the muddy pink of autumn.

September in the Garden at

The last of the tomato crop should ripen within the next couple of weeks and it will be the end of harvest time for this year.

September in the Garden at

The daisy put out beautiful clear white blooms, and loads of buds that promise to be a profusion of blooms soon.

September in the Garden at

So, here we are.  I have to get a pattern done for our stitch along coming up, and few other things completed before Autumn Jubilee begins, but I think I’ll make it.   I’ll still be taking it easy for a few more days, but things are definitely looking up.  How are things going in your garden now?

43 thoughts on “September in the Garden

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had the flu. I hope you are back to 100% soon! Good reminder to get a flu shot! Your garden still looks lovely. It is time to pull out all the annuals here.

  2. So sorry to hear about the flu. I am glad you are on the mend. I got it a couple of years ago and I didn’t think I would ever get over it. I think I have only had the flu 3 times in my life! I am glad you had pics waiting for this post. The bear looks so cute sitting their trying to get some food. I know looks can be deceiving though.

  3. Linda B

    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather! No fun! Glad your DH did not get it! Take it easy and hope you get well very soon!

  4. Kathy h

    Sorry to hear how sick you were but am glad you are feeling better now. Keep resting though to get some strength back. Get well soon.

  5. Elaine Dawson

    Glad you feel better. Just had to comment, my DH and I call each other my Sweet Babboo. It’s nice to see that we’re not the only ones!

  6. I bet hubby got his flu shot after seeing you so sick. Isn’t it nice to have a partner who will take such loving care of you. I am glad to hear you are doing better. You are the second person in September I know who has been knocked hard with the flu. My other friend was travelling home from a cruise and swears it was “someone on the plane” with the virus. She has been 3 full weeks and as a nurse, she was giving all of us the flu shot lecture. I wonder how this years “strain” is different than last year? I got my shot in December and wonder if I am “still protected” until I go back in December for my next one. Hmmm….. Take it easy on yourself and don’t stress over Autumn Jubilee. I know you want to do a “big production” but we are all easy to get along with and understand!! Be well; rest and recover.

  7. Brenda

    I didn’t know that you have been sick with the flu and am happy that you are so much better. It makes me think I should have the flu shot earlier than usual. Take good care of yourself and regain your strength so you can get back to your quilting with flair!

  8. Carole, I am so sorry you have been so sick, glad you are on the mend. The dahlias are just beautiful and I have tried my hand at them this year with reasonable success. Oh my the bear scares me. Take care of yourself!

  9. Nanc

    Sorry to hear you have been fighting with the flu and glad to hear you are feeling better. Take good care of yourself, rest and allow yourself to mend. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful yard and the visit from The Bear. Take care!

  10. Sylvia anderson

    Good morning Carole. I was so sad to hear you’ve been down with the flu, but happy you are almost yourself again and feeling better. I just know, if I say that I haven’t had the flu in over 50 years, I’ll probably come down with it, so I won’t say it out loud. lol I never get the flu shot, because I am allergic to many medications, but my husband does, and he’s never had it in the 64 years we’ve been married. So happy DH took such good care of you and did double duty as well.
    He’s definitely a keeper!! Our tomatoes are on the way out, because of all the rain and high humidity. The insects have gotten to them, and spraying with an insecticidal soap does nothing to eliminate them. I pick the ones that have just a couple of blemishes or holes on the top and use the part of the tomato that looks perfect. Stay well and have a good day.

  11. Oh, Carole, I had no idea that you’ve been so ill. I’m so glad you are on the mend. Please take care. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of your flowers and wildlife.

  12. Hi Carole! I’m SO glad you are feeling better. Wow, it’s early to be so severely ill from the flu. That doesn’t bode well for the season, does it. I hope you are able to lay low and be kind to yourself for a bit longer. It’s difficult to rebound from that high fever and that severe of an illness. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Dot Murdoch

    So sorry to hear about your flu attack……Thank goodness you were able to enjoy your recent trip before it hit…..Your post today was lovely with all your pretty flowers and birds and wildlife……Please take care and rest and get your strength back……Hubby & I are going tomorrow to get our shots…..Dot in Pa.

  14. There’s almost nothing worse than having the flu in this hot, dry weather. Your garden looks much better than mine….watering the grass was a luxury I could not afford, water-wise (we have a well). It sounds like I’m walking on rice krispies when I cross the lawn! Your flowers are still quite lovely and I envy those tomatoes….Glad you’re feeling better and have rejoined the “land of the living” . Stay well….

  15. Kathy Inozarks

    Beautiful post-so sorry you were so hard with flu sounds like you probably should have been in the hospital to keep the fluids up glad you are better now. cool to see the bear

  16. Oh dear, what a time you had. To get the flu just prior to your flu shop seems a bit unfair. This can be a really serious illness, so pleased you had your special “home helper” looking after you. Take care, and hoping you will get your energy back very soon.

  17. sgrancio

    Glad to hear you are on the mend. Being sick is no fun and flu can surely lay you low.
    👏👏👏 to your husband.
    No worries about keeping up/catching up – none of us are immune to unplanned interruptions.
    Enjoy the changing season from your windows.

  18. I’m truly so sorry you were sick. There needs to be another word besides sick, to describe how sick you were. Either way, I’m glad you are feeling a bit better and I hope you soon feel 100%. You are a great reminder that I too need to get in and get my flu shot asap. Sounds like the flu is coming around early and going to be a bad one.

    On a very positive side, all your photos of nature (animals and flowers) all look great). And, I’m hopeful your illness will soon be a memory and you’ll be truly enjoying all the beauty Fall is bringing to your area of our country. We just turn darker shades of brown in So. Cal (everything dries out).

  19. Kathryn Laposata

    I hope your recovery continues. So sorry you suffered through the flu. I usually get my vaccine in early November, but I can see maybe I should do it sooner. Our goldfinches have already put on their duller winter feathers.

  20. Carole, I’m so sorry to hear you were so sick! I’m glad you’re better – what a time you have had. I always enjoy your posts about your garden, at every time of the year. I’ve been so surprised to see that the hydrangeas are still blooming. We’re vacationing in Oregon and they are everywhere!

  21. So happy for you to be feeling better! Sorry you have been so sick, but lovely that DH took such good care of you. My mom used to love dahlias, but I have never tried them. Do you need to lift them for winter? I am best on the planting end, not so much on the cleaning up end, as my hubby will confirm! We get such cold winters here that the bulbs may not survive if left in place. And I must confess that 2 of my favorite words at this time of year are “Autumn Jubilee”!! (But honestly, no pressure…take the time you need to fully recover.) Sending love and hugs…

  22. Linda

    So sorry to hear about your flu, but glad you are feeling better. Give yourself recuperation time; don’t overdo. What a treasure your husband is to take such good care of you.
    You know, another friend has been down with flu, too; I’m thinking I might get my shot tomorrow instead of waiting until my usual mid-Nov. hmmm.
    Your garden flowers still look great. Our veg garden has just shut down. Still have gardenias, lavender and autumn joy in the front courtyard, but the roses are really looking ragged. I’m waiting for the tree across the street to show its colors. It always is spectacular. I love the change of seasons.

  23. thedarlingdogwood

    Glad you are feeling better, Carole! So glad that Sweet Babboo took good care of you. I hope you continue to feel better. I get my flu shot at work tomorrow!

  24. Cathy Weatherford

    I am so glad you are feeling better, and we are so blessed to have husbands who take such good care of us when we are down. Love your garden posts. Enjoy your stitching

  25. dezertsuz

    I’m so sorry you’ve been ill, and so glad you are feeling a little better now. My hydrangea never bloomed all year! It grew taller than it ever has, but it didn’t bloom. Bah, humbug! Even fish oil fertilizer didn’t make it bloom, though it worked a treat for the rose bush. Your yard is, as always, an interesting and beautiful place.

  26. Irena

    Sorry to hear you had the flu. Happy that you are now recovering. Take things easy. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos from your garden. Bless you

  27. Cindy Beal

    Hey Carole,
    So glad you are on the mend! Heard it’s awful. Never had it and don’t want it.
    And I don’t do shots. Not very effective.
    Do you think you picked it up at the fair? I heard quite a few got sick. And they had to disinfect for the quilt show ….

    1. In reality, the flu shot is very effective most years. There has only been one year in the past 15 where the shot had the wrong strain. The flu can mutate, which is why the shots do not protect for more than one season. The CDC has to guess three years in advance what strains will be prevalent in the US. Most of the time they get it right. The flu is particularly bad for older folks, and dehydration often leads to infection with pneumonia which can lead to death. Please get your flu shots. They don’t hurt, no need to be afraid. The only real chance you have to not have the flu, is with vaccination every year, as one cannot avoid public places – grocery stores, shopping areas, theaters, everywhere people can go. If you’ve avoided it up to now, you’ve been lucky. Don’t take the chance that your luck runs out.

  28. Mary Elizabeth Sloan

    I just read your post about the flu. So happy you are recovering. Your beautiful posts keep me going. My Sister and I are getting the shot tomorrow. You and I were friends on the book exchange. I read lots more when I was working. Lost my husband in March and it is hard to get motivated to do much.

  29. kathy

    Is it possible you had Legionnaire’s after attending the fair? Regardless, I hope your recovery continues. I enjoy your blog and wish you improved health.

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