DIY Ottoman for the Veranda

On one of my recent estate sale forays, I saw these little metal tables.  I didn’t get them that day, but I kept thinking about them.  Since it wasn’t that far out of my way, I went back while I was out the next day. They were still there and priced half off.  I had this project in mind for them.  It took a few days to find a sunny day to do the project, then a couple of days for paint to dry between coats, but the result was worth the effort.  First step was to scrub them clean, and remove the crumbling plastic tips.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

I took them down to the lower level grassy area, put down some paper to shield the grass and set the tables on top.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

Using a rust preventing black satin spray paint, I began with a light first coat.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

Going around the tables to the other side, I spray painted all I could get to.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

I let them dry for an hour in the sun.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

Then I flipped them over to work on the undersides.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

Again, a light first coat of spray paint, and an hour to dry..

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

I took them inside overnight, then the next day put them back out on paper.  Since the tables fold up, I needed to move the leg over a bit to paint the part hidden the previous day.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

Then a second coat of paint was sprayed on.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

An hour to dry, then they were flipped over, and I could paint the underside parts that were still white.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

One last coat of paint after another night of drying inside.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

When they were thoroughly dry a day later, I placed them in front of the bench on the veranda.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

A quilt was placed on top to provide a nice cushion for your heels as you put your feet up.  New little black tips were put on the bottom of the legs.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

Leaving them as two tables means I could separate them and put small pillows on top to have as ottomans in front of the rockers too, if I wanted to use them that way.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

I think I like this idea the best though.  A comfortable place to relax at the end of the day.

Black Metal Ottoman Project at

Any DIY projects around your place today?

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17 thoughts on “DIY Ottoman for the Veranda

  1. Good repurposing. I like to have a place for my feet! Not certain I would put my feet on that lovely quilt tho! Those tables are great because you can store them pretty easily; and next year, you might use them as tables or places to set plants!

  2. Sylvia anderson

    Good Morning Carole. You are so clever at repurposing objects people no longer want, or need, I’m sure you and DH enjoy many hours on this lovely veranda, where you can sit and take in the beauty of the landscape and all the visitors who stop to feed, or stroll though, such as turkeys, bears, deer, and the usual compliments of squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, rabbits and the like.
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Donna

    I had those tables when I was young, 30- 40 years ago. Bought them new. They are nice little metal tables. I had not thought of those in years. I specifically got them because they were metal. They clean up nice. Easy to paint. I wish they would sell those again. Yours look quite nice, too.

  4. Great idea and a beautiful finish! IKEA is far from us and shipping cost was out of the question — so hubby bought storage units and a piece of wood from Home Depot . I now have a crafting table with storage! My sewing room is quite small but I’m happy to have a dedicated cutting area.

  5. Wendy

    Very nice! I just refurbished and replaced the sling seat of a beach chair I found in my parents basement. It was something I have been putting off for a few years and I am very pleased with it.

  6. I am back from my break and catching up. It looks like you have been making the most of the weather with you DIY projects. These look great with the improvements you have made.
    And it looks like a lo t of fun recently with the minis, too.

  7. elizabeth BROWN

    Great job. I did something similar with 2 plant stands that I put trays on top for outdoor end tables. Your veranda is beautiful.

  8. Sue H

    Funny I should come across this post today. I just said yesterday that I need to find a little outdoors table. One that is heavy enough to not blow away in the wind, one that is substantial enough to hold a potted plant and a cup of coffee, one not so heavy that it burdens my husband to move while mowing. I love the way yours look and, at half price, what a deal!

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