Carolina Hurricane Quilts Virtual Show

Another pickup was made from Cary Quilting Company, a carload of wonderful quilts for the hurricane project.  The diversity in designs have been like having a quilt show in my guest room, LOL!!  It has been wonderful to see them, and I want to share some of the latest ones with you. First, Material Girls from Apex, NC sent 3 quilts in these bright scrappy fabrics using the Perkiomen block.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

I loved their label.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Loose Threads Quilt Bee sent eleven quilts, all different.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Each of their quilts has this wonderful label.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Here’s another Loose Threads quilt, with red squares in the lattice design.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Becky Harbour sent this beautiful log cabin star, and it is huge.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

A charm quilt was made by K.A. Gruer from Raleigh.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Some of the quilts were anonymous, without any label at all.  Thank you to whomever made these lovely quilts.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Another anonymous quilt, lovely in freehand loop quilting with lots of scrappy squares.  I’ll bet this was a stashbuster.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

This one is so pretty, and an interesting way to set nine-patches.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

The eighteen from Cary, plus a pickup from Beginnings, and a couple from the guilds in South Carolina are added to the stacks.

Quilts from Raleigh for Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Mary Ringer pieced this black and white beauty.  It was quilted by Val Reynolds of Val’s Quilting Studio, and then she bound it and mailed it to Wilmington.


Sweet soft pastels on a never-used quilt were languishing in a closet, so Valerie Lehr decided that the Hurricane Project needed it more than she did.


Last week, Marti Sofie brought by eight quilts from her project with the Tarheel Piecemakers Quilt Club. She spearheaded a drive for wonky log cabin blocks. Members made enough for five quilts. Marti assembled them with different sashings, navy for three of them, bright yellow for one and bright blue for another. She then quilted all five quilts, and bound one. Members of the group bound the other four. She did a huge amount of the work on this project, and I know that the recipients will be very grateful.


Marti also had some churn dash blocks given to her that were hand pieced many years ago. She ended up having to take the blocks apart and resew them by machine to get the sizes consistent, then assembled, quilted and bound this quilt. It was a tremendous amount of work, and the end result is lovely, someone that likes blue is going to be very happy.


Margaret Street took 12 blocks from a Block of the Month club some years ago, and framed them in an attic windows design.  This is such a clever idea to extend the size of a block of the month.  She sashed it in grey with black cornerstones and added three borders.  It is a king size now!!


So, that brings the current closet count to 81.  I’ve packed many of them inside black bags to keep them clean for the trip.  I hope to get all of them shipped by the end of August. One shipment will go at the beginning of August, and the final one a couple of weeks later.


Final drop site dates for the North Carolina shops have been posted on the FAQ page.  If you are mailing a quilt to Wilmington, they will take them through 2020.  Jo-El emailed me just yesterday with this information – “Today, we received 3 boxes of quilts from Cindy Gardner in Delta, Utah that contained a total of 11 completed quilts!  To date, we’ve received 324 quilts for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project and 22 quilts for Hands 2 Help, for a total of 346. We haven’t had many survivors return to their homes in the past few months, as apartment complexes that are being repaired are pushing back the move in dates and we’ve had one complex experience a fire.  As we approach the one year anniversary of Florence, we hope to see more survivors rehoused. We appreciate all the efforts that went into the creation of these quilts and organization of the project ”  She sent a photo of her shelves so you could see some of the quilts that have been received.  With what she has, and what I have left to send, our total is now 427!

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of this project.  There is still time to get a quilt to the drop sites, or to mail them directly.  See the Carolina Hurricane Quilts page for all the latest information as I keep it updated.  I wish I could show you each and every quilt, as they are all special.  I’ll have final numbers from this one-year project in September, and will share those then.  It truly takes a community of awesome quilters to make this happen.  Thank you to everyone that has been a part of the project!!

20 thoughts on “Carolina Hurricane Quilts Virtual Show

  1. What an amazing total of beautiful quilts. The photos are wonderful – the last one of Quilt HQ is mind blowing! Well done to you and everyone who took part. The recipients will be overwhelmed by the love, care and generosity of strangers.

  2. manasotavacation

    What a delightful quilt show! Each one represents such caring. I know that each one will be dearly loved and appreciated. These poor people are still waiting to get into a home, so they will truly be touched. Having lived in a hurricane zone, I know how important it is for these folks to know that people still remember their continuing stress. Thank you, Carole, for all that you do!

  3. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Another bunch of spectacular quilts that are going to make each family that receives them very happy and warm in their new homes! Such an amazing achievement of quilts to have donated in a year! Great job everyone and especially you Carole for all you did! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post today! I loved seeing all of the quilts that you were able to share! Have a great day!

  4. I’m heading to Raleigh on Friday and will stop at Cary Quilting Company to drop off the 3 quilts that I quilted from Brunswick Quilt Guild. What a wonderful outpouring of quilty love!! Thanks for sharing another great batch of quilts.

  5. Melanie

    Absolutely beautiful contributions to a great endeavor, all will be gratefully received and loved! Good job by all. Thank you, Carole, for all your work on this project.

  6. Rebecca Burch

    If you know me, you know this doesn’t happen very often… I’m speechless! WOW! These are ALL wonderful! Beautiful! Heartfelt! Heart-warming! THANK YOU for doing this project & for sharing these spectacular quilts with us in this quilt show!!! You made my day… my week!

  7. thedarlingdogwood

    I love seeing them all come in, both from Quilt Patch and on your blog! I’ve currently got 30 from Quilt Patch ready to transport to Fayetteville with a two more weeks for drop-off. I’m going to be near the shop on Monday and will probably drop in to see if there are any to pick up. I’ll be sure to get you my final numbers so that you can add them to your count!


    Thanks for this update. I enjoy seeing what all the guilds/clubs have done and am inspired to make some more quilts for service with that pattern. It was so much fun to put one together this past year with my daughter, 28.

    You mentioned getting canvas bags at a dollar store near you. Was it Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, or General Dollar? I went to find them and was unsuccessful. Thanks!

    Julia White, Harrisonburg VA

  9. dezertsuz

    There are so many beautiful quilts there, and that’s a respectable total. How wonderful that someone from as far away as Utah helped – this is what I love about quilters. We are universal in our desire to help those in need.

  10. Kathy Kallinowski

    Hi, I dropped a queen size quilt off at Cary Quilting on 7/18/19. Do you have some sort of form for tax purposes? I was told that they are just a drop off point, and had no details. Just wondering, thanks, Kathy Kalinowski, Cary, NC

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