Row Quilt for Charity

A friend sent me an email a few weeks ago with a picture of a row quilt, and wanted some advice on adding some borders.  She said the quilt was long and narrow, made from a kit, and she wanted to expand it to make it bed size.   Then amazingly, she said she wanted it to go to the Hurricane Project.  The amount of work that went into this was astounding, and I was delighted to offer to quilt it for her.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

The beautiful piecing and appliqué was done by Patti Votruba.  She brought the top, backing and Warm and Natural 100% cotton batting for the project.  I loaded it with this orientation as it made the backing seam parallel to the leaders.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

With a red toile backing, the best color for the thread was red.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

The dark red color brings a bit of pattern to the background while allowing the piecing to shine.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

I like the way it looks on the appliqué section too.  The pantograph is Floating Clouds by Urban Elementz.  Her needleturn applique is outstanding.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

Glide thread on top in dark red, with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

Quilting along smoothly, when I was startled by the sudden stop in the middle of a row.  As I am quilting from the back of the machine, I have to stop and go around to see what the problem is.  It was a patch that had come undone, and the foot went under it.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

I held the edge down, and did a topstitch over the  edge of the patch to hold it down.  Then I  just continued stitching.  There is a little loop in the stitching here, but it will not be noticeable unless closely inspected.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

Advancing the quilt again, I continued the quilting.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

The hopping foot stepped nicely over the appliques.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

Arrgh, then the bobbin thread jumped out of the tension.  Luckily I caught this pretty quickly, only a small section was messed up.  Thankfully, it was quick to take out and restitch.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

All done, the pantograph is a nice softening circular pattern to the sharp angles in the flying geese, stars and baskets.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

I trimmed the excess batting and backing.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

With the excess backing, I made the binding, and machine stitched it to the quilt.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

Here it is finished.  I do like the way the quilting accents the applique.  It got a label, and was added to the pile in the guest room to await transport.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

I have updated FAQ page to answer a new frequently asked question about how the quilts are distributed and where the quilts are going.  Who will receive the quilts? As of March 2019, donated quilts have been given out in the Catholic Charities office when people apply for assistance in person, at homes when recipients receive furniture through the charity’s partner non-profits, and at distribution events for those in FEMA trailers (the FEMA trailers just started rolling out in March 2019 as TSA was ending and families had to vacate the hotels in the area).   The Catholic Charities office serves a 6 county area, so they’ve distributed to affected communities within Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Duplin, New Hanover, and Pender counties.  If you know someone needing help in those counties, please have them contact the Catholic Charities office in Wilmington.

Row Quilt for Hurricane Project at

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17 thoughts on “Row Quilt for Charity

  1. Jennifer Rauch

    Hi, Carole! I love the teacup quiltalong, but my good intentions have paved the way to you-know-where once again! I saved your blogs with each posting, and bought the book you recommended. Too much reorganizing going on here (hubby just retired & I have to supervise the honeydo list you know!) to really start another project, but it is on my loooong to-do list of creativity. You do what you have to do, I’ll do my own thing when the time is right, BTW, I reallllly loved your embroidered creamer & sugar block. Turned out very sweet! Thanks for the inspiration. Always!

  2. Loris Mills

    What a wonderful and beautiful gift from Patti. Your quilting and finish adds even more love to it.

  3. travelingro

    That is a beautiful quilt and so kind of your friend to donate it.

    Regarding the tea cups …. I truly love the blocks. My problem is paper-piecing. We really don’t like each other. I would definitely continue doing them otherwise. They are lovely!!

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, This quilt is beautiful and I am so glad that you shared it with us. Of course, I love every quilt that you share! Every quilt tells a story whether we know what it is or not does not really matter to me, although when we do receive the details it is always a benefit. Since I began watching my Dad sewing his quilts together and how excited he got in making each and every one of them, it sparked an interest that is even stronger today. I always enjoy looking at each and every quilt and just asking myself certain questions and getting lost in the fabrics, the patterns and even now in the quilting designs that are chosen. So, always, thank you for sharing everything you do about each quilt you do share!
    As for the Tea Quilt, you know I have been doing the blocks right along with you! Plus, having a great time! Yet, Carole….we are friends and I will agree with whatever choice you decide to go with. This week, I have pulled out all of my Tea Blocks from two other projects. One of them is an appliqued Tea Party applied BOM from last year that I never finished and the other one is from a quilt again appliqued, for one of my SILaws that I started while we lived in Texas over 7 years ago. LOL. I am so thrilled to have taken up the challenge of finishing UFO’s this year. The only new quilt I have started is your Mystery Quilt. So, again you let me know on your decision and I will be fine with what you decide.I hope that you have a great day.

  5. judystolz

    I wish I could say the blocks are up to date for the quiltalong, they are not; but I love it so far and it’s the one I’m doing for a ‘just because’ gift to a friend who is part of our Tea Party group (we lost a good friend last year from this group and we need some kicks to get going again)

  6. manasotavacation

    What a delightful quilt to generously add to the Hurricane quilts! I have such an appreciation for long = arm quilting after seeing your posts.

  7. Melanie

    A very beautiful quilt, a generous donation (wow, the time she put into such a lovely row quilt), and a great job in adding borders and quilting it, Carole. How nice to receive such a donation and I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated by the recipient. Beautiful colors and a cheerful design!

  8. Melanie

    PS: The tea cup quilt along just came at a bad time for me. I love what I’ve seen, though, and I probably have enough cups and pots on my bookshelf to do a quilt along in tea theme without buying another book. If you decide to continue, I may jump in a bit later, If you postpone or abandon, that is understandable, too. You put so much of yourself and your work into all you do. So very much appreciated! BTW, even if we aren’t participating, we still enjoy following along with you. Does that count? :o) LOL

  9. Rebecca Burch

    I’ve always loved (& wanted/meant to make) row quilts but this one far surpasses any I’ve ever even dreamed of making! WOW! It’s spectacular (as is your quilting on it)!

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