Cruisin’ on a Spring Day

Last weekend, our car club decided it couldn’t wait another week to get the cars out for a drive, in spite of the chilly morning.  The idea was to drive around the apple orchards, but it was too early for blooms.  Still, the excuse was good, so we gathered at a local parking lot to drive out to Lake Lure for lunch.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

We brought our Mini, on the left, parking next to Terry’s Tiger.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

Lots of members had cabin fever, apparently, as 19 cars showed up for the drive.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

We set off east, along one of the many back roads.  It was my turn to drive, so DH took the pictures today.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

The rust color in the trees on the left are flowers of the maple trees.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

Not much was blooming yet as we wound our way around the curves.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

Pastures are green, and in the distance, a row of pear trees are blooming.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

A few more pear trees and a weeping cherry was in bloom, with a few maples too.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

Leaving the pastures, we angled up through the southern part of the Black Mountains, then catching the road through Chimney Rock to Lake Lure.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

Parking high on a hill, you can see the lake below surrounded by mountains.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

The restaurant was La Strada, a nice sandwich and pizza place.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

A nice day for a drive, but I’ll be happy when it gets just a bit warmer.  Still, it was fun to get out for the day, see some friends and have a nice meal.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

After lunch, everyone was on their own to get home, so we came back by Chimney Rock road.  It will take a few more weeks for the trees to green up.

BCC Drive March 2019 at

Have you had any outings lately?  Do you have cabin fever from staying inside this long winter?

14 thoughts on “Cruisin’ on a Spring Day

  1. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Beautiful drive and what fun!! We love Chimney Rock and are currently in the Smokies, but heading back home today! Have a great weekend!

  2. Sylvia E Anderson

    So happy you were able to have a little jaunt with your car club members, and we all benefitted from the lovely photos taken by DH on this trip. I love your mini Cooper, but the Jags aren’t too shabby either. lol

  3. Marianne Barta

    We have been wanting to get out for a Spring drive on a sunny day. Will have to do it now after seeing your pictures. Beautiful landscapes.

  4. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, How wonderful that your Car Club got together for another wonderful drive and lunch. Drives like this when taken at the various times of the year are fun to compare all the changes that take place. I do not remember you mentioning driving before, do you enjoy being the driver or the passenger more? I am just curious. Thank you for sharing your beautiful drive with us! Have a fabulous day!

  5. Rosemaryflower

    I know, there is still that nasty wind from the west. We will love it in the summer, but right now, brrr.
    I am happy you got out. I take daddy out on drives around Loudoun County, and along 81 but we do not venture too far. He loves a drive, and really likes to get out to stretch as well, so no long drives when you are 95 years old. He loves it though, and me, the doting daughter.
    It does help you beat the winter blahs, hibernating is boring.
    I love the pics. I love a red car and there still are a few DeLoreans around making a non-spectacle of themselves hahahaha Yawn. I always thought they looked like atomic cockroaches 😀

  6. farmquilter

    What a fun day!! You are so green…we’re still having the white stuff falling!! Your car club makes me want to get on with the restoration (mostly minor) of my ’41 Ford convertible!!

  7. Pat Oster

    We have an LBC, a 1974 MGB-GT, that we purchased a few years back in NC. It’s a beautiful state for touring and motoring about. I enjoyed your post and will share it with my husband. Thanks!

  8. dezertsuz

    Just lovely to be out sometimes! Everything here is blooming like crazy, and the weeping cherries are so beautiful! I would like one, too, but I doubt I will plant one. By the time it is big and beautiful, I’ll be somewhere else, no doubt. They don’t grow in Arizona!

  9. Barb in BC

    Hi Carole! I hope you don’t mind, but I forwarded this post to my brother – he has a British Racing Car Green Tiger (in almost “classic” condition)! And he loves British sports cars – my nephews are even named after them! Thanks for the post, it looks like it was a fun day.

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