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Today I want to show you a virtual quilt show of quilts done by readers for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.  The response from all our longarm quilters and volunteer piecers has been wonderful.  I wish I could show you every single quilt made and received by the project!  But, here are just a few of the quilts sent to Wilmington from all over the country, along with some of the quilts in my guest room waiting for the next run to the coast. There are 38 quilts stacked on the cedar chest and on the bed, including the ones from the Ashe County guild and two pickups from the drop point here. I’ll get some quilts from Charlotte in April, and I hope to pick up even more at a speaking event in Georgia in late April.

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

This one is pieced by Heather Dahlmeyer  and quilted by Joy Adams.

Heather quilted by JoyA

Pieced by Barbara Waldron and quilted by Becky Reeve.


These beautiful navy blues in a vintage Trip Around the World design made by Dagmar Theodore was donated to the project.

Dagmars Quilt

Jeanine Cheng quilted this one pieced by Jill Karnedy.

Jill K quilted by Jeanine

Jeanine also quilted this one pieced by Michele Gailey.  Michele sent two tops for quilting, and Jeanine did both.


Lori Milsap has been really busy, sending in pictures of four quilts, and I know she has quilted at least 16!  Two of these were pieced by Teri Sherburne, and the other two by local quilters. Lori is also one of the runners for our project. She is an incredibly generous person!!






This one using the Perkioman Valley block was quilted by Sally Fitzgerald.


Jo-El at the Catholic Charities sent this story for this month’s update. She wrote –
“Greg has been stopping by our office for a while now and has become a friendly face to all the staff here at Catholic Charities. Greg moved to Wilmington in the summer of 2018 after being displaced from Hurricane Harvey in Texas back in the fall of 2017. He was looking for a fresh start and ended up facing yet another hurricane just a little over a year after being displaced. Greg was living in a shelter in town when Hurricane Florence hit, which sustained some damage, but Greg still showed up to the office with a smile on his face. He’s been a bright light in our office, always positive no matter what his circumstances are. In the last few months, we noticed Greg was absent more often than normal. We came to find he had gotten a job and and found a home of his own! He came to us to see if we had any household goods he could use. We were able to fill Greg’s home with lots of essentials but also brand new quilt to make his new house feel more like a home. When we showed Greg the quilt, his face lit up more than ever before!”


I picked up this gorgeous vintage hand-quilted beauty with the prairie point edge from the Hendersonville drop point.  It is stunning, but it has no label so I do not know who to thank.  It is huge, probably king size.

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Susan sent in this pic of a top made by a friend of hers, and quilted by her friend Debra. What a fun design!  They have more quilts in the works now too.

Susan Debra

Nine Patches were pieced by Rebecca Burch and quilted by Susan Rice in a Baptist Fan design.


These two queen size quilts were pieced and quilted by Suzanne Yerks and her friends.


You know, hearts of quilters are full of love the world over.  For our quilter community in the southern hemisphere and New Zealand, Angels in Gumboots is spearheading a drive for heart blocks (in colors other than red) for the victims and families of the horrific shooting in Christchurch recently.  See her Facebook page for details on how you can help – Angels in Gumboots block drive.  If you are on Instagram, a block collection drive for the US is underway by a lady named SJ.  To assist with that effort, see her Instagram @sewing_is_my_therapy

One last note if you remember, last year we did the quilts for the victims of the fires in California, and one was given to my neighbor’s son who lost everything.  They are now back in a new home in California, and made an awesome donation to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project to pay it forward.  Thank you, Dave and Selma!!  Here they are again with their quilt, made from your generosity in 2018.

California Fire Quilt Delivery at From My Carolina Home

So, I hope there will be more quilts coming by summer, as we still have a tremendous need.  If you’d like to help, see the FAQ page.  We can use more of everything, piecers and quilters, and donations too.  Drop off your clean vintage quilts at one of our drop locations, or mail to Wilmington.  Get your guild together for one more sew in.  The project will run until August, so you still have time!

I hope I got all the names right! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this project so far. Did you enjoy the virtual quilt show?

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20 thoughts on “Virtual Quilt Show

  1. Sallie

    Carole myself and three friends are on our way today to Loving Stitches in Fayetteville to pick up more quilts!!


  2. Melanie

    The virtual quilt show was fabulous, Carole! Thank you for sharing all the beautiful work donated to a wonderful project.

  3. I have one that is almost finished FMQ and I hope to have in the mail this next week. Amazing all the beautiful quilts that have been donated. They will certainly help provide smiles and quilty comfort to many that were impacted by the Hurricane and floods. Bless you and all your friends who helped to make a difference in the lives of others in need.

  4. Quilted Pants

    Such an inspiring quilt show in ore ways than one. So many wonderful, generous people giving their time, talents and resources to reach out to those who are going through such devastating ordeals.

  5. Lisa England

    The virtual quilt show was wonderful! The quilts are beautiful and the stories of all who have helped in this effort are inspiring. I have one quilt finished for your cause. I am going to wait a couple weeks and see if I can get another done before I put anything in the mail. I think it will be more cost effective to mail 2 at a time.

  6. I am humbled by the huge world wide response to the Angels in Gumboots block request. Helen has been overwhelmed with blocks,tops, quilts, and donated fabrics and more. She doesn’t live too far from me, and I will be taking over blocks, a finished quilt, and a top.It seems so little to do after this tragedy, but like your own projects up North, when so many participate, the result is huge and truly heart warming. Thanks so much for posting the link for the Christchurch blocks , Your quilt show is wonderful,and to see a young man and another with the quilts they have received, gives us all an insight into how much the quilt means.

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Each one of the quilts that you have shared with us today and the people involved is so incredible. I am so thrilled that the quilts continue to come in and are being delivered to all of the people who need them. Thank you for continuing to share the quilt shows with us. Have a fantastic day!

  8. Patricia Evans

    Thanks, Carole for the update and the wonderful virtual quilt show. It’s refreshing to see so many people pitch in to foster such a positive outreach.

  9. dezertsuz

    How wonderful to see all these beautiful quilts, and my friend’s (her name is also Susan!) in the middle of them all. I know a lot of quilts are going to come from Hands 2 Help, and my H2H top will be finished late this week, I think. Thank you for all the stories, too.

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