Teacups Quilt Along – Block 8

Last month, we did a teapot, and the discussion that followed was about sugar and creamer (or milk for the true tea drinkers) to go with the quilt along.  I looked around but didn’t really see anything I liked.  I briefly considered making an applique pattern from my own little sugar and creamer set from my ceramic violets collection.  Aren’t they wonderfully delicate?

Teacups Quilt Along

The problem with that idea was the intricate details which would be difficult to do in needle-turn.  I didn’t want a raw edge applique, so back to the drawing board.

Then, when Brenda who blogs at The Quilt Journey sent me a link for a free embroidered sugar and creamer pattern, I thought, why not?  After all, this quilt along was always supposed to be mixed techniques!  Click on French Knots Embroidery Patterns to see the list of kitchen designs.  You can choose from several designs on the page, and download the ones you like.  The sugar and creamer I chose is on the fourth row.  The delicate detail fit my vision well.  There is a simpler set at the bottom.   To get a pattern, click on the picture, then use the download button on the screen.  The file will download as a png file.  You may need to adjust the size in printing to get it larger.   When printing the sugar bowl, I enlarged it 300%, and the creamer was enlarged 400%.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

I cut them out to get rid of the extra embroidered flourish, and so that I could arrange them close together.  I think they will go well with the other blocks in this quilt along.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

I cut a large piece of background, and arranged the two pieces in a way I liked.  After the embroidery is done, I’ll cut the background down to 9-1/2-inches square.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

I used my method of transferring the pattern to the fabric with tracing paper.  Use your favorite method to transfer your chosen design onto your fabric.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

I used a blue tracing paper, it is difficult to get the light lines to show in a picture, but you get the idea.  The marks will remove with water.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

I got out my boxes of floss and looked for colors to coordinate with my teapot.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

I decided to use a dark green for the main embroidery.  The Antique Violet and Gold colors are for the flowers.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

I chose two Pistachio Greens, both the 319 Very Dark and the 890 Ultra Dark.  By using the lighter one in the middle and the darker on the edge, it will create more of a feeling of roundness and dimension.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

When the quilt is assembled and quilted, I can add some beads to it too.  You know how I like sparkly things, LOL!!

Teacup Quilt Along March block

Anyway, I took so long in getting a start, that the embroidery is not finished for this post.  I’ll keep working on it as a handwork project.

Teacup Quilt Along March block

For your quilt, if you don’t like handwork, you can simply make another teacup block that measures 9-1/2 inches square when you are done.  Any of the previous patterns with a border would work.  To see all the posts so far, use the category list on my sidebar, clicking on Teacups Quilt Along.  Share your Teacup progress on Flickr From My Carolina Home Project Sharing Group or Facebook in our sharing group there.

Are you quilting along, or working on another project?

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11 thoughts on “Teacups Quilt Along – Block 8

  1. Pat

    My grand mother used to embroider pillowcases for all the grands. Yours will be very sweet and a nice addition to the quilt. I may machine embroider a block here. Have to ponder a bit. Have a great day.

  2. Rosemaryflower

    So many ideas for each block really, but embroidering these two will be very pretty.

    I have seen a lot of machine applique with fusible stabilizer and special stitches by machine.
    I have not done anything like that in ages. This is going to be a really sweet quilt, a treasure really

  3. Hello Carole, We have been without the Internet for several days, due to a snow storm that dumped about 4 inches in less than an hour. Our trees are not used to that type of weight and we listened to branches snapping and trees falling until way early in the early morning, praying none of our trees gave way. In which they did not. A lot of people were without power also and now they are saying we should be expecting another storm by tonight. I love that dark green you choose to use and outline your design with. I am slowly working on mine, also. Hand embroidery has become a favorite evening craft to do for me. Like so many others have stated, I am enjoying this Tea Quilt that has a variety of techniques being used. I am so glad that you decided to do this quilt and share it with us! I hope that you have a splendid day!

  4. I just love the French Knots creamer and sugar bowl pattern you chose, this is one of my favorite sites for vintage embroidery patterns. This is going to be a lovely quilt when completed, great choice of threads for the embroidery.

  5. I am behind due to being under the weather for a few months. This week I found a pattern for Block 8 embroidery, so I will be starting that very soon. I have the block all prepared and ready to get busy. Thank you for this inventive idea of embroidery within the material blocks. It took me a wee while to decide if I wanted to incorporate the two types, but now I am looking forward to different styles in this wall quilt. I have even chosen a 2nd block should that time arise. I am really looking forward to all the different ideas you bring to us. Thank you Carol.

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