Cutting, Sewing and a Quick Repair

My sewing lately has been mostly on secret projects, making progress on the mystery quilt along Minuet and working on the next Teacup block.  I did another quilt repair that was so simple I didn’t take any pictures, but it did take up a few hours.  Mostly I’ve been cutting up fabrics to make kits for myself, and I can show you a sewing repair on a flannel shirt.  I also have an announcement to make, so read on for that.

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I’ll be doing a sew-in next week, so I needed something to take to work on.  Pulling out the box of patriotic fabrics, a Quilt Of Valor will make a great project to take.  I don’t really have a specific pattern in mind, so cutting the fabrics became a challenge.

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I decided to make squares, starting with 5-inch ones for half-square-triangles, along with 3-1/2-inch squares and 4-1/2-inch squares for filling in.

Cutting and Sewing at

I found a stack of 10-inch squares, in lights and darks. I’ll pair these up and use these Cake Mix #3 Papers to make a bunch of half square triangles.

Cutting and Sewing at
I pulled jelly roll strips and WOF strips cut to 2-1/2-inch widths, and bagged them up. They’ll become either rails, or four-patches or nine-patches.

Cutting and Sewing at

I still have a few orphan patriotic blocks left, some sent to me by reader friend Melanie.  So, if I can make a few more, I’ll have a nice size Quilt of Valor sampler.

Cutting and Sewing at

The last of the blocks for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project are put together in bags to take to the sew-in as well.  About half of what is left was not the full 12-1/2 inches square.  Some didn’t even make it to 12 inches, some were just barely over 12 inches, and some were 12-1/4.  So I did a bit more cutting, and squared up enough blocks to 12-1/4-inches so we could get one more full size top.  It meant cutting down a bunch of 12-1/2-inch blocks, but that was better than having to make more.  There may be enough for one last twin size if I cut what is left down to 12-inches square.

Cutting and Sewing at

On the longarm, I loaded the next full size quilt put together by my friend Carin.

Cutting and Sewing at

I have made a new FAQ and info page for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.  If you have a button on your sidebar on your blog, please change the URL for it to this one –

For the sewing repair, I have a bad habit of pulling on my sleeves to get them to stay higher up on my arm.  Pulling on the sleeve of my favorite flannel shirt just one time too many resulted in a ripped section.  This is an easy fix.

Cutting and Sewing at

There was a rip in the fabric perpendicular to the cuff, so match those edges and just sew a small dart to hold them together.

Cutting and Sewing at

Then, pick out the bottom seam on the cuff, and tuck the fabric back in.

Cutting and Sewing at

Pin, then sew on the previous sewing line.

Cutting and Sewing at

Voila, five minutes of sewing and my shirt is wearable again.

Cutting and Sewing at

Now for the announcement.  I have put my patterns for sale at a discount on my own blog page.  This will allow you to buy directly from me if you wish, and get the pattern download via email.  It also allows those who do not have access to Paypal a way to buy, by printing out the order form and mailing it with a check.  Check out the My Patterns page.  If you want to have instant downloads, most are available through Etsy.

Then, check out today’s Flash Sale at Fat Quarter Shop!  And there are some great items now 50% OFF at Fat Quarter Shop.

What are you working on this week?

8 thoughts on “Cutting, Sewing and a Quick Repair

  1. Tacking your red white and blue bin of scraps with purpose makes sense. I keep a list of commonly used sizes, and always cut to the “biggest” size on the list that a piece will give and never cut anything bigger than an 8.5″ square into smaller pieces. I fold those bigger pieces up and set aside with similar colors for future projects. You are “on your way” into scrap management by starting your cutting. At our January Queen Bee’s gathering, Vicky brought her bin of scraps and we started working on a system for her. She was excited to see the new mystery quilt instructions and is pulling from her bins to cut for YOUR pattern first. Scraps are addictive. Fondly dreaming of April when I can wrap my hand around a rotary cutter again. Thanks to my scrap storage system and friend Nancy B. for cutting some parts for me for the mystery! Have a great retreat!

  2. Sylvia E Anderson

    Good morning Carole….I can see why you love your flannel shirt. The colors of the plaid pattern are vibrant and it looks as though it’s on the heavy side, so nice and warm. I have a couple of heavy corduroy shirts which I love wearing around the house during the cold weather. You have been a busy bee since your last posting and I hope you enjoy your sew-in. I’ll look forward to seeing the projects from that. More snow and ice on this end today.

  3. Rosemaryflower

    I love the QOV blocks. Very attractive fabric, Carole
    I sometimes love mending especially if it is something I love. This shirt is comfy.
    Today I am going to clean three bathrooms, was a few floors, run a laundry and then, SEW
    We are stuck inside today, no reason to go out. Daddy is safe at his place. We are getting a messy storm, maybe 6 inches of snow, then ice. I think I will leave the driveway covered with snow as it is and let the ice accumulate on top. Other wise, we will have an ice rink (which would be nice)

  4. Loris Mills

    Great info page for the Carolina Hurricane effort. I updated the link on my page. Hope lots of quilts are coming in.

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, It appears that a few smaller projects are keeping you busy between larger projects. I have been following that same routine and it feels quite nice for a change. Today, I am working on a quilted tote bag and then later I would like to get one of my larger quilts all set up and prepared for quilting. Are you being hit with the cold temperatures and snow? We are getting very cold temperatures but the snow is staying up just enough higher that we get to see its beauty but not have to worry about driving in it. Have a great day!

  6. Melanie

    Can’t wait to see your QoV sampler, and happy that all the blocks I sent are usable. Enjoy your blog and all that you are working on. Currently, I am making a cute mug rug for my sister who will visit from FL in April. I’m trying to keep up with quilt-alongs, and I’m determined to get some UFOs finished this year. My mini group made house blocks requested for the Camp Fire victims in CA, and I got the package off to them today. Keeping busy and mostly out of trouble. LOL

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