Thrifting February

A few scores at the thrift store this month have prompted me to do a bit of cleaning out.  Someone evidently has my style at the boutique in the thrift store, as I found several designer quality things in my size recently.  I love White House Black Market clothes, and it is nice to see Ann Taylor Loft and Liz Claiborne as well.  At just $5, so how could I resist?

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I have been actively trying to add more prints in my wardrobe as I tend to buy solid shells and black cardigans.  These two pieces with a bit of metallic gold will work for our monthly club dinners as well as fancier parties for the holidays.

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I loved this soft green with the embroidered flowers.  I’ll wear it with jeans and a white shell.

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Of course, I cannot pass the dish section without giving it a look, and found these Pier 1 plates.  I wish there had been four, but the price was too good to pass up for two.  In the craft section, I found some stick-on rhinestones for making cards, and a neat ‘mirror-image’ stamp.  It has a flat rubber stamp on the back.  You ink up your stamp, press it to the flat rubber then stamp with it, and it makes a mirror image of your stamp.  I’ll be playing with this soon.

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Another couldn’t resist find, this set of a sparkly red shell and jacket.  We are doing the Christmas parade again this year with the Mini Cooper club, and this will do nicely for that.  Plus, it will work for the Valentine’s day dress up event next year.  I’ll wear the pieces separately breaking up the set.  The shell will go with a black sweater or the white one above, and I’ll use a white or black shell with the jacket.  Breaking up sets make them wearable for today and not look dated.

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On Valentine’s day, I found these heart shaped dishes on sale for 75% off.   Couldn’t turn that down at $2 for all six!

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In keeping with my goal of reducing overall, I pulled some older dishes and seven clothing items out of my closet to donate back.  I need to do another closet clean out, and you can see my method on What’s In YOUR Closet?  It is time consuming, but you’ll end up with more things you like and fewer things just taking up space when you are done.  You can tackle just a little at a time to make it easier, like doing five items a day until you work your way through.  It is funny that I wrote this four years ago, and now Marie Kondo on Tidying Up is advocating much the same.  I am enjoying her show, and her methods of storage are interesting.  I go a bit further than does it ‘spark joy’ though, it also has to fit.  There have been many things in my closet that I loved, but couldn’t really wear as the fit wasn’t right, or it had cap sleeves that don’t look good on me.  So out those things went.

Anything coming in or going out at your house?

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21 thoughts on “Thrifting February

    1. Mary Jo

      Love your finds. I wish we had better thrift stores around here. Most things at our stores are overpriced and not really in good condition.

  1. My granddaughters spent some allowance recently on a giant teddy bear. My daughter made them remove and equal in size / volume amount of toys for charity! I have 3 closets…..and seriously need to do this. Did recently order 5 new bras…and have happily thrown out 5 old ones. That was “freeing”. In my current state there won’t be anything being sorted, unless I can get a willing pair of hands to help. I’ve been sorting 2nd Time Around buttons tho……bored silly

  2. mlmcspadden

    Great finds at the thrift store for you! I’ve got quite a few things pulled to go out – some to the thrift store, others that need to be listed for sale on Ebay or Etsy. Just need to make time to get them listed. Still lots more that need to be gone through and downsized in this house of mine though. Slowly but surely I’ll get through it all.

  3. I’m trying really hard to not let anything else come in. I need to do a massive cleanout, but as you suggest, I have been doing a little at a time. It is more manageable to me, timewise, and also for my sanity.

  4. So good to get rid of things you don’t wear and have a refresh. Just read your other post, what a nice idea to have colours sorted like your Autumn wardrobe. I tend to sort by warmth, bt colour as well means everything gets worn.
    I had a big sort out of clothes this weekend and am finally parting with things I wore for work and haven’t worn for the last four years. Time to let them go, and know what, it felt liberating.

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Such lovely clothing items you found for yourself. I very seldom look at the clothing items in our stores, they are priced at almost new store prices. I have found some great buys at garage/estate sales though. Your new plates are so pretty, maybe you will be lucky enough to come across a couple more over time. All of the heart bowls will be fun to serve in or make special dishes in. You know me, I always look forward to seeing your table settings and what you do with your incredible creative nature! Glad that you found some new card making supplies also. Have a great day Carole!

  6. kathyinozarks

    Great finds!! we also loved thrifting but we are so filled up that we have to eliminate now. I do really need clothes now though as my body has really changed over the past 5 years.
    I went through our coats, jackets, hoodies etc. and have two very large yard size plastic bags to donate. we found on the way to the lake house-next town over-a really nice animal shelter with thrift store-so I am going to donate to them-especially clothes. We will have allot of clothes to donate for sure-I gave up trying to sell I will never get back into my skinny victoria secret jeans again-those will be hard to part with-but they are too small now

  7. Phyllis Smith

    Morning to ya,

    Love the thrift shops and consignment stores. Found a lot of Bob MacKie blouses at them, mostly in the consignment shops. He is on QVC a lot but I have so much now that I haven’t been in a while. Been donating to the thrift shop here in Fayetteville that supports battered women and children, still need to donate more, I’ll never wear all the beautiful things, even to church or just lunch with my friends.

    Still gloomy here with all the cloudy rainy weather, so looking forward to Spring, you have a great head start by your e-mails.

    Have a terrific weekend,


  8. Patricia Evans

    We watched the Marie Kondo series while in TX since my stepdaughter had Netflix and we don’t. I had already read her first book (parts of which made me laugh hysterically). Surprisingly, my husband decided he wants to “tidy up” when we get home. I have my doubts on how long it will last and I’m sure he won’t ever get around to his inventory of political campaign memorabilia (which is sells, but has way too much to ever get rid of it all)., but if it clears out some clutter, I’ll be happy.

  9. Happy Saturday morning Carole: Just wanting to know which thrift store you use in our area. I am always looking for a good bargain and think that my local thrift stores are currently picked over. Great finds by the way. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Susan Shaw

    The only thrift store here that I have visited has nothing that I would take home for myself. Oh my, it is horrible. I need to find a consignment store I think if I want something. The thrift stores here appear to have nothing, I mean nothing. Maybe I need to try ones in other parts of town. I know one of my widow friends from group at church belongs to a “sorority” that has a garage sale that apparently has great deals. I need to find out when that is. I might find some good deals there. I have started going through some things and have just a few things to donate. It’s a start. I plan to wear my summer clothes and if they don’t fit, they go to donation immediately and if the outfit doesn’t make me happy, it goes to donation also. I know where my inclination to hang on to things has it roots. When I was in college, my mother and my brother started cleaning my closet while I was home and purging my things. I had zero say. My first husband would throw away things of mine without any input from me. Now that I live alone, I can keep my things. I have no one to throw my things away. It’s not a good thing is some ways but it feels good that no one is going to violate me again. Oh course, if I die today, my two children will throw away most of it. I do need to learn to let go of more things. I need to find a healthy balance.

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