Scrap Madness

Scraps, scraps and more scraps!  Every project means more and more, bits and pieces, and what is it about quilters that we cannot throw anything out?  Well, for a confirmed recycler like me, it is just not possible to send something to a landfill that I can use somehow.  But this is getting out of hand.  I have made dog beds before with the leftovers and batting scraps, but the shelter now won’t take them.  Seems that there is some new rule that says the beds mustn’t be anything that a dog could chew or choke on.  So now what?  If I had been using some kind of system where bits get cut into usable sizes, this might be more manageable, but the prospect of ironing and cutting just these bags of scraps is just too daunting. It would take days, and this is only a fraction of what I have to deal with somehow.

Scrap Madness at

We woke this morning to a complete power outage from the ice storm last night.  We have a generator and fireplaces for some power and warmth, so I won’t miss the football games today and I can get on the computer.  It would be a good day to cut up some fabric, and January is often a good time to clean out too.  Once before, I did a couple of projects with cutting up scraps.  You can see the evolution of going from a scrap pile like this…

Scraps 1

to an Offset Diamond Quilt

Offset Diamond finish 10

then using the leftovers from that project to a finished travel tote.  Click Scrappy Project for the tutorial of turning trash into treasure.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

But now back to the situation at hand.  This tower has six baskets, all like these two. I cannot seem to cut things up unless I have a plan.  And I have no plan.  I have been noodling with EQ8, but I am not coming up with anything new.  So, there will be a delay in a mystery quilt along, nothing is working.  Each time I think I may have a design I like, it looks too much like one I have already done.

Scrap Madness at

Then there is the closet, with shelves three feet deep, stuffed with yardage.  So much autumn, which I love, but which right now is uninspiring.

Scrap Madness at

Bolts of fabric and batting are crammed into a shelf.

Scrap Madness at

With more bolts on another shelf, I have plenty of fabric.  So why is it that I always seem to need a color I don’t have?

Scrap Madness at

Yardage and more batting for personal use, there is even more here on additional shelves stuffed just like these two.  I just need the right project.

Scrap Madness at

The Asian collection has taken up residence in a directors chair, no room for it anywhere else.  I am drawn to the lighter palette now.  I’d love to do something fresh for spring.

Scrap Madness at

These pretties I have yet to open.  The lighter and brighter colors appeal, and I have another bundle of all spring colors I really want to dive into.  But I lay them out, and have no idea what to make with them.

Scrap Madness at

In a corner are more patriotic orphan blocks, there are 9 blocks 12-1/2 inches, plus a bag full of patriotic fabrics to make more blocks, sashing, or borders.  But I need to get something for backing, as there is not a red or blue print in the stash.

Scrap Madness at

Back to the design board, still nothing.  I found a block that looks nice on its own, but it is nothing special, certainly not mystery quilt along worthy.  Bah!!  What do you do with your scraps when you are stuck for inspiration?

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56 thoughts on “Scrap Madness

  1. You have some really nice scraps. You could just start cutting them into precuts just one bag at a time and sorting them by color. Because I have so much fabric (even on bolts) that I made a hard decision to take anything less than 2 yards and cut it up. I first make fat quarters and work my way through the pre-cut list. Anything skinnier than 2-1/2″ goes into a strip bin (randomly not by color) for string quilts and anything less than 1″ goes into another bin for fabric bowls. I have also made a commitment to cutting up leftovers as soon as the project is finished. That really helps. I’ll send a pic later in the year when it is all done!

    As far your spring mystery. I am pretty sure you will find something soon. Please make it quick and easy! LOL

  2. Crystal

    Sometimes too much of a good thing is …well too much. Maybe if you just focus on one section and come up with a plan for that section. I am of the mind set “use it up”. At least that is my goal right now. So sometimes I have to go with my second or third choice when I don’t have my first choice. I make mostly Quilts of Valor so I need to be thinking scrappy red, white, and blue! I also do baby quilts for a low income NICU hospital. So far 2019 has not seen me in a fabric store. Not even the coupons have tempted me!

    You can do it!

  3. Edi

    Good morning. I feel your pain. I’m not a designer or hostess, so i dont have to go far to get inspired. As for dealing with scraps, bigger pieces go back in stash sorted by color/theme. Usable scraps i try to cut up as i go, usually 2.5 inches for 9 patches. Other scraps are used for baby quilts or scrap vortex. Both are leaders/enders. All of these ideas i got from my very good friend, Susan at i do save the unusable scraps and make dog beds for my dogs, all are rescues but one, and he was a gift ☺ My bigger issue is finding and making time to get anything done.

  4. Elaine Nemeth

    Each month I made 3 blocks of one color in a 8 inch log cabin style and now the quilt is done. I also used scraps for the piano key board border.
    This 2019 each month will be 3 crazy quilt block of one color.
    Happy scrapping….
    Happy New Year to you.

  5. As I ironed and straightened my scraps, organizing, thoughts start to flow, creativity decides quickly, and before you know it you will have tackled much, tossed items out, and the stuff keeping you from creativity inspires again. It reacquaints you with what is hiding so less fabric purchases. It looks like your stash/scraps are winners! All you have to do is take them to the finish line!

  6. I love my scraps and never seem to lack inspiration. Maybe it’s because I’m always seeing new ideas at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and have too many scrappy projects going on.
    I do wish I was more organized with the storage and my sister is mortified by my lack of organization. But that’s how it is for now 🙂

  7. After all my organizing so I knew what I had on hand for fabric, and thought I had just about every color covered on my shelves, I was making blocks that required light blue. I only had one small piece! What?!? Anyway, I had to chuckle at your comment about having all the fabric and not the fabric you need! My scraps are running away with me too. I need to organize them (and I dislike doing that). Hope you get inspiration soon!

  8. When I don’t know what to make, I make 9 patches. There are so many way to utilize them in quilts. Sew up a few and then think, what if? Ideas usually come.

  9. karenfae

    this is exactly what I am doing – organizing and just posted also about doing it. Sorry you have a power outage hope it doesn’t last long but glad you have the fireplace and means to go about daily life sounds like us

  10. I think I would sell some, or bag them up for a charity shop. My scraps were much smaller than this, and after two years of looking at them I gave them away. I have plenty more.

  11. J

    So Sorry to hear about your power outage. I am eyeing your Quilt of Valor project and thinking that the backing could be something other than red white and blue–maybe even scrappy, that fits a theme of some kind. Like a surprise on the back… I have been told that Quilts of Valor do not always have to be red, white and blue. Just a thought!!!

  12. What if instead of going to fabric and trying to figure out what to make, go to a book and then to the fabric and make a game where you have to use your scraps. I’ve also done the pick a backing and make a quilt to go with it.

  13. I thought you were showing pictures of MY fabric closet!!! When I loose inspiration I find reading blogs, etc., invigorate me. I’m sure you will come up with another beauty.

  14. I have used my scraps to make scrap vortex quilts …you can see how to do this on Crazy Mom’s blog. I control the colours …ie. all country colours or all flannel or all bright colours. It’s a great way to use up scraps and you end up with a quilt filled with memories of all your previous projects.

  15. I hear ya!!!!!! Once a year at our Quilt Show we offer donated scraps by the bag full for a few bucks. It helps raise $$ for the Guild and The appliqué folks just LOVE it. I’m happy to deliver them if you would like.

  16. Rosemaryflower

    Sorry about the lack of power, I hope it comes back shortly
    My sewing space and the “storage space” are both very chaotic. I greatly dislike it.
    I managed to tidy up my morning room sewing office (big room addition off of the kitchen) for Thanksgiving. I have a half shelf and a baby gate at the entry but anyone can see in there. I made it look like I was the most neat and tidy person on the planet, but it was all a sham, an illusion hahahaha
    I long to get my whole house back in order. This year I am making it my goal, just baby steps but I must
    Happy snowy week-end

  17. I am still working through scraps and stashes I inherited, and the end is still far off. One of my methods has been to use BOM, but make them scrappy. I work from the scraps and by doing 3-4 I am whittling away at the pile, and the resulting quilts will be given as graduation gifts (I hope) to my piano students. As I make them, I cut bits up into small squares, and I see those little triangles that are sometimes cut off along with my blocks and put them in an old blueberry container. At some point I will take those little HST and make them into a mini quilt for a gift. I don’t have as many scraps as y

  18. Love your scrap collection! Love your fabric stash! We all have more than we can use but trying is what keeps us going I think. We I hit that wall of uninspired, I tend to return to my classic favorites. Usually I sew 9 patches in color ways, or strip sets for a rail fence, or create a new braid column, and of course I sew strings. None of these take thinking but free my mind to ponder “what if”.

  19. When I’m overwhelmed with scraps I give them to one of my friends. She loves scraps and makes donation baby quilts with them. I do my best to use the scraps from each project so that they don’t end up in a pile… But I’m only marginally successful at that!

  20. ….as you do, though, so my ideas probably aren’t as helpful. Here’s a thought, though. Check and see if there’s a 4-H group with beginning sewing. I always used a 9 patch pillow as a first project, and the kids were always thrilled to pick their patches from an assortment. It was a great way for them to experiment will colors and explain balance, print size, etc.

  21. kathyinozarks

    I don’t feel quite so bad with my stash of fabrics now lol
    I always admired my Mom when she was with us. She made all of our clothes, some of my father’s too, all of the drapes in the home-she was born from that era where everything was made in the home.
    after my father passed she got into quilting and excelled at it. but she never bought fabrics because she liked them, she never had a stash-every quilt she made she would shop fabrics only for that quilt. with her leftovers she would cut up boxes of different sizes of squares, rectangles, and triangles-all of it. so when she had enough she would make up quilts for donations.
    I can see you have a more daunting task with just fabrics then I do.Good luck with it all-hugs

  22. Shirleyann Graff

    I look at my scraps for inspiration, however I also look through many of my quilting books for new pattern ideas– sometimes the design of a new quilt can come from bits and pieces of other patterns or quilt pictures that inspire me to produce something totally new and different. It will come to you–I just know it! Keep warm and think of spring colors–the fresh purples, yellows, light pinks, blues and greens–colors of new birth–colors of your beautiful garden–something that would look beautiful on your lovely porch in the summertime. Have fun with this. I enjoy your blog so much!

  23. Linda B

    I love that there is almost always a free table at our guild meetings. Seems like things that don’t work for me are just the thing for someone else. And if something does not appeal to me, it is so nice to just pass it along. I want to try to do one of these value quilts (not in quilt size, but table topper size), and think that the scraps will work for that. Maybe you could do one of those as a mystery quilt! Ha! We got a foot of snow over Friday-Saturday but thankfully no wide spread power outages…hope your power comes back quickly!

  24. ANN D

    I get the same feeling at times. I have plenty of starting material but no inspiration. Perhaps you can organize a swap at your guild so that each participant gets new fabric to play with. Or, donate what you don’t love to the guild to be sold at the opportunity table or used by the local women’s shelter for their sewing needs . For small scraps I have found that the local Goodwill will accept bags of scraps when labeled as fiber.

  25. lynn bourgeois

    Good morning. I noticed that we house some of the same fabrics. That is lovely. I know I have more fabric than ever needed, but that is ok. There are days and even weeks when I don’t have the inspiration of other days, but gradually it all comes back. I find inspiration visiting various blogs, or attending guild meetings or quilt shows. Some times it arrives as I am looking out the window as a certain combination off colours or textures I can see.
    It will all come back. Sorting scraps is something I do while sitting with my husband as he watches you tube or Netflix. Makes for great together time.

  26. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I thought all quilters had the “scrap problem”! I love each small piece of my fabric and I’m determined to use it up. Your fabric closet and bins look like my studio. I know you will come up with something astounding!! We had ice coated trees yesterday morning and rain all day. Glad you have the ability to continue life with the power off!

  27. farmquilter

    Lots of great ideas on how to tame your scraps…on the other problem of no inspiration…what about creating some blocks using a technique you are not familiar with that challenges you and stretches you creatively? Foundation piecing, paper piecing, EPP, needle-turned applique…lots of options. Or you could make 9P, 4P, or another basic block and cut them up in different ways to create a completely new block. Quilter’s block is real and difficult to break through, but you can do it! You can save all those “orphan” (I prefer to call them “exploration”) blocks and create a sampler quilt or a beautiful backing for a scrappy quilt. Or make them into NICU quilts that are small enough to fit in the little isolettes the babies are in.

  28. Brenda

    I didn’t learn to quilt until I retired, and I have been a crazy fabric collector ever since. I see the fabric and fall in love or just think “that will go with the colorway I am considering” but haven’t used. As a result, I have a huge collection of beautiful fabric that has taken over my house. Unfortunately, I have had an illness for several years that has zapped me in ways that have taken away my energy most of the time. I look for ways to encourage me to sew, but they come so seldom, and I feel so guilty about not using my huge stash and by not being able to physically get things organized the way I should. I have all these great ideas in my head that don’t get done, I think about to whom I should give all this wonderful array of colorful goodness because I will never be able to use it, as I mostly just sew occasional blocks to send for charity quilts. I would love to find some wonderfully energetic enthusiastic quilter who could help me decide how to take care of all of this and actually physically do it for me. I don’t know if such a person exists, but does anyone have an idea where I should look? I don’t have any close friends or family who are quilters or have either the time or interest to try to be involved. I am open to suggestions. Thank you so much. After seeing your photos of your scrap problem, I realize that I am not the only one out there with overflowing fabric and makes me feel a little less guilty.

  29. Marci

    I LOVE scraps. I have a Scrap Orphanage I started for an online quilting group. I take anything that the members want to send me and make charity quilt tops. If anyone out there wants to destash contact me at idahoknits (at)

  30. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, A couple of months ago, I went through my fabric storage room and did a thorough clean up. It is the first one that I have done this intensely since our move to this home. I decided to be totally honest with myself and get rid of any and all fabrics that I knew I would not use. Everything was donated, unless it just was not worth it. I discovered that after getting rid of a majority of my fabric scraps, I still had enough fabrics to last at least 5 or maybe even 10 years. Except as you have discovered, we always need that one color of fabric we just do not have! LOL. I very seldom run into the brick wall of not knowing what to make or what fabrics to use to make the pattern, but it does happen. One of the fun ideas, I have come up with to help with this problem is to go and “play” in Pinterest for an hour or so, to pull out a big pile of my magazines and books and just sit and start looking. It never seems to take me long before I am marking this pattern and that pattern as ones I want to create. Also, the other places to visit, on line friends who share their designs! I hope that this will help! One last suggestion, if nothing here helps what about just grabbing some of your favorite autumn scraps and just start sewing together 9 patches. There are so many patterns that use them or with you being the magnificent designer you are maybe doing this will spark the idea you are searching for! Good Luck My Friend!! Let me know what happens! Have a fantastic day!!

  31. I feel your pain. I have been reorganizing my fabric and the scraps are the toughest. I have plastic boxes of batik scraps and bags of print scraps. I bought an Accuquilt a couple of years ago with basic size and shape dies to cut squares, triangles, etc. I need to get it on its own stand and move it to where I can cut. I have been trying to find a reasonable cart or storage chest on wheels. Maybe we could have a scrapalozza cutting challenge. Then decide what to make with what is cut. Oh, it is draining to figure out.

  32. Phyllis Smith

    Hi Carole, Well, this looks a lot familiar to me. I have a double garage storage room, that has a lot of the same items. I have been taking a lot of my scraps to the Linus Foundation and donating them there. I have a lot of lace to use on my scarfs but I do need to get rid of some of that. I have measured the pieces and some have close to 5 yards. so I wrapped them onto long paper towel rolls and labeled them as to how much was there. Will be taking that to the group on our next work day. Feels so good to donate it to a worthy cause. It is so cold here, I have been hibernating , my cat doesn’t even want to go out . Planning on working on some of my summer scarfs this evening, nothing on the T.V. that even look interesting. Have a great evening yourself, Phyllis

  33. Reena Kaplowitz

    You know I use Bonnie Hunter’s system for cutting up scraps- Check out her blog at I cut 2- 2.5 1 1.5 & I iron the scraps before cutting & put them neatly in bags by size. (She also has a folding system where you can really see what you have but not sure it would work in your deep closets. Mine are like 15″.) If you have more than bag size you can use bins or something. I put them neatly in there so they are very useable. Most quilts use some variation of these sizes. Bigger hunks I have in a bin but ironed and neat. You don’t have to do it all at once. I keep 2 containers on my cutting table- one for tiny scraps & 1 for ones I can cut into sizes. The teenies I take to Goodwill or Salvation Army where they do recycle the fabric. If it isn’t neat you will never use it. I have regular bookshelves for fabric- 3′ is kinda deep; stuff gets lost in there & I keep my batting separate from fabric. Best of luck in getting yourself organized there. I went thru my stash & did weed out a lot that I had to face my tastes changed & I will never use. Sold some online & some donated. Thanks for your posts.

  34. Barbara Dillingham Moore

    Hi Carole! – Regarding the scraps that you would normally stuff into a dog bed – what about ‘sit upon’ pillows for a local preschool? I made them once for a preschool that used them for story time. Just a thought. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have a problem with the contents! Also you might check with another animal shelter – private ones perhaps? Barb in Tucson

  35. Margaret

    I make scrappy log cabins. Then i log cabin white or black around them and turn the blocks into baby or twin size quilts. Email me if you want a pic.

  36. Margaret

    This is not a direct answer to your question, but it seems to me that part of your lack of scrap inspiration is perhaps that you are just being tired of thinking of it right now. Can you take a little break from fabric? Do something completely different for a few days, then come back to the fabric without any preconceived ideas of . . . I have to do this. . . I must do that. Maybe you are pressuring the creativity right out of you. Maybe if you let yourself enjoy something else for a bit, your spark will return. (If not, maybe some sunshine would help!) Hoping for the best, Margaret

  37. Melanie

    LOL Well, I have the same dilemma, Carole. No more room to stash the scraps! But I belong to 2 groups that give me the opportunity to unload some of my “I’m tired of this” scraps. One group meets monthly and makes children’s charity quilts–we share a lot of each other’s leftovers. Other pieces I save for our guild’s once a year “country store,” which is like a yard sale and we donate our cast offs for others to take for a donation to the guild while we take others’ cast offs with a donation to the guild. LOL The goal is to try to take home MUCH less than you got rid of, and it’s a main fundraiser for our guild. Lots of charity organizations will take scraps. Good luck, and I hope you have a new mystery for us soon, OR just a scrappy good idea. :o)

  38. Susan Shaw

    I’ve been quilting for several years and believe it or not, I don’t have lots of scraps. I have made scraps from mostly kits and there are not many scraps from a kit or so I find. You pay for what you get and they leave no room for mistakes or at least the shops from which I ordered. The only scraps I have are mainly from backings. The guild to which I belonged accepted donations of fabric for our baby quilt endeavor. If fabrics were not to the acceptance of the leaders of the project, the fabrics are placed on the project table at each meeting and sold for donations for things such as thread and batting for the baby quilts. The quilts are donated to local hospitals and shelters. The current leaders of the project are very strict on the size of the quilts. Some of us raised concerns that not all the children in the hospitals are small and that some of us were willing to make larger quilts for larger sized children and those ideas were not accepted. So, fabrics such as plaids for older boys, etc. were not accepted for the quilts. Some of the quilters who used to head up this project feel that there are all ages of children in the Children’s Hospital not just small children and they all could benefit from knowing that someone cares enough to make them a quilt. The larger girls are exempt from this program, too. There always seems to be a riff in the guild instead of an embracing of ideas. I dropped out of the guild for the last two years. I have enough turmoil in my life without the infighting that is present in the guild at this time. Hopefully, it will get better and I’ll go back. There are some very nice benefits to belonging, also. I had no idea about how much fighting there was until I became librarian and went to the board meetings. If I’m just a member, it’s much easier yet now I know about the logistics. I don’t know if they all are or not. Anyhow, I got some very nice linen for collars for a dress for my granddaughter for $1. i offered more and was told that was plenty since it was a donation.

  39. Oh Carole! Thank you for the giggle this morning. When I saw the Dori meme, and literally laughed right out loud. HAHA – that is just so, SO true. I know you will find your inspiration again very soon. That’s okay to delay your QAL – we will be patient and are probably distracted by our own overloaded stash and new fabrics too. Not that I speak from experience or anything. ~smile~ Roseanne

  40. dezertsuz

    I start with small ones and just start sewing them together, vortex style. The end product doesn’t matter, because I know there will be one. Or I make HST. Every quilt, practically, needs HST. I make blocks I know I like and will make pretty quilts at some point – Churn Dash, Sister’s Choice, any kind of chain. The point, for me, is to start sewing *something* so I get the brain working on the problem. At times like these, we don’t need more inspiration, we need less! We need focus. So I bring it down to a tried and true. Somewhere along the way, you will figure it out.

    If you are feeling spring, then forget the scraps – give them away – and move on what you are feeling. There are probably many women who have lost everything in the Carolina ond California disasters who would love those scraps. Or women on limited incomes who love to sew but can’t afford fabric. Truly, this is a first world problem. =)

    Best of luck figuring out the next mystery. Maybe take the block you like by itself and see how creative you can get with it. Frankly, I don’t need something earth-shaking to sew. I just need a block.

  41. Scraps can be overwhelming if we let them pile up! A few years ago when DH bought me an Accuquilt for my birthday/Christmas gift I devised a system where I dealt with my scraps as soon as I finished each project. If the piec is fat quarter size it gets folded and put in one of the under bed sized totes so I can see the colours and designs. If the piece is a yard or more it gets folded and put in my yardage cupboard. If the piece is smaller than a fat quarter it goes through my Accuquilt and comes out Pre-Cut squares or triangles. Then the pieces are sorted by size and shape into pizza boxes which are labelled. That way I always have leader ended piecing to do and before I know it I have enough bits to start designing a quilt! I do keep a bin under my cutting table for strings but as the bin gets full I try to make something with it. My Guild members know I am on a tight budget so they often gift me their scraps knowing I have fun with them. I just designed some project bags which I urgently needed so I showed them at my Guild meeting yesterday and came home with several requests from members needing project pouches. The string bin has been emptied into a pouch to take with me to Vancouver. While sitting in the hotel room I can work on the pouches for my friends and when at the hospital I can work on piecing my Kaleidoscope Quilt which is in another bag made with scraps. The only thing I had to purchase for these projects was the clear plastic! Win for me. More things out of the cupboards or bins and I’m even more organized than before. Good luck on the QAL design. I’m sure all that fabric will inspire a lovely design. Try not thinking about it and do something like doodling or colouring something other than a quilt design and it will come to you. I often just start drawing scenery and colouring it with the different shades in nature and pop goes the weasel. A design is born. I was playing with drawing the valley out my front door view and up came an idea for a grey blue design for a SIL quilt that she loves! Now to find the time to make it……..
    Carol Andrews

  42. Linda Evans

    I am teaching my grand daughter to sew, she used all my scraps to make doll dresses and blankets.So if you have spare, she can make use with them.

  43. sharon schipper

    I don’t feel so guilty about my stash now, thanks! And I have one stash you don’t: tons of deconstructed JEANS that were an ongoing strip quilt stash and I’ve done a large strip quilt and a faux cathedral window one that was great fun. I have yet to do anymore of them. I need some ideas for tote bags. I want to replace the flimsy grocery store ones, probably just use one as a pattern. My latest stash I’ve built is for strip quilting inspiration, all those one and two inch strips and nice pieces from the baby quilts I’ve done.

    RE backings: both equilter and craftsy have had excellent sales on good quality backings, keep watching! I have two antique quilt tops in my car to go to my long arm friend this week, one had a full backing from craftsy, the other I had to piece, but these old lovelies from the 40’s are going to finally be stabilized so I can at least display them safely. A Dolly Madison Star, 30’s and 40’s fabric and what looks to be a version of broken dishes, both with cheddar sashings (I found the exact shade to finish the borders on both!)

    oh, and one annoyance we probably all identify with: opening up a forgotten pretty box where I had “organized” fabric for future projects and then forgot them as soon as they were tidied away.

  44. Hi Carole – January has always been my “scrap clean up” month. Not this month. Too much going on, and it is going to wait. I “subscribe” to the Bonnie Hunter method for cutting up and storage. If it is as big as a fat quarter or a quarter yard, than it gets folded and put away in the bin with those colors. All yardage gets “ruler folded” on my 6×24 ruler, because that is how it all fits best in the storage containers (with lids) on my shelves. The small stuff gets cut up into pre-determined sizes. Bonnie has a great discussion on her blog under tips & techniques. I’ve written about my methods at least once a year on my blog. I keep a chart on the wall next to my primary cutting table to remind me. I modified my list from what Bonnie cuts up, and I save my “strings” in plastic shoe boxes by color. I have tidy little (and large) storage bins that the specific sizes go into (most with lids), and they are stackable. So, when you release colors & cutting instructions for the next Scrap Dance, I will be ready (I hope). I always cross my fingers and hope you pick sizes I commonly store. Now, that said, my sewing room is a mess, with boxes and boxes of 2nd Time Around fabric, to get ready for our April quilt show ! And you know, I love scraps!

  45. Sandy

    The shelves in your closet look like mine—overflowing! I can’t sew fast enough. The scraps are somewhat organized in containers under my cutting table. But when inspiration strikes the room turns into a mess, with fabric everywhere! I can’t sit in my rocking chair right now because of what is piled up on it!

  46. Hi Carole,
    How about the “Scrap Buster” challenge. Sherri Hissey from Border Creek Station started the challenge at the beginning of the year, good for using up scraps that would normally just be left in a box. I know I’m having fun with it.

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  48. Rebecca Burch

    Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! I love, love, love that “Offset Diamond”! And while we’re at it, I’m more like Dori than I care to admit… LOL!

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