Scrappy Project

Last October, I went through the three 2-gallon bags of scraps I had to in order to organize them and use them up.  I found a huge number of half square triangles that became the Offset Diamond Quilt.  After I pulled out all those, I used up a bunch of pieces cut to 3-inches for a border, and then cut squares for the upcoming Scrap Dance 2 quilt.  After all that, I still had this left.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

Among the elements partially done were a couple of blocks like this one.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

I took the little four-patches and hourglass bits to the machine and just started randomly sewing them together.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

I made some nine-patch blocks from those, adding some fabric squares to finish the blocks.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

I laid those out on the cutting table and started to work in the other bits.  I made some strips of HSTs that weren’t enough for another full block.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

That looked good, so I kept sewing things together, not paying much attention to placement.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

I had a lot of these squares in the fall print, so I just sewed them to the other small bits.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

That ended up as a checkerboard element in the center here. I placed it with the other things I had done.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

The layout had places where a filler would be needed because the elements were not the same size. So I pieced bits to go between the blocks.  Those two diamond blocks are too close together, so I rearranged the elements and added more.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

Some spots just got a larger piece of fabric, sewn on then cut to fit.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

Adding and trimming more areas, the piece was becoming larger.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

Here is where it stopped for now. It isn’t a good size yet for anything, and I have more blocks to add to it.  The colors are not appropriate for a lullaby charity quilt, and a little too busy for a larger quilt.  So, I have no plan for this UFO, maybe a scrappy quilt carrier, but we will see.

Scrappy Quilt Carrier | From My Carolina Home

Part 2 is now posted!  Click HERE.

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14 thoughts on “Scrappy Project

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    You amaze me with the way you can bring all those fabrics together. A great job.
    I am soooo looking forward to the mystery quilt for this year. I must go back and see last years quilt.

  2. Edy

    Can’t wait to start the new mystery quilt to use up some of my scraps! It’s such a fun way to use them! Thanks for doing the thinking for me!

  3. Suzanne

    I am anxious for this mystery quilt to start. It will be my first one from your blog AND I have so many scraps that I just can’t throw away. What a great way to use them!

  4. Good Morning Carole! Oh My Goodness, you are amazing when it comes to designing! I realize that you are just “playing” and having fun with a bag of scrap fabrics, but this is something that would not come to me so easily. I do save unused quilt blocks and bits and pieces of blocks that did not fit correctly or I sewed together upside down (imagine that…hee, hee,hee). Yet, why I save them really makes no sense because they just gather dust. Although, I have to admit seeing what you have accomplished and a few other projects that have been posted on blogs/pinterest; I may have to dig them out and try and accomplish a project.

    Also, knowing that the next Mystery Quilt would be starting soon, I have been rummaging through every tote of scraps that I can and trying to decide which will work and not work. Of course, it is all a guessing game, but it sure has been fun. I have discovered some really beautiful scraps that had been buried away for so long that my memory had forgotten them. It really is fun to go on a free shopping trip! Even with not knowing what will be used, I sat aside a whole bunch of materials and got them all ironed. Today I will be getting out the Accuquilt and some of the dies that Deanna brought over and cutting these scraps into sizes that will be placed into my storage system of scrap squares.

    Hubby and I got all the decorations taken down and put away for another year. So another project I am going to be working on today is getting part of the living room set up once again as part of the sewing/crafting room. One of my ladies brought over a table that she found next to a garbage (the table is in perfect shape…the people just put it together incorrectly and evidently could not figure it out and decided to throw it away) and it will be perfect for the cutting mat and using it for other craft projects. I am still trying to figure out some items on my blog. Like how to design a “pin” with a URL. I am hoping that hubby can figure that one out. After that I am ready to start posting some tutorials and am really excited.

    Carole, I have learned so much from you and continue to learn from you! You have put together a fantastic blog and post great tutorials and reading materials. Keep up the great work and you know that I am shaking in my skin excited ( I would wiggle and waggle like Mr. Shakes and Miss Dodger when I tell them it is time for some of their Carole Ear Rubbings time….but that is just a tad bit much….LOL) about this next Mystery Quilt. I keep thinking to myself though, how am I going to share the bed with both quilts. Then I remembered we just bought the second bedroom a guest bed…so problem solved!

    So, it would be perfectly fine with me and all of the other participants….am I right ladies….if we went ahead and started tomorrow! Now that that is all settled; I will go and get all of these things done and out of the way for tomorrows great adventure! LOL.

    WHAT….YOU ARE NOT FALLING FOR MY LITTLE PLOY! Awe…phooooey! well, then, I will just go and pout and get my stuff done anyhow. You just have yourself a fun and creative day putting the last finishing touches on the Mystery Quilt then.

  5. I am so excited for the next mystery! My dad told me he wanted a quilt, and my plan is to give him this one. I hope you have a bed sized option!

  6. Mildred Plaskett

    I am looking forward to the next mystery quilt, but also need to finish the table runner from last year. I began quilting again three years ago and now have a lot of scraps and finished blocks that need to become something. Your blog and ideas inspire me, now I need to do. Thanks for all your posts.

  7. This is really lovely and I can’t wait until you get back to it and decide what to do. You just may inspire me to be a quilter (on the small scale) yet 🙂 As soon as the so’s house is finished and he moves out I’ll have more space to play in 🙂

  8. Oh Dear! You are starting another mystery, and I haven’t finished up the last one……
    I shall have to come back on Friday, which means that I will be wrestling with my conscience on whether to start a new mystery. But deep down even now, I know that “Mrs Common Sense” will fail in her plea for sense and sensibility and “Mrs Gadfly” will be in there playing with this QAL. LOL

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