Scraps – Using Up Some HSTs

Going through the scrap pile to make order out of chaos, I found a good number of half square triangles I could use in a project. Remember this mess? There were a lot more half square triangles in that pile than I remembered ever having.

Scraps 1

I pulled them all out, and squared them all to the same size.  I found a group with all the same light fabric, so I pulled those out first.

Scraps 2 HSTs

Then, I started playing around with laying them out to see what would happen.  The diamond shape was pretty easy to get, and I remembered seeing a quilt somewhere, at a show or on the internet, of an offset diamond that runs off the edge. So I tried that.

Scraps Offset Diamond 3

Yes, I like that! But I knew with a limited number of prints, it would be important to keep them all straight.  I don’t have any more to of that background print to make more HSTs, or at least I don’t think I do, LOL!!   I started by sewing each row independently.

Scraps Offset Diamond 4

Then I numbered the rows with little bits of paper held on with a pin on the left side of each row.

Scraps Offset Diamond 5

Then I pressed all the even rows one way and the odd rows the other so the seams would nest.

Scraptastic offset another row

Here it is so far, I need to look at some borders now to make it lap size for a charity quilt.

Scraps Offset Diamond 7

I think I have enough HSTs that I found while pressing to get one more row too.  So we will call this a work in progress, more later!  See the finish HERE.

13 thoughts on “Scraps – Using Up Some HSTs

  1. Okay so I feel better …..I just asked on my blog if using left-over half square triangles makes me qualify as a hoarder! If I am, I’m in good company! lol As usual you are doing a terrific job!

  2. Excellent WIP! Especially since it is made with such beautiful fabrics and will be donated to a charity! I ran across a group of half square triangles while going through some scraps, but there were just a few…will just have to think of something else to do with them. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  3. Cindy Hubbard

    Carole, I’m really enjoying your scrap projects and watching that process! I went back & read your scrap basket article also. Thanks for putting it out there for everyone!

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