Stars on Autumn Lane – Star Block

Are you caught up with your cutting and making half-square triangles?  I hope so, but if not, just continue to make progress and keep the pdfs for future reference to complete the quilt.  Today we’ll make the star block for Stars on Autumn Lane.

It is really easy, just follow the diagram contained in the pdf to place your 3-1/2-inch background, scrappy and HST elements.  I have to do these patterns this way now, as WordPress will not allow me to put a no-pin code on the pattern itself.  I don’t mind pinning of the pictures, but the pattern itself I prefer not to have on Pinterest.  Here’s the pdf with the placement diagram – Autumn Jubilee Star Block

Table Topper make 5
Lap make 6
Twin make 18

If you missed the first post with the cutting instructions, click HERE.

The next block is posted, so click on Block B for the next step.

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Aurifil Threads!!  Whoopee, a collection of 12 large spools of Autumn colors, the Chestnut Collection!  Just look at these gorgeous colors!   Aurifil is my favorite piecing thread, strong and thin it is perfect for many applications, but absolutely the only thread I use for piecing.  I also quilt with it, using it frequently in the bobbin of my longarm, and also in the top when I want the quilting to be subtle.  I wish I could win this collection myself, but it is for a lucky reader.  Be sure to tell your friends to enter, you could always tell them they have to share if they win, LOL!!  I’d be delighted if they also chose to follow the blog.

Autumn Jubilee is a way for me to grow my blog readership.  I am very grateful for your shares on Facebook, Tweets to your friends, and any other way you let other readers know what my blog is about.  If you are on a quilting forum, chat room, guild email list, please let others know about the quilt along and Autumn Jubilee.  Oh, and one more thing, I am not collecting email addresses or contact info, so you will not be put on any mailing lists.  You can use your Facebook acct to log in, or just enter your name and email.  The email is so I can contact the winner, and will not be used for any other purpose.  Enter the Aurifil giveaway by clicking on this link –

Rafflecopter Aurifil Thread Chestnut Collection Giveaway Click Here!!

What do you love about Aurifil Threads?  How do you like to use them?


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87 thoughts on “Stars on Autumn Lane – Star Block

  1. Love these thread colors – so nice for fall quilting! I have never tried Aurifil thread, but everyone in the quilting world speaks so highly of it & I would like to try it for sure! Thank you, Susan

  2. Rosemaryflower

    as always, you have the most incredibly lovely fabric choices. I really like these blocks, Carole.
    I have been reading along your daily posts, I have just been running from one thing to the next.
    I hope to save this pattern and make it into a lap quilt!
    I have never used Aurifil thread!
    Happy Friday

  3. karenfae

    I really hadn’t used Aurifil all that much as my machine really liked a different brand – but I have a new machine now so would love to try this one that I always hear so many good things of – would love to win

  4. I love using Aurifil when I am stitching with my Singer Featherweight. The machine LOVES that thread. This pattern is looking good. I however, have been held captive to the husband’s hobby for the last week. More model railroading scenery. I’ve been in the sewing room once ( to get a can of spray adhesive) all week! I told him that I am “SEWING” on SUNDAY! Meanwhile, I am saving the patterns!

  5. shoshana

    i’m a somewhat new quilter and have never tried them, i’m still using up my hugh collection of poly threads from my sewing for years. however, i’m itchingto get my hands on some and feel the difference! thanks for the chance.

  6. I only use Aurifil threads now for all my machine piecing and stitching. They are like butter through my machine even at high speeds.
    I want to try their hand stitching threads soon too!

  7. Rhonda Pecenka

    Not caught up but trying hard. I’m working on the twin size and want to complete in time for Christmas. Still need to press about half of the half squares and trim them all. Glad the weekend starts soon!!! Thank you for keeping me inspired!!!!

  8. Rhonda Pecenka

    Gosh I forgot to comment about the thread! I’ve never used it before but would be thrilled to win and give it a try.

  9. Laura

    Love the aurifil colors. Also love how it disappears in my seams when I use it for quarter inch seams. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d be following you, giveaway or no!

  10. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I have one spool of Aurifil thread and rarely use it. I love the fall look of this quilt. I’m saving the PDFs so I can catch up later.

  11. Helen G

    My machine works so great using Aurifil. I only buy this brand. Their colors are always so beautiful and true. Great product!

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  13. Helen G

    Just to add, this Chestnut collection is just gorgeous! How do they come up with these new colors that are so true to nature! Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to have these!

  14. BJ

    Carole, beautiful quilt! Saving pdfs and hoping to catch up when Christmas presents in process are done. Love that Aurifil comes in so many weights, allowing me to coordinate embroidery and quilting without too much color “fudging”. Also, they have great collections.

  15. I use Aurifil thread all the time, for piecing, applique abs mq. Lint-free, thin but strong, with no bulk in the seams. I like using the 50Wt for mg, as it adds texture without a thready look.

  16. Melanie

    Aurifil thread is much finer, makes piecing more accurate by allowing seams to fold over nicely and lay flat. Such nice, new colors!!

  17. Pat Evans

    I only buy Aurifil 50 wt now and use it for all my piecing. One of our LQS’s carries it, so I can usually get it on sale. I like how thin it is and rarely use anything else except 30 and 40 wts in my thread stash for free .otion quilting.

  18. Lynda H

    would love to have giant spools of all their colors – I have often wondered just how many colors of thread they carry.

  19. Bobbie Woodruff

    I love both of these quilts. The colors are so fall looking and cheerful. I read your blog everyday. I love your tables scapes. You really have a eye for putting everything together. Thank you for blogging it’s nice to see other parts of the country.

  20. Susan Stanton

    I like the variety of colors and the thinness of the 50 weight thread. It is wonderful to sew with, no lint!

  21. Christine Young

    I also enjoy sewing with Aurifil thread the amount that comes on a spool is perfect for my projects and I love there is little to no lint build up from Aurifil and all the colors are awesome you can find any color you need. I also use the 50wt to quilt with as well as piece with.

  22. Deanna Bishop

    Ive only used Aurifil a couple of times. The times that I did use it I noticed there wasn’t any lint like I get from using other threads.
    I would love to win this giveaway. My favorite color is browns and my favorite are Nothing but Neutral Collection.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Carole. 🙂

  23. Kristi

    Off to finished my HST’s! Can’t wait to work on the first block! Thanks for giving us so much fabulous inspiration!

  24. Kristi

    I’ve never used Aurfil threads, but I’ve used something similar. THe 50 weight is beautiful…looks fantastic for piecing. Would be fun to try!

  25. Tina W.

    Aurifil thread is my favorite for piecing and appliqué. In the machine, there is very little lint compared to most other threads.

  26. Hi Carole,
    I am new to using Aurifil this year, but I love it. I use it exclusively for piecing, and when I can get away with the colors I have for quilting. I would LOVE to win the thread. Look at all those pretty colors . . . oh my! Beautiful. So perfect for fall. ~smile~ Roseanne

  27. Nona

    Great post. I am hoping to do this quilt later after busyness calms a bit. I use Aurifil thread for piecing and heirloom sewing. It sinks right into the seamline. Also I love the variety of colors to choose from.

  28. I absolutely adore Aurifil threads….I have a few in neutrals that are excellent for piecing and quilting. There is virtually no lint build-up and the thread is so fine and so strong. I just started ordering a few colors….they are unbelieveable! The color intensity is stunning….true eye candy! Thank you…and Aurifil for a chance to win. Keeping fingers and toes crossed! (Well…fingers anyway!)

  29. Hi Carole!! I just finished catching up on all your October posts. Your Autumn Lane Fall quilt is just wonderful. The perfect contrast of Fall colors! I always love your patterns…thank you for sharing them with us. Aurifil thread…hmm…you sent me some to try ant I truly noticed a difference in the smoothness of my machines stitching. So I find it excellent for piecing. Thank you for the sample and the chance to win more! (I just may need to put some on my Christmas wish list) V:)

  30. Camille

    I love that Aurifil thread is nearly lint free. It is thin enough for needle turn applique and strong enough for piecing and machine quilting.

  31. Judyk

    I love that it is fine and makes a better flip. I also like it to machine quilt with because it allows the piecing to take center stage.

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  33. I’ve started 4 projects in the past month (all classes), but I’m joining the sew along, making a Fall Table topper. Your’s is so beautiful and it looks like so much fun. Thank you for putting together the instructions for us. So FUN ! Thank you

  34. Janie

    I haven’t tried Aurifil threads yet. I have been researching which of their threads are the best for machine, hand piecing, and machine quilting. They always look lovely. I love the colors of your collection. Thank you for the chance.

  35. Diane marie

    I purchased my first aurifil thread and love it. This collection is the best with all the colors of my favorite season. My future quilts will certainly be made with aurifil. Yeah!!!! Now to try quilting with it….

  36. Linda Jacobs

    Aurefil thread is my favorite thread for piecing and the Chestnut collection is gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to win the set.

  37. Pam

    Thanks for hosting Autumn Jubilee! I love Aurifil threads because there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from, and because my machine always stitches well with them.

  38. Karen McMahon

    Aurifil threads are so smooth and strong. There are so many orgeous colors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Carla Hundley

    Gorgeous colors! I like Aurifil threads as they have such lovey colors and different weights.
    Carla from Utah

  40. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I love the Aurifil thread collections. Hard to pick just one, but especially love the Festive Collection colors. Ty, Carole

  41. Pam

    I love all the “drool worthy” colors! I also like that there is very little lint from the Aurifil thread and the quality!

  42. Karen

    You know I ‘Love” Aurifil
    l and use it for all of my piecing. Have been meaning to get in touch with you, but time just keeps slipping away from me. Hope you’re doing OK. Rest of week is a Dr’s. appointment for Ray and a class for me Friday afternoon. Will try to get in touch sometime next week.

  43. manasotavacation

    Thanks for the opportunity to register. I absolutely LOVE Aurifil. I really cannot use any other thread for piecing now that I have been using this thread!!

  44. Anne

    I love all colors of Chestnut Collection. I don’t use yet Aurifil thread, so I love win 😏 thanks for the game

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