Quilted Jacket Sew Along – Finishing

At this point, the jacket is assembled, and the inside seams are covered. Today we’ll get to the last finishing details. The edges of the jacket and sleeves need binding, and I began with the sleeves. I measured the total length needed, and made a binding exactly that length in a tube. I turned the sleeves inside out so I could sew the binding to the outside easier.

Sew the binding with about a 3/8-inch depth. I think just a bit more than the quarter inch usual for a quilt just looks better.

Turn the binding to the inside and pin. It is ready for the handwork. I need to also tack down the covered seam in the sleeve, too.

Next, I put the binding on the edge of the jacket in one continuous piece starting in the mid-back.

When I got all the way around the front, neck edge, and back around the other side, I did the joining the same way as you do a quilt.

I made strips of binding from the lining fabric and sewed them onto the sleeve seams at the shoulder.

The strips are folded over the seam and the raw edge is tucked under. These are pinned on both sleeves.

Then, I took the jacket full of pins to the den to work on the hand sewing while watching some pre-season football games. I worked on tacking down the edges of the sleeve inside binding. Then I whip stitched the covered seam down the sleeves to the lining.

Then I did the sleeve edges. All this handwork took several days.

The edges of the jacket were last. I turned the corners in the same way as a quilt.

Next, I hand stitched a frog closure on the front. I pinned it first to be sure I liked the placement, and that the two sides were even.

Then, they were stitched down using a couching stitch.

I love the look of these, even if they are a bit old fashioned. I doubt I’ll ever wear it fully closed, but it just needs to have it.

With a bit of the butterfly leftover quilted fabric, I cut a square for a pocket.

The pocket is bound by machine in the normal way.

I was going to top stitch it to the right front, but when I pinned it in place and tried on the jacket, it was too awkward to reach. So, I decided to put it on the inside left front where it would be more usable. I had to hand stitch this in place.

Done. Or is it?

I have a bag of lovely black beads that need using. I am considering putting rows of them on the seam lines on the left. That would be a lot of hand work, so I haven’t made a final decision on that yet. And, I do still have more of the quilted pieces left from cutting out the jacket. Of course, I have something I am going to do with those!

So, we’ll have one more week of the sew along, and I’ll show the ‘extras’ made from the leftovers.

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25 thoughts on “Quilted Jacket Sew Along – Finishing

  1. Mary Stori

    Love how you set the standards of excellent finishing details on this quilted jacket…..it elevates it from homemade to custom clothing!

  2. Well done. Not loving garment sewing, so not a project I would tackle. You have such great expertise to share, it does take some of the fear factor out of the project. A beautiful project!

  3. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Looks fantastic!!! I think frog closings are elegant, timeless and distinctive. When it comes to adding the beads, my only concern would be that it might make the front of the jacket appear visually unbalanced, with the left side much more busy from the varied fabric strips plus the beads, while the right side, although it is a print, might read as “plain.” But maybe you could find a way to test drive the beads by laying the jacket flat, placing them where you might like them and then taking a photo or squinting to get the effect before you go to the trouble of stitching them? With or without beads, no downside either way, though – it’s a beautiful jacket!

  4. Julie

    I think the fabrics & jacket have an Asian feel, the frog closure is appropriate. Now I feel guilty for not looking hard enough to find my pattern & joining in. On a positive note, I’ve made a great start on my Autumn Elegance, 17 blocks finished, 6 chain blocks laid out & ready to sew, only 7 stars to go.

  5. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Thanks for the guidance and inspiration on quilted jackets. Can’t wait to make more progress on my jacket! The frogs are a nice touch!

  6. Joan Sheppard

    You did this so quickly with all the other things you are doing as well – and what a beauty! The photos are so sharp and make it easy to understand. You are going to look stunning in this! Thanks!

  7. Liz Brown

    Beautifully made. I did not make one, but I might in the future. You did a great job on the instructions for everyone.. Thanks for your tutorials. Liz

  8. Carole, it’s beautiful!! You did a fantastic job on this. I love the frog closure. Growing up, my mom’s best friend used to make me clothes. She was a very accomplished seamstress and I remember a dress she made me that used frog closures as embellishment!! Thanks for that great memory. Thanks for sharing your process. I used to make my own clothes and my daughter’s formals, and granddaughter’s cute little outfits. But I’d rather spend my time quilting and embroidering now!! Enjoy your beautiful jacket!

  9. Mary

    Your jacket looks very smart. You could wear it on just about any occasion. It must have been nice to do a totally different project from your normal lovely quilts. I would save the beads for the bag you could make from all those fun leftover bits. I love playing around with beads. :))

  10. clara macuirles

    your jacket is ever sew lovely…..well done, love the hand work too. I love doing hand work……Now you can wear show off your talent. take a bow good friend.

  11. Good morning! Love your jacket! I’m still working on mine-I have pieced the two fronts and am now working on the back. Once this is done I can quilt the sleeves-I’m thinking about using my Lazer stitches I learned last week. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to have it mostly done by next week.

  12. Sue

    I am not making a jacket at the moment, although I’m inspired. Your finishing touches are very impressive. Reminds me of sewing 4-H in the 50’s when the inside had to look as nice as the outside! Days gone by!

  13. June Neigum

    Can you show the back of the jacket? I know it is probably one fabric and not pieced but it is still part of the overall picture which we have not seen.

  14. Peggy Ott

    Hello Carole, beautiful jacket! It was fun having morning coffee and following you along on the quilted jacket. Wonderful details and good explanations on how you thought out every step along the way. My Unfinished jacket still hangs in closest ready for finishing details of zipper and edging. My garden and everyday life keeps my hours so full these days of winding summer down and moving into Fall. There will be more days inside soon, maybe then…if I don’t find another project. I just found the cutest Fall Gnome Garland @ Sarah at Ruffles and Rain Boots…current project for daughter’s gate in her Fairy room. Thanks for sharing!! Go Mayfield!! This gal pulling for you!

  15. Karrin Hurd

    Beautiful jacket! I have thought of making one of those one of these days, but I need to finish up some things first. Happy stitching!

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