Summer Garden Tablescape

It feels like summer here with the warming weather.  While I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, I noticed that I had a lot of things with a vegetable theme, so I thought I’d do a table with them.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

I started the table with my Farmer’s Market Picnic Quilt.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

No chargers this time as I wanted the quilt to shine. It was a great opportunity to use my grandmother’s silverplate service, with its many specialty pieces, like the large soup spoons on the right and the butter knives at the top.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

On the far left, her shrimp forks are rarely used.  Perhaps a shrimp cocktail could go in the little onion dishes.  Those are in four colors of onion dishes on the table, this one a creamy beige.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Au gratin dishes with vegetable theme have three different motifs.  They could hold an individual entree, or be used for some Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Soup.  This onion dish is white.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Perfect for summer, I added parfait glasses for an ice cream dessert.  Individual salt and pepper shakers and water glasses complete the service.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

I also added the crystal knife rests given to me by a friend.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Here’s another place setting with a different motif on the au gratin dish, and a red onion dish.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

And this is the third motif, with a green onion dish.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

The centerpiece is my large colander with a vegetable decoration around the top, filled with fresh vegetables – tomatoes, avocados, squash, and onions, along with a couple of plastic peppers.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Around the bottom are the vegetable dishes like this yellow tomato dish I’ve collected from thrift shops, along with the lettuce dishes inherited from my mother.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Many veggie gardens have rabbits, so I added a couple of rabbits too.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

This is one of my favorite pieces for spring and summer, a little rabbit peeks out of a lettuce patch on this sugar bowl with a carrot handle and a radish top.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

White silk flowers are in the lettuce dishes.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

One fruit motif dish is added, I like this strawberry dish too.  Small green leaf dishes fill in the centerpiece.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

One more look at the whole place setting.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Another full setting.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Looking at the table from one end, a rabbit serving dish is here holding a bunch of carrots.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

This is the long view from the other end.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

So there we are, anybody ready for a vegetarian meal?  I am working on a butternut squash lasagna and will bring that recipe to you when I get it right.

Summer Garden Tablescape at

Are you setting a summer table?

PS – The tutorial on using heat erasable gel pens was rescheduled to next week (at least, that is what they tell me now).  When it actually does post, I’ll give you all a link.

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15 thoughts on “Summer Garden Tablescape

  1. I love your table. Many of those same fabrics ended up in my Lunch Lady quilt I called Food Scraps. The carrots are one I didn’t have and really wish I had. Beautiful dishes beautifully presented.

  2. Jean

    Wow! Gorgeous! My ‘Summer Table’ has a white cotton country cloth and a Pfaltzgraff pitcher with ferns in it. I called for “Summer Simplicity” this year. 🙂

  3. Dot Murdoch

    Your Summer Table is really fun, you have so many great pieces for all seasons….Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading your blog & viewing your talent, makes me think of my oldest daughter, as she enjoys doing things like that as well……😉👌D….

  4. kathyinozarks

    Carole your table settings are always so wonderful I love them
    This is my favorite I think so far-I love all of these dishes very unique pieces-and the rabbits and your quilt are perfect for this setting.
    another great setting!!.

  5. Irena Mangone

    Love your table setting. So pretty. And your quilt. So cheerful. Here in Queensland its late autumn. It gets dark around 6pm. The temperature. Is cooler. 7-22. Today. Celsius. That is.
    Best wishes. For a great week

  6. dezertsuz

    Perfect example of what I meant in my last comment. That’s a lovely table. At my house, we are lucky to have a dish that holds food. LOL No one would come here to find southern charm, but at your house, they certainly could!

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