Thrifting and Estate Sale Scores, and an amazing story

It has been quite a while since I showed some of my thrifting and estate sale scores. It was a fruitful autumn season, LOL! There is a new auction house just south of Brevard, and the attendance isn’t up yet so prices were really low!  Plus there is a new thrift store in downtown Hendersonville to benefit the drug treatment program in the area.   I scored some orange chargers, stamping stuff and a puzzle there.  The plastic drawer set, milk glass footed square bowl, and roll of wide pink lace came from an estate sale the same day.

Thrift Store Scores at From My Carolina Home

I set the puzzle out in November, but didn’t have enough time to finish it before the holidays, so I’ll try again next year.  It is a cute Gooseberry Patch design, and looked like it wouldn’t be hard.

Thrift Store Scores at From My Carolina Home

The big score was this plant stand at the same new thrift store.  I found it folded up, covered in dust in the back of a back room closet.  I hauled it out and asked if it was for sale since it didn’t have a tag.  The manager came out, said he had forgotten about it, and what would I offer?  I made a low offer, and he said ‘sure’, I think just to get rid of it.  I moved it inside to hold plants over the winter, and I’ll put it back on the verandah in the spring.

Thrift Store Scores at From My Carolina Home

Over in Brevard, visiting the thrift stores there, I found this neat item.  Do you know what it is?  It is a napkin holder, that I plan to use outside on the verandah for picnic parties.  It is in rough shape, but for $2, I could probably clean it up.  DH put it in a tub so we could clean it, but the ‘rust-removing’ soak didn’t work.  It needs to be wire brushed to knock off all the peeling parts and most of the rust, then I’ll spray-paint it with rust-covering black paint.

Thrift Store Scores at From My Carolina Home

Also in Brevard at the bigger thrift store I found these goodies, red votive candles, lemon plates, a couple of Christmas items, and a set of Sake cups.  These will be coming to tablescapes this year.

Thrift Store Scores at From My Carolina Home

At the new auction house, I scored big with two larger items, both destined for the verandah to hold plants.  I got both of these for $15!!!  The birdcage is missing its door, but that doesn’t matter as I will be putting a plant in it.  I hope the little wren that likes to sleep in my hanging baskets might try it.  I’ll get something that makes a lot of tendrils, and perhaps a second tall plant to fill it up.  The little wagon needs some work, and I will be asking DH to fix it for me when he is ready for a project.

Thrift Store Scores at From My Carolina Home

Now for the amazing story.  I frequently visit the large Goodwill store on Four Seasons Blvd in Hendersonville, and often find really good items there.  Over a year ago, summer of 2016, I found these napkin rings.  All eight were banded together for $4.  I normally like to get six of anything for the table so I have the option of using it on either the pub table or the larger dining table.  But these were so inexpensive, in good shape, and close in style that I thought I could perhaps mix them for the larger table.  So, I got them.

Thrifting Story ~ From My Carolina Home

I used them on my Broadway Tablescape, and just didn’t say anything about two of them being green.

Broadway Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Fast forward to late 2017, when I was again in the same Goodwill store.  There on the shelf was a little baggie, with four napkin rings, two green and two brown.  I swear I am not making this up!!  It was like the person that donated the others found some extras over a year later and donated those.  Of course I snapped them up.

Thrifting Story ~ From My Carolina Home

What are the odds that I would happen to wander into that store at just the right time to find the extra rings to finish both sets?!!  I still have a hard time believing it myself.

Thrifting Story ~ From My Carolina Home

A friend took me to an older thrift store in old downtown, new to me as I had not been there before.  For some reason I am drawn to vegetable shaped dishes lately, couldn’t resist the pumpkins and leaf dishes.  And my eye was drawn to these square red plates, once again thinking of Japanese food.  The tiny turkeys were just $1 at another shop on the clearance rack.

Thrifting Nashville at From My Carolina Home

At the Safelight thrift store in downtown Hendersonville, I found these lovely gold chargers.  I just couldn’t resist the pretty edge detail.

Thrifting Nashville at From My Carolina Home

I went to Nashville last fall with DH on one of his last business trips.  While I was there, I found the Antique Archaeology store of American Pickers fame, but I was not impressed.  I expected a space stuffed with treasures, but it was mostly things for display and a lot of items with their logo for sale – hats, magnets, mugs and T-shirts on this table.

Antique Archeology in Nashville ~

The items that were for sale were very pricey.

Antique Archeology in Nashville ~

There were a lot of bicycles and one motorbike hanging from the ceiling, only for display.

Antique Archeology in Nashville ~

Several more motorcycles were in the store, also not for sale. It seemed that they were more interested in selling T-shirts and magnets as those were on display all over the store.

Antique Archeology in Nashville ~

I looked around a bit, bought a magnet for DH, and hit the road for the thrift stores.

Antique Archeology in Nashville ~

I didn’t find much there either though, just these two lanterns for the verandah.  I visited at least a half dozen thrift stores there, but just struck out for the most part.  Ah, well, some days chicken, some days feathers.

Thrifting Nashville at From My Carolina Home

Finally, just this past week, I was at my absolute favorite thrift store in town, the Blue Ridge Humane Society thrift store. Why is it my favorite? One simple reason, bargains. They understand that all their merchandise was donated, so whatever they get for it is gravy, unlike some other thrifts who want to get ‘what it is worth’. So, the merchandise at Blue Ridge Humane turns really fast, and I am more likely to donate there too, since I am already there, not to mention that the animals are a pet (pardon the pun) project charity. I know I am not needing to ‘dress for success’ anymore, but years of being a bit of a fashionista don’t go away overnight. So when I spotted this Kenneth Cole Reaction bag with gold hardware I stopped in my tracks to take a closer look. Offered at just $22, and the sale of the day was 50% off five items. I had just thrown out my black ruffle handbag as it was coming apart all over, so there was no way I could resist this at just $11!!!

Thrifty Fashion Find -

Have you been bargain hunting lately?


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33 thoughts on “Thrifting and Estate Sale Scores, and an amazing story

  1. Linda B

    How fun! I have family members who think Brevard is the most lovely city ever. Will have to tell them about your experiences. I have been busier taking things to the thrift store, than purchasing there, but I still like to look around…you never know what you might come across!

  2. I’m not very good at thrifting, but my daughter is teaching me how to be better. She is an amazing thrifter and snags some really nice things. I did just get a chair for my quilt room at a thrift store (while shopping with my daughter) for $50. It was almost the first chair we saw, and it’s perfect for the space. I have to say I was pretty excited. Love the story about the napkin rings. Haha. I love it when things like that happen!

  3. I do some thrifting/sale-ing, but more during the summer. Mostly I go for “needs.” As a teacher I need really good shoes that are not athletic shoes. It pains me to pay more than $100/pair, but with regular shopping I can keep myself in new, high quality shoes for less than $10/pair.

  4. The napkins rings, what a great story! It’s about time to go visit the Rescue Mission thrift store. Our microwave is going to go pretty soon, and we can buy a used one there for $10 and they usually last 3-4 years! Also, jeans…I haven’t bought new jeans for at least 10 years, no point in paying $35-50 when you can buy them for $2-3!!

  5. kathyinozarks

    awesome finds and I loved the story for the napkin rings-very fun Ihave not been to my favorite thrift stores in a very very long time now. I do not enjoy going to places alone so I just don’t go-and at this point in my life I just do not need anything any more-but I love to look for craft items now especially.
    thanks for sharing your great finds-enjoy

  6. Pat Evans

    I’m not much of a shopper for anything but fabric. The closest Goodwill never seems to have anything like your finds, but I suppose if I went more often I would find things. OTH, I don’t really need more stuff.

  7. I am not good at finding things and I’m always amazed at how others do it. But in my defense I must say my town has the crappiest of second hand stores!!! When I visit my daughter in Wisconsin I find her second hand and antique stores so nice and when we travel to other places on rainy days when we can go hiking on mountain trails we will go find the second hand/antique stores and find them so nice compared to our little stores in our home town that we hate.

  8. manasotavacation

    The napkin ring happening is akin to finding a unicorn in your back yard! WOW! Delightful find….and what are the odds?

  9. lois92346

    Love, love, love seeing your thrift store finds. Like KathyinOzarks, I don’t do much ‘thrifting’ anymore. I’m more likely to try to sell things these days as I’m 75. But I sure do love reading about what others find!

  10. So many great bargains! We have no thrift stores here although there are lots of yard sales in the summer. But I rather hate shopping so only go to them occasionally. Too bad as I am sure I would find lots of things that I would like.

  11. Shirley

    I applaud your terrific finds! I often lament that I do not find any bargains, but then it occurred to me that I drive right by a large thrift store near my home and rarely stop!

  12. catsandroses

    Thanks for sharing your thrifty finds, so fun! Especially the napkin rings, what a lucky find (time to buy a lottery ticket, with that kind of luck!).

    I am an avid thrifter, we have lots of amazing thrift shops in our area, I hit 7 of them almost every week and am always amazed at what I can find. Each one has different specials on different days, so I follow a set route each week (helps that they’re all within 10 miles from my house!) I love flannel shirts for wearing in the Fall/Winter and think I must have every color under the sun, thanks to thrifting (never pay more than $2 for them). All my jeans, tops, dresses & purses are thrift store scores as well, and each year for Christmas I give my daughter a big bag marked “Mom’s Thrifty Finds, take ’em or leave ’em” and she is always thrilled with almost all the things I snagged for on .99 cent days (including her .99 cent sparkling mini dress that she wore for several music videos/photo shoots and for New Year’s Eve!). I also have a ‘rule’ for everything I buy for me to keep, I have to have another found item to sell online, offsetting any $$ I’m spending for myself/our house — kind of a little game I play (and am very good at, lol!)

    Think my most exciting ‘find’ last year was actually at the dump, if you can believe it! We were taking our old barbecue grill and some old furniture & stuff to the dump, and as we were emptying our vehicle, I spotted several HUGE planters AND wheeled dollies w/fancy metalwork for holding the planters right next to our pile. I got my hubby’s attention, pointing to them, telling him I wanted them! I don’t know if you’re allowed to take anything, so I felt kind of sneaky, but figured they were going to be smashed up for trash, so was doing a good thing by taking them and recycling them myself! Got 3 HUGE planters, in near-new condition, and three smaller, matching planters and several wheeled dollies, so our vehicle was almost as full as it was when we pulled in!!

  13. Melanie

    I haven’t been thrifting lately, but you have inspired me! I love everything you found, I’m a dish nut myself and love the unique ones. Your napkin rings story was amazing, and when this happens, it’s like a bonus double-time over. Yay for you!

  14. Mary Jo

    Love all of your bargains! I live on Lake Norman in NC and all of the thrift stores around us seem to think that because of where we are, we are willing to pay the huge prices they put on things…NOT! Maybe one day soon I will drive up your way to check out some of your thrift stores!

  15. Lois Stimax

    I’ve been to the Antique Archaelogy store in Nashville, and had the same reaction. However, there was another very cool store in the same building, and I found a very nice section of wire fence for a reasonable price. It now hangs in my dining room!

  16. Joni

    I love your thrift stories. You almost make a sport of it! I love finding things at tag sales or thrift stores to repurpose into something completely different. Can’t wait to see the bird cage planted this spring!

  17. These kinds of posts are so fun to read! The napkin ring story was awesome! Do you have a routine that you use when you go into thrift stores, or just look for whatever catches your eye?

  18. Heidi

    Great finds! I have not found much at thrift stores lately, but I did find a simple plant stand for my deck in someone’s trash! Our thrift stores are getitng a touch expensive, too.

  19. You really do know how to find a bargain. There are some great finds. Interesting to see your comment about Antique Archeology as we have seen that program here, too.
    Looks like the ones closer to home are much better value.

  20. It sounds like you have a lot of fun treasure hunting Carole! My favorite place to hunt is Home Goods, but I won’t let myself go very often as I always spend a fortune! Happy hunting!

  21. Looks like a lot of fun! I like browsing around shops, and seeing what I have at home on their shelves. I am sure I have those turkey salt & pepper shakers. I am avoiding the shopping as I am feeling overwhelmed with stuff we “never use”. I am in the “donating” phase right now! My kids keep telling me they don’t want my ol’ junk! So, giving it away, 1 bit at a time.I figure if I have something that hasn’t been used in the last 5 years, it needs to just GO.

  22. I dropped some things off at a local charity thrift store last week. I look when I drop off. I found 2 gallon zip bags with doilies, large, small, most in great shape. They reminded me of my childhood visits to my grandmother, who crocheted quite a few doilies. I only have 3 of hers. I have some exciting projects I am going to try using them in. I think your finds are all wonderful and you are lucky.

    I visited the Antique Archaeology 2 years ago. They had loads of logo items for sale (hubby got a shirt), but not much else. I was disappointed. (I won’t bother in Nashville when I visit my sister.)

  23. dezertsuz

    Most of the thrift stores here are like those in Nashville – either nothing interesting or falling into that category you mentioned of thinking everything is worth way more than I’m willing to pay for it. Occasionally, I will find something at a Goodwill, and there are three within a short distance of my house. Your finds, particularly those green and purple napkin rings, are the stuff of my dreams. =)

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