Block Update for California Fire Quilts

Blocks continue to stream in, and I am so excited with the response!  You are all amazing, and I thank each and every person who has sent blocks, some with donations for shipping and other costs, along with large pieces of fabric yardage for backing or binding.  I mentioned the first four packages from readers on the 3rd, from envelopes arriving just the day after the long holiday weekend! Then a few days later, I had a full bag of packages, 17 at once!

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

I opened all the envelopes, emailed everyone that I could to let them know their blocks arrived. I couldn’t resist playing with the blocks at this point, and laid out one of several designs usually used with log cabins.  Don’t the colors all look great together!  At this point, I was thinking that I almost had enough for the first top, little did I really suspect what was going to happen next, even though a couple of you predicted it.

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

Over next week, more packages just poured in, and I know even more are still coming. Participation is coming from all over the world too, just awesome!! I have blocks in hand or still to come from New Zealand, Australia, England and Canada!! The week’s pickup from the post office yielded 27 more envelopes and boxes, amazing.

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

Of course, I had to play with the wonderful blocks in an array of colors and prints, some bright, some muted, some high contrast, some more low volume, all can be used in some way.

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

Some of my friends will be helping to assemble the quilt tops, and we will likely spend half a day choosing the layout and coordinating the blocks as best we can. I originally asked for 60 blocks to make 2 quilts, planning to add borders to get to the minimum size needed of 72×84. Through your generosity, dear readers, I have 268 blocks with still more on the way!  I can now do quilt tops of 7 x 8 blocks, which will be a full size quilt!! I’ll be making 3 of these with help from friends.

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

At this point, I have way more than I can use, so if you have made blocks but haven’t mailed them yet, please send them directly to the Ventura Modern Quilt Guild‘s collection address on their website.  I wish I could show you all the blocks, but I had to stop laying them out on the floor and get back to other things.

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

Thank you to everyone who sent blocks, and double thanks to many of these ladies for the extra help. So many of the envelopes had money in them too, contributions to help with the costs of the project, most with $1-5 and a few had $20!!  If I had an email address, I sent a thank you email, but many of the envelopes had no note inside.  So, if you didn’t get an email from me, and you see your name below, know that I truly do appreciate your contributions of blocks and money!!  I have enough now to cover all the costs, and if there is any left, I’ll put it toward the next Safelight project.

Jeanne S, St Augustine, IL – Heidi K, Henderson, NV, – Liz H, Mahwah, NJ
Shannon F in Durant, OK – Alice, AZ – C W, Lancaster, PA
Brenda H, El Dorado, KS – Molly A, Taylorsville, IL – Nancy S, Riverton WY
Susan C, Chesnee, SC – Celeste D, Seattle, WA – Mary D, Georgetown, DE
Teri K, Palmetto Bay, FL – Roseanne N, Sturtevant, WI – Loris M, Cambria, CA
Elizabeth K, West Columbus, SC – Sharon C, Lexington, NC – Ms M, Gesonia, PA
Ms Fischer, Vacaville, CA – Linda N, Belews Creek, NC – Erin H, Deerfield, MA
LW, Rocklin, CA – Carolyn J., Williamston, NC – Mary B., Bozeman, MT
Darlene S, San Diego, CA – Linda S, Buffalo, NY – Judy R, Marshall, NC
Elizabeth G, Mooresville, NC – Denise F, Charles Town, WV – Val R, Ontario, OR
Ann B, Louisville, KY – JW, Palm Coast, FL – Donna W, Inverness, FL
Nancy F, Yorkville, IL – Amy R, Plainwell, MI – Sue Ann B, Plainwell, MI
Jeanna G, Port St Lucie, FL – Irene D, Leeds, AL – Crystal F, Cedar City, UT
Sharon V, Schoharie, NY – Carol P, Pisgah Forest, NC – Roberta A, Elgin, IL
Deborah C, High Point, NC – Paulette V, Springville, NY – Pat E, Avon, NY
Cheryl B, Newland, NY – Dorothy M, West Chester, PA – Lisa C, So Plymouth, NY
Sherry, Sioux City, IA – Ruth K, Alma, MI – Madeline S, Summerville, SC
Sharon T, Lake Wylie, SC – Clare M, Central Hawks Bay, New Zealand
NB, Milford, DE – Danice G, Florence, AL – Deborah A, Denver, CO
Linda A, Warwickshire, England – Emily L, Charlotte, NC
Karen, New Braunfels, TX – Linda B, Rensselger, NY

Now, here is another way to help if you are just now finding out about this project. The Superbuzzy Quilt Shop and online store located in Ventura is the collecting point for the Ventura Quilt Guild. The guild is interested in any block pattern, orphan blocks, UFO flimsys, extra fabric for backing and binding, thread, batting, anything. See their post Quilts From The Ashes. I’ll be sending all the leftover blocks from our project on to the Ventura Guild to support their efforts when I ship the completed quilts.

California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

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California Fire Quilt Project at From My Carolina Home

Quilters are such generous and giving souls, thank you so very much for all your help with this project.  I’ll certainly update again after our tops make a bit more progress.  Isn’t this fantastic?


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35 thoughts on “Block Update for California Fire Quilts

  1. Carol Preston

    Can you connect me to Loris M. From Sturtevant, WI? I lived there all my life. You may share my info with her. Great post!! Great success- congrats and thank you.

    1. Hi Carol,
      I live in Sturtevant! Seriously – you live here right now too?!! I live on Princeton Way with my backyard facing 90th. I am very worried about Foxconn . . . not going to say any more about that here! SMALL world. I have a blog, too, called Home Sewn By us. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Shannon Fleming

    This is wonderful! I am always amazed how all those different scraps and colors can go together so well. My favorite is the first layout!

  3. All these layouts are wonderful…I had no idea all the possibilities! Can’t wait to see the finished quilts. Thank you again for organizing it all, that is no small feat!

  4. Linda B

    Well, if they did not before, your mail folks know where/who you are! You’ll have to go into the P.O. and share with them what you’ve done and how they helped! What a community effort! Good on ya, Carole!

  5. Oh, they look so great! My favorite is the diagonal stripes with the dark, saturated color blocks. Gorgeous!

    I noticed that the guild’s site is also asking for batting and pillowcases, so that’s what I’m donating. How generous of your readers to send you cash, as well. Quilters are THE BEST 🙂

  6. Donna Weeks

    The variety of blocks and how they blend together is breathtaking. The recipients will be very surprised and please to receive so much love from so many strangers. I can only imagine how devastated they are after the fires and now much slides. Your plan of action is perfect.

  7. Denise Force

    Big thanks for the organization and work on your part. If not for your information sharing , we would have missed this wonderful chance to contribute with so many fantastic folk on a ” community ” project. All the layouts are great.

  8. This warms my heart. I’m so happy that you received such a wonderful response to for this cause. It’s amazing how well the blocks go together.

  9. I’m so amazed at the participation , make me proud to be a quilter. I have my blocks made but mentioned it to my guild and several want to send blocks too, they will all have the pattern this coming Tuesday so I should be mailing on the 23 rd. Is that too late?

  10. Pat Evans

    I suspected you would be inundated when I kept seeing your collection effort posted on other blogs. I hope you aren’t too overwhelmed. Thank goodness you have friends to help with construction. If I were closer, I’d pitch in too.

  11. Debbie Miller Meyer

    We will send ours directly to Ventura. We have a few made, but more in the works for next weeks quilt session at the senior center. Sorry we couldn’t get them to you faster. We are a much slower senior group!

  12. Laura Puckett

    These are fantastic. I thank you for making us aware of this project. Although I am a Carolina girl I now live I Nevada and volunteer to lead a sewing group at an assisted living facility. My ladies range from in their seventies to in their nineties and we are working on blocks. It makes more sense for us to send them across to California, but without you we would not have known about the project. We plan to work on blocks every week in January. We get lots of ideas from you and one of my ladies is from Tennessee so we share the wonderful pictures you post from “home”. Keep up the good work.

  13. What a marvellous response. So pleased for you, hope you and your friends enjoy putting all these blocks together into quilts. Love all the variations of layouts. I like how you have listed contributors And thanked them. Much appreciated – and thank you for your email.

  14. dezertsuz

    It is absolutely fabulous, Carole! Yes, I missed the whole thing this time. =P You’re sure you have enough for the shipping? Thanks for the link to the project, too. I probably do have some blocks around here I can donate.

  15. Nancy Daugherty

    You are correct in quilters are awesome. The layouts that you did were really great, would be hard to decide which one I like best. I did go on the Ventura web site and since they also need pillowcases will try to do some for them. Thank you!!!!

  16. Sherri Williams

    W..O..W…all look fantastic…what a clever mind u hav …didn’t get my blocks off till early March…hope they helped somewhere…working on the pillow slips was so much fun…I’m making more…I hope they will still be needed…thanks for the opportunity to help…

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