Patriotic Nine Patch Star Finish

I’ve finally had a chance to get back to the Nine Patch Star that my friends are helping to make. We’ve had two sewing days to make the blocks and assemble the top, and then I started on the strips to add the borders.  One of the sewing day ladies took a bunch of strips and sewed them together to make one of the borders.  I laid out the strip and cut them to length.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

I pinned it to the flimsy, and stitched it on.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

I like the way it looks with the stars, but it needed just a bit more to make the size right.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

I added a solid red border to the edges.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Loading it on the longarm, I checked to be sure I’d done the borders right. Yes, the bottom fold is straight.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

All ready to begin quilting, I did need to do a bit of steaming.  That was expected as we had so many different people and machines constructing the blocks.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Thread color was easy, King Tut variegated red with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

I used Warm and White batting, and one of my new pantographs.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

It is called Pipeline designed by Patrica Ritter for Urban Elementz.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

It did a wonderful job of flattening out some of the fullness.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

I finished up the quilting in just a few sessions, and added a solid navy binding.  Hand whipping the binding to the back is my favorite kind of hand work.  It goes really fast while watching football games, even though the Panthers didn’t show up for the game last Sunday.  You can see the neat backing fabric I got for this quilt, cream with red and blue goes nicely.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

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All finished, I put it on my guest bed for a final photo.

Patriotic Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

It will be sent to donation this week.  Now I hope the Sew Day gals will come help assemble some of the many blocks coming in for the California Thomas Fire quilts.

I want to send special thanks to Jeanne S from St Augustine, IL for the blocks and generous donation to help with shipping costs, and Heidi K in Henderson NV for her lovely blocks.  I didn’t have an email address to thank you with a personal note.  Personal emails have been sent to Liz H in Mahwah, NJ and Shannon F in Durant OK for blocks also received on Tuesday.  Wow, four packages the day after the long weekend, I am really grateful for the quick response.  I know quilters are among the most generous people on earth, and it is proven again with this project.  I’ll show you what I have been picking up at the post office soon, and I know even more is on the way!

In the meantime, save the third Friday of the month for the next Scrap Dance Mystery!

What are you working on this week?


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21 thoughts on “Patriotic Nine Patch Star Finish

  1. I love your Patriotic Nine Patch Star quilt. Delightful combination of fabrics in the blocks and the quilting is gorgeous. Pleased you are getting blocks already for the California fires quilt project. I posted 4 yesterday but not sure how long it takes to arrive from the UK.

  2. The quilt is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the Calf. Fires squares you get and what you do with them. I’ve started crocheting my hats for charity for this year already. WE’ll see how many my hand let me make this year.

  3. Vicki in MN

    Beautiful star quilt, that’s pretty amazing with all the different machines used that it came out so nice and straight.

  4. kathyinozarks

    Your quilt is beautiful and that extra border makes it all pop and come together-well done all of you! I also like the pantogram your chose

  5. That is such a pretty patriotic quilt. You do such great group work together.

    Quilters have always been so generous. With the Thomas fire affecting our community so badly, we are simply awed at the quilting love that is coming in to show how those affected are cared and thought about. Thank you one and all!

  6. Leslie Williams

    I just found your website and feel so blessed. Your words and photos remind me of many happy years, long ago, when I lived in the Carolinas. And I love that you are involved in so many home art pursuits. I’m a (young – lol) widow with grown children but I still “keep home” and love that food and family and working with our hands honors God. Even though you are busy with so many interests, your posts have inspired me to be more intentional this year. Thank you for your words . . . I’m looking forward to following you in the days ahead . . . and blessings on all the work of your hands.

  7. The red thread looks amazing! What a great friendship project, this is. I am still sorting myself here, but slowly getting all the mess of pieces sewn into blocks, etc. I hope to do up some blocks for the fire quilt, timing may be an issue, there some stuff going with DH’s elderly mom that keeps me from committing to anything at the moment.

  8. Pat Evans

    I’m going to make my blocks for the Thomas Fire today and hope to get them in the mail this afternoon because our weather will be turning even nastier late tomorrow. Friday’s high will be about 0° and I think the low on Saturday night is supposed to be-10°, so I plan up staying inside.
    Then I need to get back to quilting a comfort quilt for one of our group members.

  9. When is saw the quilt my first thought was, wow, I really like the taupe outlining (lake of better word). Perfectly done. After my DUH moment I realized it was the seam allowances showing through because of the lighting.. I seam to be having more of those moments. Anyway now I’m thinking perfect cutting and piecing.
    It is a very handsome quilt, the quilting is amazing and a perfect pick.

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; Your quilt is beautiful! The cream colored fabric you chose as the backing fabric is so pretty, it reminded me of the tad bit that I have and need to use. Plus, buy more often because it does make a softer background than the white on whites I usually use. Another fact I really like about this quilt, Carole, is how you managed the scraps so well. Which does not make the quilt look scrappy at all. I do love a totally scrappy quilt, but this quilt made me really stop and look at the design that in the end made it look so beautiful. So that is another aspect of quilt designing I will have to challenge myself to work on. Thank you for sharing your groups fabulous quilt!

    How are you holding up to all of those freezing temperatures and snow? Plus, how are the birds (even the turkeys…..Ernie and Bert) and the other wild life doing? I think it is fantastic that you and your husband take such special care during times like these and make sure the animals have food. We are getting hit with a lot of cold here also, at least compared to what this area is used to. Our temp has dropped as low as 25 one night, but the average temperature is 40 degrees. I am praying for everyone to stay safe and warm during this storm! Deanna and I are so excited and ready to start the Mystery Quilt so you know we are wiggle jiggling in our seats with excitement! Have a great day!

  11. Jeanne Serven

    Glad to hear that my blocks and donation arrived safely! Sorry I forgot an email address. I enjoy following your blog and have participated in several of your quilt alongs. Thanks for all you do to help others!

  12. Paulette Voit

    Carole I took a package to the post office with blocks for the California quilt yesterday. There is also a check enclosed in the package. Hope you get many blocks.

  13. dezertsuz

    Such a pretty finish! Thank you for all you do for the military. I appreciate it. Such a great job all your sewing friends did!

  14. Sheila F Fredette

    I loved seeing all of the birds and your progress on growing your plants. The quilts were beautiful.

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