Happy New Year 2018

Another New Year begins, and once again I am going to spend this day doing the things that I want to do all year long.  I’ll be enjoying a nice breakfast with newly retired DH (that’s dear husband for new readers), watching the Rose Parade, doing a bit of sewing and maybe a bit of stamping, making a creative meal and having dinner at a pretty table.  I will not be doing any chores, although I may try to get in a walk on my treadmill so I can stay motivated this year.  I brought my money in this morning for good fortunes this year too.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

My table is set with black and gold for the New Year.  We didn’t do a party last night, just spent a quiet evening at home.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

The centerpiece is simple, gold candles in my Advent ring, a couple of gold horns, some gold star garland and a big piece of gold ribbon to hold a gold Happy New Year paper crown.  All are set on a black charger.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I found these black and gold salad plates on ebay last year, and just had to get them.  I’ve been saving them for this table.  The design in gold on the black is striking, made me wish I had my friend’s gold flatware to set on this table too.  I put them on my white stoneware plates and set the stack on black chargers.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

We had dinner at this table last night and will enjoy it today too.

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Of course, we have to have some black eyed peas with lunch today.  My recipe for Jumpin’ John is like Hoppin’ John kicked up a notch!  Do you have a special good luck food for New Year’s day?

Jumpin John - 11

What will you do today that you want to do all year? Did you hide money outside?

Happy New Year Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

21 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2018

  1. Lesley Gilbert

    Thank you for sharing so many great posts throughout the past year – always a pleasure to read – wishing you both a Happy and Healthy New Year 2018 🙂

  2. I called vacation over today, just as well since I started a week early to match up with Girl#1’s schedule. Piano lessons start today, including our practice contest, me against the students! Congrats to your DH, I wish him a wonderful transition, and hope he is looking forward to it!

  3. Sherrill Pecere

    Why are you supposed to hide money outside? I’ve never heard that one. Happy new year to you and DH! I’m almost done with Autumn Jubilee and will share a pic when I’m done. Thanks for doing that!

  4. Pat Evans

    Congratulations to DH on his retirement. Does that mean there will be more traveling? I know he traveled for work and you often went along, so maybe the type of travel will change. Going to a fellow quilters for brunch (with Mimosa) so there probably won’t be any sewing today.
    Happy New Year. Enjoy your day. We are in the single digits, brrrrr.

  5. I’m a new subscriber so I’m unfamiliar with the idea of hiding money outside. Is that a NC tradition? Happy New year and congratulations to DH. My DH and I don’t know how we ever had time to work!

  6. Phyllis Smith

    Happy New Year to you and your family,

    Out of this world beautiful table setting, I’m in love with the black and gold paisley china wear. Saved up a lot of paisley mens ties to make myself one of my special santas but I’m afraid I’m like the plumber

    That never gets his own work done. Since it is so frigid outside perhaps that will be my first project for the new year, finish up some of my unfinished ones and I’ll be sure to be ready for Christmas at the end

    Of this year. How is that for thinking ahead!

    Best wishes again for a happy and prosperous new year and I forgot to hide some money, darn.


  7. Linda B

    Funny about New Years traditions…did not grow up with anything I can recall except my Mom seemed to make oyster stew on new years day. Since I didn’t like oysters, it was not anything I wanted to emulate and mentally probably did not put much stock in it! Ha! Friends here in the midwest swear by black eyed peas, but I am not crazy about them either. So, bottom line is that we don’t eat anything special, but it is a great day to be reflective on the past year and thinking about the days ahead. My DH keeps a pretty good record of events and it is fun to review. We have been on a simplifying kick for quite a while now, and still more to do. I am not one for new years resolutions either, but I do like that APQ UFO list idea, and may try to put it into practice. Seems like since we retired a few years ago I am loathe to keep lists of any kind…but maybe I could do that without feeling confined.
    A very Happy New Year to you all, whatever traditions you enjoy, and look forward to your great creative ideas, Carole!!

  8. BJ

    Happy New Year, Carole! Your table looks lovely as usual, and I love those black and gold salad plates! I’m making pork and sauerkraut today. I believe it’s from my part-Pennsylvania Dutch heritage. DH is mostly Italian and grew up in California, so he’d never had it before we met. It’s not something he’d ask for every week, but he eats it with gusto once a year. The rest of the day I’ll be setting up my 2018 calendar so I’m ready to keep track of what quilting projects I work on. Best to you this year and thanks so much for all you share!

  9. Well, up here in frigid MN, there is very little going outside, especially not to hide money (I’ve not heard about that tradition). Our temp says -11 (feels like -22), so today I will quilt, which is what I want to do all year 🙂 By the way, I have a box of stamps I should send to you (at least I think I still have them) — I no longer stamp and would love to get rid of them!

  10. Happy New Year Carole! I sat and enjoyed my eggs and coffee slowly…like we do every morning. I slept in as it’s my last day off and am deliberately slow all morning. ( I love it) Oh DH is finally retired!! You guys will have such fun. I’m looking forward to our continued year of friendship.

  11. Yesterdays post was the first time I have heard of hiding your money out side. At this day and time I would probably have to write down where I hid it. Your tablescape is very pretty.
    In the past I have always started my day with a cup of coffee and watched the news, which is really getting depressing. and then study time. Now I start my day in Gods word first (with my coffee) and then enjoying the rest my day while using my time wisely. I have miss so many enjoyable moments by being too busy with “STUFF”. I’m done. I will not waste my tomorrows that God blesses me with. Here’s to a great 2018

  12. AnnieQuilts

    I never heard of hiding money for New Year. I must have totally missed APQ UFO! What is it?

    Love your posts and comments!

  13. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Didn’t put miney out this year because it was too, darn cold here, but I was sure to be holding silver coins coming into the year and a tall, Dark-haired, handsome man was first to enter! My hubby, Bernie!!

    Happy New Year!!! Look forward to your posts again this year!!

  14. Melanie

    Happy New Year, and congratulations to your DH on his retirement! That means he gets to do the dishes, right? If not, please don’t tell my DH as he’s been doing dishes for me since his retirement. LOL Looking forward to your posts in 2018. I forgot about the hiding money thing, but I would probably forget to retrieve it anyway. Our traditional New Year’s Day treat is hot wings with celery sticks and ranch dip. Watching the Rose Parade is also enjoyed and a relaxing, cozy day. :o)

  15. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Happy New Year! Enjoy your husbands retirement, I know you’ll both keep busy and wonder how you got anything done before. I always, always enjoy seeing your beautiful table settings!

  16. We spent most of New Year’s Day getting a grandson to the airport. Thank heavens the ice that closed I-40 the previous evening was gone! Going to the airport has been our habit for the last three years, but the grandson pointed out that it will change next time. He’ll be in college then and not having to get back to school on January 2. Happy New Year!

  17. Brenda Ackerman

    Happy Late New Year Carole! Sorry for being so late, but with Deanna being here, I do not get much time on the computer. Then it takes me time to catch up. LOL…. How exciting for you and DH, both in retirement. Do you have plans or just taking everything day by day? I have a couple of goals for the New Year, one of them being to get my blog going and to get organized with quite a few things, plus to finish all of my UFO’s. Kevin and I are getting my quilting stand all set up today as a means of not having to get down on the floor to pin anymore. Plus, if Deanna or I want to just tie a quilt or hand quilt a quilt we can also do that. I am really excited about it. I have also decided to start doing any larger quilts as a Quilt As You Go. There are several different methods and Deanna and I are trying one of them on the Christmas Quilt Along that we did. I even did a block with free motion quilting that turned out pretty fabulous, even though it was just meandering ( I think that is what it is called). Well it is time for me to stop having fun on the computer and to start having fun with quilting! Have a fantastic day Carole and stay in out of the freezing cold!

  18. sharon schipper

    Beautiful and elegant as always. We do Hoppin John, but I cajun it up a bit with peppers and okra and tomatoes. Not as hot this year since my DIL is pregnant and still a bit queasy! also do sauerkraut for my husband’ s German heritage. Very odd dinner!

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