Be My Neighbor Quilt – The Finish!!

Yes, it is done!!  I finished up the handwork this past weekend.  I have had this little Welsh Terrier button for a very long time, looking for a project to use him on.  I have three of them, and never found a garment that could use them.  Isn’t it cute?  A little tiny dog frolicking on the lawn enjoying the sunshine is fun detail.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

I bound it with the same fabric as the backing. The quilt is huge, so this took working on it over several evenings, and the one preseason football game we got last week.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

I put a couple of stitches in the miter on the front, although I think this shouldn’t be necessary. But judges take off points for not doing it. My feeling is if the miter is done right, there is no need to stitch it, and it lays so much nicer without those stitches. But, I will be putting it in the fair, so I did it.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

My friend Mary C. sent me some tiny buttons to use for bird eyes, they were the perfect size! Here is the little cardinal…

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

and here is the junco…

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

and the wren.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

The bluebird too.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

One of the things I like to collect are pins from shows and events.  I put them on my Sewing Chatelaine (click on the name for a tutorial), but I have more pins than space now. Many of them are quilt blocks. So, I thought the quilt block pins would be fun to use on the quilt like barn quilts.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

Amazingly, these pins are just the right size to be barn quilts.  The robin got a button eye too.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

The pin back ones are hard to find, but those could be sewed on the quilt to reinforce them, so they can be on the quilt for the fair.  I buried the knots, hoping that it will be difficult to see how it is done.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

The tie tack style pins could be used when the quilt is hanging in my basement. I’ll remove those for entry into the fair.  I don’t want to lose one, or take a chance on a tack-back to come off.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

This star pin came from a Charlotte show.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

In the large yellow solid block on one of the houses, I appliqued a Battenburng lace triangle to embellish that area.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

For the flowers, I sewed a large button in the center of each one to finish it off, rather than doing a second appliqué.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

One flower got this butterfly button that I have been saving for a long time for just the right project.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

Next, a hanging sleeve was added to the top back. I made another re-usable one. See my tutorial on these HERE.

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

Lastly, it got a label. I am calling it “Be My Carolina Neighbor”.  I used a simple fabric square with writing in Pigma pen.  It will be fine for the fair, later I may do a better one with embroidery.

Be My Neighbor label ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I pinned a bit of fabric over the label with safety pins as required to hide the maker’s name. And it is all finished and ready to enter in the fair. Amazingly, it isn’t the night before the deadline!

Be My Neighbor Finishing at From My Carolina Home

Do you like the pastel look? Or would you rather see autumn colors?

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55 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Quilt – The Finish!!

  1. Magda Kruger

    Your quilt is so beautiful, I followed the making of it and found it fascinating! I am just a novice quilter and learnt so much from you. Thank you!
    Greetings from a very windy Pretoria (South Africa) We have a cold front coming and are hoping for spring after that.

    1. I would like to follow you but no link showed up. I follow several people from different countries and find it fascinating seeing the difference going on around the world of quilting , weather and seasons. Life in general. Hoping to meet you.

  2. Elaine Nemeth

    Love the idea of barn quilts using your quilt pins. Great job on embellishing. Good luck at the fair It is a blue ribbon winner in my show. Thanks for sharing your quilting adventure.

    Sent from my Verizon 4G LTE Droid

  3. Hi Carole,
    This is a beautiful finish to a beautiful quilt. It sure turned out great, and all those little touches you added sure enhance the overall effect. I am sure this will garnish a blue ribbon! I love the pastel colors, and congrats on the Fat Quarter affiliate. I will use your link when I shop there. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole, My what a wonderful quilt you now have. Love the embellishments you added, especially the little dog, he is so cute, I would have to have my cat in there somewhere and a bit c ge hanging from the tree somehow. The eyes on the birds made them complete and its so hard to find a really tiny button to use. I’m hoping you get a big blue ribbon cause you certainly have put a lot of love into the items you used to dress this theme and it will be something that you will cherish all the rest of your life I know. Best wishes and have a great day. Have a safe trip to view the eclipse. Phyllis Smith

  5. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Congratulations on finishing that quilt! You have certainly been through a lot with it but now you have the satisfaction of having overcome all the various challenges – and ahead of time, too, so no “term paper syndrome,” LOL! I love the little dog and other pins – I have a squirrel button that was too cute not to buy (probably 20 years ago, now that I think of it) but have never found just the right spot for it – well, good things take time, right? Glad the little buttons came in handy and now the birds can “see!” Hope the eclipse trip works out – looking forward very much to your reporting on this very special event. It’s been a busy summer, hasn’t it?!?

  6. manasotavacation

    Wow! You’ve done it again and made this a truly unique one w/ your embellishments. LOVE IT!! You KNOW the dog button is my fave!

  7. Love the embellishing! I am a pin collector, too, so it is fun to see how you are displaying your pins! I am sure you have a fair award winning quilt!

  8. Very, very cool. Good luck at the fair!

    (I’m the same way as you about mitered corners – and have also had points taken off for not tacking them!)

  9. Melanie

    Congratulations on meeting the deadline! Looks like a Blue Ribbon winner to me. :o) I agree about the mitered corners–they lay flat if done right and I think they even look better w/o stitching on the front, but da judge is da judge (I think that’s from Laugh in?). LOL

  10. It’s been interesting watching your journey with this quilt while I have been making mine! Congratulations on your beautiful finish – wht a fun idea to embellish it! I am basting mine today!

  11. Your quilt is awesome, Carole, best of luck to you! I surprised myself and finished my last Splendid Sampler lap quilt today, so I think I’ll take it to our county fair on Friday. I’m a quilting novice, so no expectations, just think it will be fun to participate. 😄

  12. Jennifer Rauch

    So happy I could coax this post out of my computer, as I’ve been looking fwd to seeing the final product. Love the barn quilt pins – we took a trip one weekend a couple years ago to the North of Indiana for a Quilt Gardens tour – self-guided. Awesome, & finding a Barn Quilt scavenger hunt added to the fun. Some awesome gardens! Really like your finished quilt.

  13. Yay!!! You’ve finished. And what a beautiful finish, Carole. I love all the little finishing touches – the button eyes, the butterfly and the pins. You have created an awesome quilt, and I have enjoyed reading about the progress of each block. I like the pastel look. I tend to think Autumn colours would blend in too much with the blocks.

  14. deb devo

    I LOVE the pastel look! And all of those embellishments are great….I particularly like the fact that you put the dogs legs at an angle, so it really looks 3 D – I would never have thought of that. Today is my quilt meeting day…I am really hoping the oven repair goes lickity split so I can still make it for part of the meeting.

  15. I’ve said before I love the colors of your quilt. Your embellishments really set it off, above and beyond the expected! I do hope when they hang it at the fair, they will hang “quilt show style”. I have seen so many posts this summer of some amazing quilts in fairs, folded in thirds, so they are not visible completely to the viewers. Disappointing, but probably space constraints. Congrats on the FQ shop connection. I will use it when shopping! Love to hear more about how you managed to do that!

  16. Sharon in Colorado

    Beautiful, and I always go for the sky blue! interesting: my daughter has been adding to my pinterest, and I found she’d added the pattern page for this quilt!

    Here’s to a blue ribbon! best in show!

  17. Lea

    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! It will do fabulously at the fair. I do love the colors you used. I love fall colors in the fall but never tire of pastels.

  18. Nona

    Great quilt finish Carole. Hope it does well at the fair. I know folks will enjoy viewing it, an eye catcher for sure. I like the pastel look, those soft colors showcase your piecing.

  19. Your quilt is beautiful! I love all of your embellishments. What a great idea to use your quilt pins as barn quilts. Your quilting is gorgeous, too. Best of luck at the fair!

  20. Really wonderful quilt! I love the pastel look! I like autumn colors but sometimes it is easier to find those darker colors so the pastels feel fresh. Congrats on being an affiliate for the Fat Quarters.

    You asked on my blog if I did a tutorial for the Alcohol ink Polished stone background. Sorry to say that I have not. If you search on youtube there are a lot of tutorials there. My backgrounds tend to be a bit dark because I really just go at it and add and add until I get the look I like.

    Have a great day!

  21. Love the barn quilts and the little buttons for the eyes of the birds are perfect. Good luck at the fair. I have never entered one of my quilts at a fair. I love the colours you have used in your quilt.

  22. dezertsuz

    It’s a great finish. I really like the barn quilts. Almost all my show and other pins are tack-backs. I have them on a wall hanging made just for that purpose. This will be a great place to put those when it’s permanently finished. How nice to be finished before the deadline!

  23. The buttons, and pins, and lace are all wonderful finishing touches. I agree with you about the mitered corners. Maybe the judges just want to see if you can make stitches that nobody will see! lol Yes, I like the pastel look. It’s a darling quilt!

  24. Your quilt is wonderful! I adore those little birds so much! There are special pin backs we use on our motorcycle vests so the pins don’t get lost. They are called “Pin Locks” and you have to use a teeny tool to take them on & off. I’ve never lost a pin off my vest with them. Do a google image search for “locking pin keepers” and you will find them!

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