August This and That

Thrift shopping and warehouse sales have been very fruitful lately.  The four bolts of fabrics were my haul during a recent trip to Foust.  While we were out that day, I picked up my Shop Hop win! Yes, amazingly, for the first time ever, my entry was drawn for one of the Shop Hop basket prizes!  Wahoo!! Just look at all the goodies inside!! Some of them will become door prizes for other events, but I’ll sure have fun with the fabric.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

The fabric box it came in will be really useful.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

New-to-me Gorham crystal wine glasses came from the thrift store last month (we used them at the summer luncheon), and some really fun pottery bowls were nabbed from a friend’s garage sale.  I have been experimenting with Japanese cooking lately, and these rice bowls were perfect for those meals.  Yes, I’ll be sharing some recipes soon, but I don’t have the spice balance right yet, and the meat filling on the Shumai is coming out too much like a meatball.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

I was thrifting with a friend last week, and we found a big garage sale at a downtown church, and a new-to-me junk shop in old downtown. What a score!! An added bonus is I got to see a number of friends at the church that I haven’t seen since I left the quilt club. I am thinking of attending a quilt retreat day in the fall, just so I can sew with friends for a day.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

This gorgeous magnolia picture has the perfect color background for my master bath, but I don’t like the band of beige and gold on the frame. This will be a DIY rework soon.  I picked this up at the Safelight thrift store the week I delivered the spa bags.  If you are local, try the Tomato Pie at the Safelight run Dandelion Cafe on 5th St in Hendersonville.  It was scrumptious.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

I couldn’t resist these white fine bone china leaves at a recent auction house sale.  They are so delicate that you can see your hand through them when you hold them up to the light, indicating a very high quality china.  They will be wonderful when I do all white tablescapes in January.  All seven dishes, six plates and the larger bowl were too inexpensive to pass up.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

Grilling outdoors has been fun this summer, and I haven’t had a chance to show you that I found a good use for the onion bowls from a previous thrift find. They were perfect for baked beans!

This and That at From My Carolina Home

After my luncheon earlier in the summer, a dear friend gave me the knife rests I have been wanting. Thanks, Bonnie!!

This and That at From My Carolina Home

Many of you have asked where I store all these dishes, and the answer is in every nook and cranny I can find. One thing I do is change out the ones in the kitchen seasonally. The spring and summer colors occupy these spots in the lower dish drawer, and will change to the autumn colors in September. Off season dishes are stored in the basement on a bookshelf stuffed with tablescaping bits. Holiday dishes have their own cabinet in the den, that also doubles as a TV stand.  My china and glassware, along with some depression glass and serving dishes are in the china hutch around the corner from the kitchen.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

This biscotti jar was also a recent find at the Blue Ridge Humane Society thrift store, and will be nice on the apple inspired tables I like in September.  I just realized that I have never shared my recipe for my biscotti that I give as gifts some years.  I need to make some and share that this fall.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

I’ve been harvesting in the garden too, and I’ll show you that soon. Fresh parsley has been making its way into lots of dishes.

This and That at From My Carolina Home

Of course, getting new stuff means I need to clear out some old, so you can have a chance to get some nice fabric, or new stamps at a great deal.  My Etsy store is restocked and ready, and here is a coupon code link – Click HERE to take you to my Etsy store, and register your 15% discount on any sale $20 or more without having to enter the code.  I have made a number of new pincushions, and listed more of my stash and stamps to temp you plus I have added fabrics, charm packs and stash stuff I am willing to let go. The coupon code AUGUST2017SALE will be good to the end of the month, just put that in the coupon area if you use your own link to get there.

I am currently in the process of designing for Autumn Jubilee, gathering sponsors for giveaways, and pulling things out of the stash for a studio sale.  I have invited friends over for a shopping day next week for a first peek and preview sale, then I’ll be carting some of what is left to a friend’s home in September to participate in a neighborhood garage sale.  I’ll keep her company and sell a few things of my own.  I spent hours this week, pulling and culling, and I have a good start here.

So, that is what is going on around here.  What is going on in your studio today?



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25 thoughts on “August This and That

  1. Oh my goodness, what a win!!! Love the batiks and the Hunter Star pattern. Those white bowls look exquisite. I will be on the lookout for the Autumn Jubilee. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. I wish I lived closer! Your photos are better than a candy store for this quilter. Will check out your Etsy listings. You look so organized and energetic.

  3. Lots of goodies in the basket that you won! Looks like you’ll be having fun for a long time there. I should be going through things to weed out like you are, but I’m busy working on finishing up the sample for the Christmas Carol Row Along that I’m taking part in and trying to finish the quilting on a commissioned quilt so I can get it mailed off to my customer. And then there is the new commissioned quilt order that I’ve just gotten, the quilt tops that need quilting so I can sell the quilts and what I’d like to be doing for myself……just a few things going on right now…lol.

  4. A very good thing you live FAR away! 😉 I am working on a UFO I got from my mom years ago. Six embroidered quilt blocks that measure about 16 inches. I’ve seen them together, and now I’m trying to figure out how to add borders to make a lap size quilt. Maybe a couple of rows and then borders? Not enough blocks to solve it with sashing. Guess it’s time to visit Pinterest!

  5. Mary Crawford

    I second that…good thing you live FAR. My urges are still to increase my load vs decreasing by the way of a garage sale. Congratulations to you for not “hoarding” and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Kathy h

    I always wondered how you stored all your dishes for your beautiful tablescapes. I always enjoy seeing them. I don’t think I have ever seen a knife rest before.!i will watch your tablescapes to see how they are used.


    I am sooooooooooooo interested in the fabric scraps, etc. When is the sale? We live in Costa Rica and will be back the end of September for a visit so I could have it shipped to my friend in the states . I make small quilts. etc., for the hospital here also
    we have several orphanages.

    Please let me know and if I will be able to bid on these items.

    Linda b

  8. Melanie

    I’m certain you must have a clone that helps you accomplish all that you do! What fun you have thrifting, and all those items packaged for your upcoming garage sale with your friend that have been packaged so nicely. The shoppers are going to have a fantastic time! Wish I lived close by (not that I’d have room for one more yard of fabric, but…) LOL

  9. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Congrats on your great win of all of the fabulous quilting goodies! Have fun using all of your new fabrics and quilting goodies. Carole, why do you have to live so far away or vice versa? Hubby and I, plus Deanna, love garage sales and with all of your treasures that you are selling at your garage sale; we would be their for hours with as mush $$ as possible to spend!! LOL It would be so much fun with the four of us and any one else who joined in. I have a lot of quilting stuff to do today and over the weekend which will be a whole lot of fun. I sure hope that you have a great time also!

  10. lois92346

    I second what Melanie said. Surely, you have a clone in order to do all you do. I love seeing your thrift shop finds; but Lordy, the bolts, baskets, bags, and stacks of fabric along with notions and books just blows me away. You could easily advertise it as a quilt/crafter garage sale. You have more for sale than I own! LOL! Good luck with the sale.

  11. sharon schipper

    I just bought from your etsy (was that the pink ribbon you told me you had? I will have some now!) and you need to put more of your stash on there! You inspire me (entice me??) to thrift shop! but I would have to give up some things. I have a whole stash of vintage blue willow I bought while in my bigger house in Oregon I can’t bear to give up, but they are boxed with no way to display. I also have a box with 15 cut glass door knobs from the 50’s I bought for my old house and moved before I used them. Reluctant to install them in this one, we are already feeling impermanent and like this won’t be our last home. No elbow room. I made the mistake of going on United Country Real Estate and looking at historic homes in your neck of the woods, sigh… Denver metro area is way too crowded and expensive for this country girl. I’m buying CO peaches tomorrow, very short season, got to get them before the roadside vendors disappear, else drive up into the mountains! also fresh roasted hatch green chiles this time of year… so glad the bears didn’t get yours this year! sharon in colorado…

  12. Cheryl Buchanan

    I have to admit, I have been laughing through the whole page. First thought, I could never get rid of any of my “stash”, I admit it, I’m a hoarder. I’m always telling my Mom that if we get rid of it we can buy more!!! She just laughs at me. I’m not sure I could afford to go shopping with you and if I did, I don’t know where I would put it all. I would need another house. But I do enjoy watching what you pick up at these thrift store. I walked out of one yesterday telling myself (out loud) that I don’t have anywhere to put this stuff. Hope you do well with your sale, Good luck!

  13. Mary Sloan

    Wow. You must stay busy every second of the day. It really shows. Your displays are always gorgeous!!!

  14. Lois Stimax

    I live in SC and went to Foust yesterday for the first time! Please let us know when and where your garage sale will be. I might drive up and see what I can find!!

  15. Well done on the win, that box of goodies looks amazing! You have been busy sorting, I wish I lived closer so I could come to your garage sale, your prices are wonderful. You have found some great things in the thrift shops.

  16. Rosemaryflower

    Busy as a bee, Carole. So glad you are enjoying some lovely treasures. I love pretty old stuff too.
    I am impressed with your productivity in paring down on your fabrics.
    I have been giving a few boxes to the local sewing shop, my good friend Precious Lopez is such a doll.
    She carries a nice stash of fabrics, but her classes and small after school care business really needs a lot of sewing supplies.

  17. Oh this kind of cleaning is soooo cleansing isn’t it!! I only wish I lived closer to come brouse through your studio. Have fun at the pre-sale for friends and neighborhood sale…such fun.

  18. deb devo

    My goodness…it must have taken you a couple of hours to get this post together. And I love, love, love all of your china items…wish I weren’t so lazy about changing out my house for the seasons. It looks like you have been doing a FABULOUS job of cleaning out. I have a girlfriend who is still in Connecticut, but is hoping to retire somewhere down here next year. We are already planning that no matter she lands, in the spring we will help each other with spring cleaning. I’ll go to her house for a week and help de-clutter, and then she’ll come to mine…it’s always more fun with a friend!

  19. dezertsuz

    What an amazing sale at your house! You have really been narrowing things down, but do you see the difference? I know it often seems as if I’ve gotten rid of nothing after I’ve cleaned out tons!

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