Be My Neighbor Block 14

This block was one I needed to redesign as a sailboat doesn’t fit with my view of the neighborhood.  Turned out it was pretty easy to do. Here again is my plan. I need to step up the timeline on finishing the flimsy here if I want time to get it quilted and bound by the deadline for entry into the state fair. One thing that takes time is making decisions on color and print for the houses, so I got out my pastels basket and made decisions for all the blocks on the fourth row at once.  It is also a way to remember which block on this row is getting the darker blue for the sky.

Be My Neighbor Final Row Plan at From My Carolina Home

Then I put the choices in individual bags, so I can get sewing faster when I get to the next block.

Be My Neighbor Final Row Plan at From My Carolina Home

Digging out the bag marked 14, I pulled out the book of patterns and looked at the size of the block needed.

Be My Neighbor Block 14 at From My Carolina Home

The house block in the first row, Block #1 without the tree, was the right size according to the notes on Block 14, so I created a six inch center block for the focus.  It is a simple nine-patch with HSTs in the corners. I used the roof dimensions on the other block and created that bit. Then I filled in the space with a strip of purple, and added side strips to the focus bit to make the house the right size.

Be My Neighbor Block 14 at From My Carolina Home

Those were sewn together, then a purple strip was cut for the house bottom, again using the dimensions from the other block pattern.

Be My Neighbor Block 14 at From My Carolina Home

For the ground, I cut a large piece to length and sewed it to the bottom of the house.

Be My Neighbor Block 14 at From My Carolina Home

Then, I cut it to size with my rotary cutter.  All done.  Easier than I expected it to be.

Be My Neighbor Block 14 at From My Carolina Home

So, now 2 more blocks to do, sashing and borders to add, quilting and binding to go.  I have barely six weeks to finish, so gotta get busy!  A block a week for the next two weeks, sashing and borders in the third week, quilting during week four, and then binding in week five, should get me done with a week to spare.  Or a week to catch up if I don’t keep up with the plan, LOL!!

What are you working on now?



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11 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Block 14

  1. Cheryl Buchanan

    Great adaptation to the pattern. Love those swirl fabrics. The quilt is taking on a beautiful neighborhood look. Love it!

  2. Shirley

    Love the way your Be My Neighbor Quilt is turning out. Can’t wait to see it when it is finished.

  3. Melanie

    A bright and pretty alternate block, so appropriate for such an avid gardener! I am working on cleaning up my sewing room. LOL !!

  4. This will be a great entry! I have been compiling my county fair list…reminding myself of what I have sewn and stitched through out the year. It’s fun to participate, and it always looks better when there are more rather than less entries. This week I am finishing the blue and gray kitchen sets for two weddings, and sewing little bags for three students who will complete a Suzuki Book 1 recital before the end of the month. Fun sewing!

  5. Your Be My Neighbor quilt is coming together so sweetly! I like the new block that you made – it reminds me of the mansions along the Battery in Charleston!

  6. dezertsuz

    A nice change. I thought there were 3 more blocks to do? It will look great hanging in the fair, unique. The layout of the first picture looks so great. I didn’t hear anything about having to rip out stitches, either!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    I love this house quilt. I want to make one really soon.
    Thank you Carole for always sharing the progress on all of your hundreds of creative endeavors
    You are a shining example of wonderfulness. Your blogging adventures always make me happy

  8. inquiringquilter

    This house quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing how you came up with your own block when one of the other blocks didn’t suit your style. Great tips! Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss! You’ll get this thing done in no time!

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