Stamping Easter Cards

Bunnies and spring colors were the theme of my Easter cards this year.  I found these adorable fuzzy bunny cut-outs on 90% off clearance at the discount store last year, so of course I had to snap them up.  Don’t they have adorable cotton tails!  I wasn’t sure what I would do with them, until I pulled out the Easter bin of stamps and found the perfect ribbon.

Easter cards 2017 - From My Carolina Home

I started with lavendar card stock, and embossed a yellow top piece to fold the ribbon around.

Easter cards 2017 - From My Carolina Home

Adding the bunny on one side, I stamped Happy Easter on the corner. Then realized, I didn’t like it on the embossing.

Easter cards 2017 - From My Carolina Home

To fix that, I stamped the sentiment on ivory card stock, then framed it in green. Mounting it over the other stamp, now it looks more finished.  Inside is the spring wishes sentiment, with a couple of little chicks.

Easter cards 2017 - From My Carolina Home

Since I had bunnies in different colors, and the ribbon went with all of them, I made more with different colorways. Do you like the pink?  I put little bunnies on the envelopes too.

Easter Cards 2017 ~ From My Carolina Home

Then a few more!  Yellow and purple, teal with gold, teal with pink, I could keep going.

Easter Cards 2017 ~ From My Carolina Home

Here they are, lots of variation on the same design, enough for some special friends as well as family.

Easter Cards 2017 ~ From My Carolina Home

Time to mail! Are you sending Happy Easter or Welcome Spring cards?


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19 thoughts on “Stamping Easter Cards

  1. These are very cute cards. I’m going to see if I have any Easter stamps. I’ve been slowly organizing the stamping stuff. I may be able to find something — or maybe not!

  2. Hello Carole! These are so perfect and adorable!!! You chose the right combinations for your Easter Cards, I think you think so also with creating the same in so many variables of colors. Which the color combinations are lovely and so springy and Easter! Friends and family do love to get cards, they brighten a day. I bought some card stock a couple years ago, to decorate some Cross Stitch and Hand Embroidery Patterns onto, yet I never managed to get to any of them. Thank you so much for sharing your spectacular made me smile and feel better Easter Cards! Have a great day!

  3. dezertsuz

    What wonderful Easter cards! Thanks for sharing. Maybe you can pick up more bunnies after Easter this year. I haven’t had time, or made time, anyway, for stamping lately. I’ve acquired new stamp things, just not done a thing with them.

  4. catsandroses

    VERY sweet cards; love all the color combinations you used! (Though the post office may charge you more, with the little bump created by the tail — better take them to the p.o. and ask to have them hand-cancelled, since not perfectly flat and you may be able to get away with just the first class stamp on them). I have 10 Easter cards going out in today’s mail (though they’re not handmade, like yours!)

  5. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Such a sweet card to express your Easter greeting! I can hardly believe it will be Easter a week from tomorrow!

  6. Love the bunny cards, you have made them beautifully!! I might send an Easter card to my Mum but otherwise we don’t send Easter or spring cards out here.

  7. Sue H

    Love all the bunnies but the purple ones are my favorite! I’m sending chocolate bunnies and Easter Pez dispensers. If there’s time, I may opt for a couple of quick Spring potholders too!

  8. I just love your collection of cards! 90% off those precious felt rabbits?! I need to shop with YOU! Absolutely adorable! I’m so glad you shared your artwork with us at JFF Stamps. Wendy DT

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