Stamping score at the Estate sale

It is well known that I am a thrift store and estate sale junkie. When I got an email from my favorite estate sale company showing a house with one whole room dedicated to stamping, I knew I had to go to that one. Bonus was it was close to home! Running over there, they had been open about 20 minutes, and I searched out the stamp room first. The house was at least 5 bedrooms, and had three levels, so it took a minute or two to find it on the upper level. The room was stuffed full of card making supplies – dedicated desk, equipment, supplies, tons of stamps and punches, (mostly Stampin UP too!). The first thing I saw on the preview photos was this spectacular revolving, wood ink storage unit, and I really wanted that puppy.

Estate Sale Stamp room

Unfortunately, the lady right before me had snagged it and it was already on the way to her car.  Later, I found her and gave her my email so maybe I can make another stamping buddy.  I’ve been looking online for one of those carousels but haven’t found one like this.  Oh well, there was lots more to see! Every wall had shelving or stacking bins, and there was a u-shaped desk area with cutting mat, and lots of space to play.

Estate Sale Stamp room

There was a whole wall of shelving full of all kinds of stamps and punches, and cutouts, and more!

Estate Sale Stamp room

Behind the desk, in a closet with the doors removed was all this. I immediately snagged the paper shelf, as it was just $25 for the shelf plus all the paper in it! All Stampin’ Up paper, I might add, over $100 worth at retail prices!

Estate Sale Stamp room

Two very nice young men put it in the trunk for me, and I came home smiling. I thought it would fit on the workbench under the wire shelf, but it didn’t. It was too tall for the space. This is the mess before. See those wire shelves on the right of the workbench?  They have paints and canvases on them, along with wood items and other things for future projects.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

I measured the space and found if I took one out, then the shelf would fit on one of them if I didn’t push it all the way to the wall. So I got to work rearranging the stuff. I took most of the painting supplies and made space in the storeroom for that. Then rearranged what was left.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

Then, DH looked at it and decided that the wire shelving would be too flimsy to hold the weight of a wood shelf full of paper. So he wanted to take all the wire ones out and figure out something for it to sit on. Well, I knew just the thing, if it was still there. We got out early the next morning and went back to the estate sale for the two drawer cabinet the paper shelf had originally been sitting on. We were in luck, the unit was still there! And 25% off! So, a quick call to a friend with a pickup, and home it came as well.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

Good thing too, as it began snowing off and on during the day Saturday.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

I had fun reorganizing the workbench space. Taking the bins of paper I already had, I integrated my stock into the shelving. This is going to be great, I’ll have the colors where I can see them. Plus the drawers can hold the once-a-year bins for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter card making.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

On top are more beautiful papers that I got at the estate sale, along with my embossing unit with its folders.  The paper unit had some books hidden in it, along with some really beautiful specialty papers, and a lot of holiday theme papers.  Moving some things into the drawers freed up space on the shelves over the workbench to spread out the everyday stamps and other items, utilizing the bins emptied of paper. Now, much neater and better organized, things on the upper shelf are no longer stacked two-high. Plus the little drawer organizer I also got will help keep the little stuff like glue sticks and blender pens handy.  Maybe a couple of stamping buddies would like to come and play.

Stamping @ From My Carolina Home

But for now, I can do some cards!  Sunday I did have some time for that, as it had snowed overnight about 4 inches.

March Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

I took this picture of a blue jay in the snow-covered redbud tree.

Blue Jay in Snowy Tree @ From My Carolina Home

My bulbs were covered in snow, but they should be OK. It warmed up to the 40s later in the day.

March Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

This is a different turkey than my two buddies, but he still was happy to get a bit of bread.

March Snow ~ From My Carolina Home

We weren’t covered up this time, the streets were warm enough for the snow not to stick.  All of it was gone by the afternoon.  More cold and perhaps more snow is predicted this week.  I’ll be showing you the cards I am working on soon.

Are you playing with paper?  How’s the weather where you are?



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36 thoughts on “Stamping score at the Estate sale

  1. Ginger

    Wow what good finds! I am a quilter and other crafts and always looking for new organizing ideas. You have a nice area to make cards in. Love your post’s. Ginger

  2. I saw those photo’s pop up on my Flickr notifications, and have been waiting for the story! That room at the estate sale was AWESOME. I was so very impressed with all the storage. I am a big fan of those small sterilite drawer units. Your stamping area has been nicely reorganized. I bet you could find a wood worker to build you a unit for your stamp pads like that turn around one. What about a CD caddy ?? I noticed the wooden one had a spot for the “matching ink bottles” too. What a deal!

  3. kathyinozarks

    oh wow I bet you were so excited when you stepped into that room-so sorry you didn’t get that one piece-that was a very awesome piece. what a studio she had!-but sounds like you did still scored. I shop at estate sales and garage sales too for most everything I have in my craft room only real new item was back in the 70s for my first spinning wheel and first weaving loom-but I find it more fun to find a good price and be surprised what I find.

  4. Jennifer Rauch

    Gosh I wish I were your neighbor! Drooling over your stamping stuff, both new & old! I dabble. . . have been making origami book marks for the grands for Easter & enjoyed making a penguin card for each for Valentine’s day (hearts for wings, feet, etc.). I lay awake last night far too long figuring out the best way to make an Easter card out of the idea I saw on Pinterest. Of course I have to tweak it! Wasn’t sure I had an Easter (words) stamp, so got up to search ~miidnight. Thank goodness I’m retired, because now I’m just TIRED & couldn’t round one up. Maybe in the light of day! That is how I started stamping, a garage sale stash being sold to make room for more! I see your finished pieces & try to remember all the great touches, but even if mine look pretty amateurish, I enjoy the creative process. Weather here in Indiana is just plain goofy this year! Cold again after a warm spell, & a dusting of snow last week. Can Spring ever come soon enough??!

    1. Jennifer Rauch

      Thanks, Carole, but I don’t want you to go to a lot of trouble to look up the sayings site – I’ll do a “cold” search online & see what I come up with. Never thought of that, but maybe on the clip art site I found for pix for my grandson’s quilt. It is a start! I do so enjoy chatting with you here!

  5. Carol

    Wow Carole looks like you really lucked up!! Good for you!!
    I am still working on organizing my craft room!!
    Right now I am busy making flowers out of card stock, will try to send you
    Some pictures.

  6. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    What a grand SCORE for sure!!! I don’t stamp, but my daughter coming down from MO today does and I’m showing her your haul!!! Looking forward to seeing the cards you make!!!

  7. Gail Rachow

    Oh my gosh I am so jealous. Great snag on the paper holder. I have always wanted the wooden ink pad holders like that, too bad you couldn’t have gotten that too. I see lots of creations ahead of you.

  8. Melanie

    I am not a cardmaker, but so enjoyed your trip to the estate sale and the treasures you found, along with going back to get that cabinet. What a nice space you have for your stamping projects, all organized and ready!

    We are hoping to be done with snow and winter here in so. OR after a record 30″ of snow this year and several power outages, which seriously cuts into running a sewing machine. LOL Looking forward to spring here! Can’t wait to see your flowers in bloom. :o) m

  9. Shirley

    Wow, the person who had the stamping room must have been a very dedicated stamper! Can’t wait to see your creations. We had a few inches of snow of snow here in Michigan earlier this morning. We had such a mild February, we must get acclimated to frigid temperatures and icy roads again. One thing for sure we are all anxious for spring!

  10. Good score at the estate sale! It’s always fun going to see what treasures can be found. These days, not only do I go for quilty stuff, but I rescue orchids. I’ve gotten six that way, with no idea what the blooms look like – now that’s a surprise!

  11. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning,

    Gracious what a find! So much, now where do I put it?jI can just hear your thoughts. Thank goodness for great thinking ahead of us huh? My neighbor that mover to Ala. Use to go to yard sales and Estate sales so she had a lot of stuff to sell and had a yard sale about every 3 weeks. Her husband picked up a lot of old scrap washers and junk metal items and would take them to the scrap places and get re-embersed so that’s how they made a

    Living plus there security checks. They kept things in their back yard so nobody complained and they would give us neighbors good breaks on the prices of things. She gave me a lot of things in the material category and I

    Shared some of my plants with her so I guess you could say we bartered for what we wanted and that was so much fun. When I was doing shows with my santas I would barter with the other crafters and I think I had

    More fun bartering for things I’d like to have than selling. Someday we may all be bartering for things we need. What a realization that some of us have so many talents God has given to us!

    Happy carding, I know that’s what you are doing, aren’t you.


  12. You certainly made a haul for sure!!! I stopped going to estate sales and thrift store as I was buying more bargains than I had room for 😦 If we ever get heat in the basement and I get me a room down there then look out sales here I come 🙂
    We got snow last night but most of it has melted already. The ground is too warm already for it to stay. The Daffodils sure look pitiful though.

  13. Hello Carole! Congratulations on such fantastic finds at the Estate Sale! I, of course, do not know much about the world of stamping but sure enjoy everything you share and this seems like a great organizing shelf. Plus, along with all of the papers and extra treasures you found hidden you received a double score, especially when you went back for the dresser that had held up the shelves. Now your stamping area looks all organized with the two types of shelving giving the area a pleasant separation. Have a great time creating with these new papers and whatever else came along with all of it! I love your new turkey. Do you think Bert and Ernie are going to share their bread nicely? Everyone in our area keeps asking if this last snow was the last snow or will we get another one? Plus, it is still fairly cold outside so not much gardening going on except for those brave enough. Have a great day!

  14. Debbie Meyer

    Wow! Carole!! What a fantastic buy and what an exciting estate sale! I coukd beat myself up as I had many rubber stampers and sold them when we moved as a lot sale on ebay and now I’m buying them again since I have time to do this since retiring. I mostly get my stamps at the thrift stores super cheap. Thought of getting into stampin up, but….. r u a consultant for them?

  15. This has to be the best of all finds at any estate sale. Guess the lady who lived there had been using all those goodies for a long time and gradually built up the stock. Love the caddy you missed, do you know a workman or woodworker who could make you one? Happy card making with all the new items.

  16. Rosemaryflower

    huge score, Carole.
    You hit the jack pot. I would have bought everything. hahaha Good thing I was not there.
    Your work area looks wonderful now. I love the cabinet, so great you got it the next day at a bargain

    We are supposed to get pounded tonight. We are in Loudoun, (west of the Cesspool) and usually get the most in the area.
    March is the moodiest month!
    I have plenty of projects for the snow day. I have dad stocked up too.
    He asked me yesterday, when should we go through mom’s clothes ( 😦 ) and I suggested over summer when it is boiling outside.
    I am going over in about 30 minutes and we will most certainly go out for a walk while the sun is so bright and the sky is blue.

  17. That was an amazing stamping room. I know you would have loved the ink caddy but it was really big. I’m not sure how much of your supplies it would have moved out! Your paper holder is awesome and the enforced straightening up left you with a great stamping space. Thanks for sharing.

  18. You had a bit more snow than we did. There is a patch of snow left on our deck, which reminds me of something my mother used to quote. Snow on the ground is waiting for more snow to fall. That will probably be true this week.

  19. Whoever that was had a great space and you scored a great find. I give you extra credit for only leaving with that. I don’t think I would have shown so much self control.

  20. dezertsuz

    Great finds! Too bad about the cabinet, but what you got is amazing and the price was right. Your space looks so welcoming. That bluejay picture is award material.

  21. Connie Kresin Campbell

    What a great deal you got Carole! I’m looking at the photos and the prices seem so reasonable on everything! I’m surprised you didn’t buy more! It is sad to think that……this may be our studios some day. Someone had a beautiful, cozy room. We got a little snow here in Iowa but nothing like they had thought, love seeing your wild turkey again!

  22. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Woohoo! So glad you found things that work for you – I’m afraid to go to an estate sale…I have enough self-control problems everywhere else there’s a bargain…! But your choices were totally grounded in reality and usefulness, so wonderful!

    Snow and sleet here today – very pretty, clean and fresh-looking, but I can’t even see my daffodils that bloomed last week at the moment, poor things!

  23. katie yoakum

    I’m looking to rehome a bunch of stamping and card making items that I have had from when I was big into scrap booking if you might be interested in them — I’ve been looking for someone for some time that i know will really put them to good use. Depending on where you are in NC i might be able to meet up with you in a few weeks and drop the items off on my way to a quilt retreat in TN

  24. liz brown

    Great find. I think we need a stamping retreat. I Like to stamp cards/albums but never find the time.

  25. That was a great haul and at reasonable prices! Our weather here in mid-Michigan is very unpredictable. Right now it’s snowing but the temps are supposed to be in the high 40’s next week. Go figure! Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great weekend.

  26. I have never been to an estate sale, let alone one with all that stamping stuff! You did a great job incorporating your purchases into your own room. Have fun with it!

  27. Kathy A.

    Great finds. I have a friend that I get together to “play” with. We put up a ong white table next to the pool table and spread out! It is great fun as we share tools (her Big Shot, my embossing folders) and supplies. It’s sad that we have to make a “date” to get together; life is busy–and we’rertired!

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