March Mountain Living

Looking out of the kitchen window earlier in the week, there were about 22 turkeys in the meadow. I took this to be the female flock, and it had grown from the 13 or so that usually come by. I decided to try to sneak out to the veranda to get a picture of them before they all moved into the forest. Moving slowly, trying to be quiet, I eased out of the door onto the veranda with camera ready. Much to my surprise, Bert and Ernie were in the group, and their heads came up immediately. Then they began running toward me! Oh rats, I hadn’t brought any bread out!

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

So, here they came. Bert, the larger and more dominant one, did a full fluff and tail fan, trying to impress me. He was trying so hard, that I went back inside to get them a bite.

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

Magnificent, isn’t he?!! Yes, they both got several bites of whole grain bread. Out in the meadow, part of female flock left behind stood like statues watching the boys strut, while the others had already melted into the forest. None of them ventured up closer. I thought later that was probably a good thing, I really don’t need to be supplementing the diets of that many turkeys!

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

Bert gobbled at me loudly a couple of times, which I find hilarious. I talk to him, and he answers sometimes. Ernie is quiet, never says a word and doesn’t generally fluff up. But he is attentive, and gets his share.

February Turkeys 2017 at From My Carolina Home

One more wildlife picture I haven’t had a chance to show, the turkeys came by one day in January with their deer friends. The deer are so skittish that I rarely get a picture of them. This one was taken from inside the Carolina room in the back, so they couldn’t see me. So fun to see wildlife around here!

Turkeys with Deer at From My Carolina Home

The picture is dark, and this bird has the sun behind him so it is hard to see.  His slate grey back, spotted chest and skinny legs point to being a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Although he was beautiful, I hope he doesn’t stick around, as they prey on small song birds as well as small animals.

Hawk March 2017

Sunday morning, we were treated to a rare view of our local deer herd, six females grazing in the meadow near the neighbor’s split rail fence. The nice zoom lens on the camera got some fairly decent shots.

Deer herd visit -1

It was a quiet morning, early, and they all seem to be grazing contentedly.

Deer herd visit -4

The least little movement or sound will scare them off, so I didn’t even attempt to go onto the veranda. Still, they were gone in a few minutes, taking the trail into the woods that the foxes like.

Deer herd visit -5

Up on the feeder, the goldfinch flock was hungry. They seem to be getting a bit brighter with the warm weather, but not to their summer color yet.

Goldfinches March 2017 - 1

Goldfinches March 2017 - 3

Chickadees, nuthatches joined the group later in the morning.

Chicadee March 2017

This little guy was the recipient of a bonanza of acorns. I had picked up a basketfull last fall, and started scattering them out this week. I know that springtime is the lean time for these guys. DH thinks I am crazy to do this, but the squirrels need to eat too.

Squirrel March 2017

We had a couple of nights of really cold temperatures, so I made one of my suet cakes and DH hung it up for the little birds. The chickadees found it pretty fast.

Suet feeder March chickadee 2

Later I saw this female hairy woodpecker on it too.

Suet feeder March woodpecker

Then a real surprise on Wednesday morning. A large group of wild turkeys were in the meadow. Thinking that it was the girls with Bert and Ernie, I went out to the veranda with some bread heels. But, it wasn’t them! It was another flock, 17 birds in all with 3 males. Two of them are in full fluff and tail fan, the third is on the right with his tail feathers almost up.

Mountain Living at From My Carolina Home

I grabbed the camera while they strutted and preened for the females. At one point two of them stood absolutely still, while a couple of the girls looked them over. I love to see them do this. After all, it is March, and mating season for turkeys.

Mountain Living at From My Carolina Home

They kept strutting, and totally ignored me and my bread offering. Later, Bert and Ernie made an appearance right when DH was going to leave the house. We know from experience that they will show a bit of aggression towards the car, gobbling loudly and chasing it. So, I gave them a bread treat and we waited until they had moved on for him to do his errand.

So, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

25 thoughts on “March Mountain Living

  1. Shirley

    Thank you for sharing your wildlife pictures. How neat Bert and Ernie will allow you to come so close to them. We had almost 70 mph winds here in Michigan a few days ago and I think the wildlife is still hunkered down somewhere. More snow expected over the weekend 😦

  2. Quilter Kathy

    That was just delightful to see! I have never seen a turkey with the feathers up like that… just like a peacock does.
    So cool that you can tell them all apart, and I think that Bert would probably be my favourite since he likes to engage in conversation!
    Bet the female turkeys don’t like him flirting with you! LOL

  3. Myrna

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy the wildlife too, specially the birds. Some of the ladies in our Yuma sewing room did reversed applicate of Dragon Flies and also a one of Butterflies. I wish I could figure out how to send the pictures of all the panels, all so different. Having our wined up lunch today as girls are slowing leaving for home. we will stay a few more weeks, as British Columbia is still having winter. Happy I get to sew more with my snowbird friends.

  4. Hello Carole! Here in Southern Oregon, we have still been experiences quite a lot of cold to freezing temperatures. Yet, so many of the bulbs are showing their first growing parts, like my Daffodils are all starting to bloom and show their brilliant yellow. My Mother informed me , last night, that we are expecting temperatures in the low 70’s on Saturday and if that does occur, I know I will be out working in the flower beds getting them all prepped for this year.

    I received such a delight from seeing Bert and Ernie this morning on your blog. My oh My you are so right, they are beautiful all fluffed up! I think I have told you about the wild turkeys that come to a pond across the road at the bottom of the winery fields in front of our house. They very seldom come on our side but do once in awhile. We see a flock of maybe 20 Turkeys down the road quite often. This last week, Kevin pulled over on the side of the road for we could get a good look and enjoy the beauty of 5 male turkeys. The females had gone on ahead of them. We must have set their for about 10 minutes before they took off to catch up with their ladies.

    Aside from that I am just sewing, as I always do. Just loving each and every stitch I take, Plus, Deanna is going to be coming over later this morning and spend the weekend, so we will have a great time filled with laughter, good food and usually at least part of a project gets done. LOL. Thank You for sharing all of these fantastic photographs they are amazing and so beautiful! Have a great day!

  5. Phyllis Smith

    Good morning Carole,

    Nature is so wonderful, like you I love to watch the deer when they come across my yard to my neighbors who have a salt lick out for them and sometimes I’ll see about four or five mama deer with their young ones strolling by, haven’t seen them for a few days . The little woodpecker looks like its either a ladderback or a downey. I usually have both of them and the red headed ones all the time but haven’t seen them yet. Well I’m off to Jo Anns later today for a few things, been working on cleaning out some boxes in my closet and so far so good with beginning to make a dent in all the clutter here. Have some baby flannel that’s going to the Fayette thrift store while I’m out, haven’t felt any pains about giving it up so that’s good. Enjoy your beautiful days and have some fun along the way.


  6. Pat Evans

    Be thankful your deer remain skittish. The ones in my backyard, sometimes as many as 15, are fearless. You can practically walk right up to them before they bolt. They have destroyed my gardens and shrubs, leaving me more time and money for quilting. There was a piebold baby amongst the herd last summer, but she (?) was hit by a car in the fall. My neighbor came over regularly, trying to get some good pictures.

  7. love the turkey and deer I wish I saw more around here they have to be hiding in the woods – wait until the garden is planted – then I will see the deer

  8. Evie H

    Thank you for a lovely treat. Nothing going on in my neck of the woods! I live in the city so the most I get are squirrels, sometimes possums and skunks, and, not necessarily good, a coyote or two. Love all the animals!

  9. Carmen

    How wonderful to live where you can see all the wildlife activity. Are you on an acreage, in town, etc?

  10. Laura Puckett

    I love your wildlife pictures and share them with family and friends. The weather here is beautiful, it will soon be hot. I have a mockingbird nesting in my palm this spring. I am thrilled to see them.

  11. Janet

    Watching wildlife can be so fun. I have a lovely drive to work every day and often see various animals, last week there was a flock of turkeys and I counted 20 males all fanned out. It was a spectacular sight.

  12. Carole, how do you keep the squirrels from the bird feeder. I read somewhere to sprinkle cyanne pepper on the seed.. i read the squirrels dont like the pepper but the birds dont taste it.. Hubby did this, maybe he dudnt put enough but the seed was GONE before the day was out!!

  13. What fantastic photos! You and your camera are quite a team. I haven’t seen goldfinches lately. We have a few house finches, though. A couple of nuthatches have started coming to our feeder, and I love having the eastern towhee on the deck.

  14. Sue H

    Love seeing your critters! So enjoyable to watch! Thanks for sharing! I feed my birds here too — woodpeckers, titmouses, nuthatches, and more. However, we have to bring in our feeders every night because otherwise the raccoons make off with the feeders!

  15. Barbara Jenkins

    Wonderful Carole… I especially like to see the deer. We have a flock of turkeys close by but seldom see the deer. They are plentiful around here but stay away from the more populated areas. Thank you for sharing.

  16. I love all your photos! That’s one thing I love about living at our cottage in the summer is all the wildlife we see. With a pond behind our condo, we see anything that can fly there, but that’s about it.

  17. While I feed ( and they are pretty tame by now ) some blue jays and squirrels, I just love to see the variety there and Bert and Ernie …every time you call them that I just crack up.
    And so many other lovely shots of your variety of visitors…what a fun post.

  18. Great photos! I have a friend in my quilt club who has pet turkeys. The Tom comes int he house periodically for a treat and they all come up to them to be petted.

  19. I loved this post. You seem so connected to the wildlife. We have wild turkeys in Sacramento but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any males. How do you make the suet?

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