Be My Neighbor Quilt Along – Block 4

At the meeting on March 1st, I found out that the BOM club will be doing two blocks a month with the first two done in February.  This meant that instead of being caught up with three done in March, I was one block behind.  Plus I need to get two done this month to be caught up, so I’ll do one a week for three weeks to get caught up.  After that, I’ll try to get one done every two weeks or so until all 16 are done.  Today is block 4, and once again it didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped, but part of that is my fault in changing my mind. Here are the first three sewn together.

Be My Neighbor Blocks 1-3

I started off with the quarter square triangles. I see these as flower boxes, so I picked out two flower prints, cut my squares, marked the lines and chain stitched.

Be My Neighbor Quilt Block 4 ~ From My Carolina Home

This time, because I knew I would need a specific size at the end, I cut the squares a bit bigger than the pattern said, and squared them up after they were assembled.

Be My Neighbor Quilt Block 4 ~ From My Carolina Home

As I was looking at my basket of spring scraps, I thought I could make a house white since the background isn’t white on my blocks. I cut house bits in white, background in sky.

Be My Neighbor Quilt Block 4 ~ From My Carolina Home

I began assembling, this time following the directions. Maybe this block will go a bit better than the others.  I did chain piece wherever  possible.

Be My Neighbor Quilt Block 4 ~ From My Carolina Home

Coming together nicely, and all the pieces are fitting well.

Be My Neighbor Quilt Block 4 ~ From My Carolina Home

And I don’t like it. The big expanse of white looks like I forgot something. Great. I thought about just leaving it, but it bugged me.

Be My Neighbor Quilt Block 4 ~ From My Carolina Home

I decided to do it over with yellow for the house.  I changed the window print too, rather than frog all that out.  It was easier just to cut another roof triangle and start the center section over.

Be My Neighbor Quilt Block 4 ~ From My Carolina Home

Better, but that large piece on the right still looks empty. I should have picked a busier print. At this point I refuse to take it apart again, so it will stay this way. At the meeting, one of the ladies showed her block with an appliqued heart in that space, so that is an idea.  Another lady put another window in hers. I could also do some silk ribbon embroidery after the quilting to add something to that space. Or maybe just an applique door with a button handle. I don’t know what it will get, but I can figure that out later. For now, block 4 is done. On to Block 5 to catch up to the class!

What would you do with that space?


14 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Quilt Along – Block 4

  1. cmbertolini

    I agree. Big space is boring. I would add windows and bushes below or perhaps a pet looking up at the window?

  2. Lynne Stucke

    I like the idea of an appliquéd heart. But that’s not what I’m commenting. I’m commenting to tell you that I LOVE the flower boxes at the bottom!!! Such a lovely idea, and it adds tremendously to the block. Smart lady!

  3. Jennifer Rauch

    Spooky! When you said/showed the white house, I thought “what about a yellow house?” And you did! Now my idea is to embroider a white trellis with green ivy embroidered climbing up it! Or a bit more flowering something embroidered climbing. Good luck!

  4. I like Fauntie’s suggestion of drawing in siding details. I would also suggest adding a door or a decorative garden element. The good thing about fairly large blocks is that they are big, the not so good is that some of the pieces can feel a little clunky! Good luck getting on schedule! @susansquiltstudio

  5. Mary Jean Cunningham

    My first thought is, “Try not to look at it,” LOL! But seriously, would a door work? Maybe with a rounded top to the door and a doorknob made with a satin stitch circle so it’s obviously meant to be a door? It does seem to need something to balance the window out. Do you have anything ready-made like embroidered flowers that would be easy to apply for the garden element others have suggested?

  6. Hello Carole. I must be the odd ball of the group, pretty much always, because I like the white house! Just imagine all of the beautiful embroidery you could put on the house. I read all of the comments and everyone had at least one great idea and others had several! I almost forgot to tell you that I really like the yellow you chose for the final house! It is a lovely color. So have a blast adding all the detailing that
    you decide to do. All of these houses are going to make a great project!

  7. dezertsuz

    Applique a nice arched window. Stained glass fabric, fussy cut with cat or dog or child or plant in window. Could you find a piece with part of a piano on it? Wouldn’t that look great! I really like the first three sewn together!

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