Be My Neighbor Quilt Along

The LQS here started a quilt along in January for the Moda Fabrics Be My Neighbor quilt.  The original publication of the block instructions were done late last year.  So, I decided to do this monthly meeting so I can keep up with a few friends.  The shop emailed me the first blocks, but I couldn’t even think about sewing for over a week.  Finally on the day before the meeting, I thought I should at least get one block done, so I pulled some scraps and got busy.

Neighbor Block One 2

This one takes some concentration as each block is different and has lots of pieces that are close in measurement. The background on this one has a 2-1/2-inch square and a 2-1/2 x 2-3/4-inch rectangle. So careful placement is essential. As I usually do anyway, I laid out the bits to be sure they were all in the right spots.

Neighbor Block One 3

Then I picked up adjoining pieces and sewed as many as I could chain style.

Neighbor Block One 4

Took all those the the ironing board, then laid out the block again.

Neighbor Block One 6

Pick up the pieces that could be done next, and chain pieced again until I ran out of bits.

Neighbor Block One 8

I kept going like this until the entire block was sewn.  I put a white on white lacy print in the ‘windows’ to look like lace curtains, but it was too subtle.

Neighbor Block One 10

When I got the block done, I thought ho-hum. I am doing what I always do, choosing the same colors I usually do. So, this block is going to become an orphan. I am going to re-sew another one in spring colors. The trees will become flowering trees instead of evergreens, and I bought some sky fabric in a pale blue Moda marbles with some white that looks like clouds.  One of the other ladies in the quilt-along group also brought up an interesting idea.  She added in a grass patch on either side of her tree, creating a “horizon”, which sets the tree into a landscape.  I liked the look of that too. So, now I am four blocks behind, but who cares! Quilting should always be fun. I have all the best intentions of keeping up, but I am not going to stress out if I am a bit behind.

The patterns are still available at Bear Creek Quilting online, in free downloads. Click on Be My Neighbor to get all the patterns if you’d like to quilt along too, or maybe to join in later.

Want to quilt along with this one?  What are you working on?

14 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Quilt Along

  1. Be My Neighbor is going to be my next quilt. I have printed all the blocks and looking forward to working with them. I am working on Farm Girl Vintage sampler by Lori Holt now. It is my first sampler as I usually play it safe with vintage patterns that use the same block over the entire quilt. Thanks to a fellow blogger, tierneycreates, I jumped in with both feet and am enjoying the process. Love your first block and can’t wait to see others.

  2. Hello Carole! Like Kathy, I see a pillow covering starting to form with your house block! Your new ideas for the house block sound very exciting, so have fun creating it. I have actually joined several Quilt Along series this year and that is very unusual for me. Yet, I am having fun with all of them. I will check out the link, but will really have to think about whether I can handle another one or not. LOL. We are going over to my Parents later on today, so not sure if I will work on any of Step Two today again today. Your tutorial directions are perfect to follow and although I only made a total of 4 (lots of interuptions) they were fun and actually almost perfect! Thank you for teaching me a complete new method in this quilting world. I know I will use your tutorial and make them all of the time now! Have a great day!

  3. Pat Evans

    I’ve seen house blocks where the windows used fussy cut blocks to show a cat (or dog) and other figures in the window. This would be one way to”spice” up the block.

  4. Lynda H

    I live in the PNW and for a time was housebound due to snow and ice. I wanted something different to work on so I tackled the Be My Neighbor quilt top using my stack of fall fabrics. There are a few changes I made to the quilt, I guess you could say to “make it mine” – one was a mistake I opted to keep and the others were planned. I could not get into the sailboat on the final row, so created another house and changed it up just a bit to make it unique as no two houses are the same. I had fun with the project and worked it very much like you, chain piecing every single chance. I also stitched the cutaway triangles into HST’s (there are several sizes) and have kept them – when I get weathered in again, will take them out and play again. Sadly I was too late for Bear Creek’s contest (I emailed them a photo of mine anyway) – for those of your followers who have an interest, there is a photo array online now showing several peoples ideas. Somewhere I saw where someone had finished the sashing to look like a picket fence – it really looked great.

  5. lois92346

    I hope you’ll post a photo of your spring rendition of this block. I love how you detailed the chain piecing, etc. You always do such an excellent job. 🙂

  6. A springtime neighborhood sounds like fun! My indie modern group is going to make 3 charity quilts using this pattern collection, one in black, white plus one color of the makers choice, one scrappy and one with rainbow colors. We will each make 3-6 blocks to contribute, patterns will be chosen by passing the stack around the table – starting in March. I expect it will be fun to both make the blocks and see what the final groupings are. All from stash, at least as far as most of us are concerned.
    Now back to piecing my qst’s! @susansquiltstudio

  7. Melanie

    I have all the blocks printed and ready, set them aside, and will soon begin this delightful Be My Neighbor quilt, so yes, I’m in! I have always had an interest in house blocks and have made several quilts using houses, one was school houses for a fundraiser raffle long ago. I haven’t chosen fabrics yet, want to use from my stash, but like you I tend to use the same colors. This time i was to try something a little brighter, maybe aqua as a starting point. I like your block very much. You could embroider something in the windows, curtains or ? This project should be lots of fun.

  8. Mary-The Boondocks Blog

    That is such a pretty quilt. It’s like painting a picture but instead of paint you are using fabric and different patterns. I’ve always admired ladies that can quilt.

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