Quilt Trunk Show

Anyone in the mood for a virtual trunk show?  I thought I would participate in Whims and Fancies Trunk Full of Quilts event, there are some wonderful prizes just for participating.  You can participate too, even if you don’t have a blog, just link a Flickr album with your quilts.  So, here are a few of my original designs just for fun.  First up, the Scrap Dance series has gained momentum over the past couple of years, starting with the original Scrap Dance.  It didn’t even have a name until halfway through the mystery challenge!  One day it just occurred to me that my eye couldn’t stop moving over the quilt, it seemed like dancing.

Scrap Dance on bench

Then, the second one, Tango, was the mystery for last year.  This name came to me in the design process as the block turns and dances back and forth across the quilt.  And now I had a series.

Tango Cover Shots 3

So, continuing with that theme, my bag pattern is the Charleston.  Those swinging beads just reminded me of the flapper dresses of the 20s.

The Charleston Bag! A new pattern at From My Carolina Home

Then I had the idea for a really fast quilt with a lot of setting ideas.  Of course, it was a Scrap Dance too, and I called it Quickstep.  I like taking pictures of quilts on the veranda, can you tell?  This one is an easy pattern using strips, and I created 14 setting designs for the simple block.  These patterns are available on My Patterns page, along with a few others, some free.

Qucikstep Finished 1

You’ll find three free patterns on Moda Bake Shop, just click on the sidebar for those patterns.  I recently showed a quickie bag using leftover jelly roll strips from one of those projects.  Jelly Roll Market Bag.

Jelly Roll Market Bag on From My Carolina Home

One thing I feel is important is showing my mistakes and how I deal with them.  I think it is important to have fun and not worry that everything isn’t perfect.  Sometimes I really mess up, and fixing those problems can sometimes mean a lot of work.  Like this quilt that I completely took apart after it was done, and re-quilted it. You can see those posts on my Fixing Problems page, see the top of the blog.

Cottage Garden Quilt remade | From My Carolina Home

I do quilt alongs quite often, mainly fast projects like this Christmas Table Runner from last year…

Christmas Quilt Along finish

and Autumn Jubilee in October was a month of projects using two blocks.


Coming up this week will be a quilt along for the next Scrap Dance pattern, Waltz.  It is easy as 1-2-3, and has a circular secondary design.  Come quilt along!  You can get started by cutting some 2-1/2-inch and 3-inch squares of scraps and background fabrics.  I’ll have the particulars on Wednesday.

I have categories for other subjects too, as this blog is a bit of a lot of things, along with quilting.  If you enjoy cooking and tablescapes, stamping and crafting, wool applique and reading good books, come follow along.  Thanks for reading!

28 thoughts on “Quilt Trunk Show

  1. Barbara Jenkins

    I love your quilts Carole. I have not finished my Christmas runner but it is ready to quilt. I can only do small projects now and have been looking at the scrap dance quilts with an eye to downsize them for me. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns with us. Stay safe there in NC. Keeping you in my prayers…..

  2. Kathy Fields

    I love this blog and look forward to reading it every day. I love cooking, stamping and reading as well and you have such wonderful fresh and neat ideas. Thank you so much.

  3. BJ

    I’ve been cutting back on the number of blogs I follow – not for lack of interest but, rather, sheer lack of time. Yours, however, usually starts my day, along with a cuppa. So many things in common, and you’re such an inspiration with your creativity. Thanks so much for generously sharing your ideas and beautiful fabric creations!

  4. joan

    You sure have made it hard to focus on finding a favorite quilt with all the beauties you shared. Made even harder with that gorgeous view on your blog header! Great job all the way around!

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Good Morning Carole! The quilts that you chose to show are such beautiful quilts and of course I was lucky to be following your blog and make both of the Scrap Dance Quilts, the Christmas Table Runner (that I want to make again this year) and have enjoyed with every post you post! Plus, I am excitedly awaiting the first day of the Quilt Along! I hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  6. Melanie

    I purchased the beaded bag pattern but haven’t had a chance to make it, maybe after the holidays. Love the trunk show and that you do share goofs and how you fix them, which is so helpful to the rest of us. Can’t wait for the next sew along, Waltz! Thank you for all your posts, so fun and interesting!

  7. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Beautiful quilts and projects! I am like you as far as things don’t have to be perfect…..some of my best things have come from accidents!

  8. You’ve made some beautiful quilts and bags! I can’t even begin to count how many mistakes I’ve had over the years, but I’m always willing to admit to them. Thanks for sharing your trunk show!

  9. I really like how the designs in Scrap Dance and Tango really do dance, and how different aspects come to the foreground as you keep looking. Beautiful colors, too!

  10. liz brown

    I love your patterns, but I only do small quilts. I hope I can redo the measurements to do a smaller version.

  11. Phyllis Smith

    Hello again,

    Boy do I wish for some of the energy I use to have at your age. I use to get so much done but now I can’t get that energy going seems like. My energy seems to have gotten the old

    Get up and gone theory. I have had to take apart so many of my fleece scarfs and re do some of the because I forgot to do something and boy are they hard to take apart is the seams

    are tight and close together, try not to make those mistakes often but they happen.

    Have gotten some of my strength back and feeling some better, have to go for a follow up next Mon. Have been sitting quietly and making some scarf caddies for the scarfs I make to go

    with my fleece hats so I’m having some fun with my color combinations with the beads I have here which is quite a bit. Use to make our own Christmas decoration sine the 1962’s when

    our boys were young and I didn’t want them to break so I made a lot of kit designs and then I started making the real fancy one like the Victorian designs as they boys got older. I still have a few

    of the original ornaments from my Jays and my first Christmas that I will always cherish and keep till I pass I guess. I can’t get up onto a step stool anymore so I just put up a small 4 ft. tree on top of

    a table in my bay window and use some of the small ornaments I’ve made. Have started selling my beautiful ornaments at garage sales I’m having now trying to down size as much as possible.

    Don’t have the desire to keep up things like I use to, guess that’s old age creeping up onto me. Still thinking about trying to get to the mountains so there is still time yet.

    You and your family have a terrific Thanksgiving and be talking to ya soon.


  12. dezertsuz

    I enjoyed that! Always good to be reminded of things I meant to try and haven’t – Quickstep in this case. Thanks for sharing.

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