Another Disappearing Nine Patch

Ready for yet another variation on the D9P?  I thought originally these prints would make a good color study.  Sometimes it is hard to know if prints go together.  All these prints related to each other with colors in soft purples and some pale blue. The ecru background fabric was the primary print, with the other prints pulled from those colors.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

So I cut out some strips and started sewing. I cross cut the square strips and sewed the nine patch blocks. Then I slashed across the middle and down the center as usual.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

I turned the upper right and lower left, and along about now realized that this wasn’t the usual. I had used four prints instead of the usual three.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

I went ahead and sewed them together, interested to see what would happen now.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

Kinda neat, huh? I oriented the blocks with the light strips horizontal, alternating with vertical to get this layout.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

I like the design, but the proportions are off for a lap quilt, too long and skinny. But alas, I didn’t have any more fabric. I had eight blocks, sewn 2 x 4, so I just separated them into two lullaby quilts of four blocks each. Loading them on the longarm to quickly quilt, I quilted them on the same backing, placing the second quilt close to the first…

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

so one pass on the pantograph got the edges of both.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

Since the colors are softly sweet, I used a pansy pantograph.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

Bits and pieces of all the fabrics were sewn together for a scrappy binding on one.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

All done and ready to take to the meeting. These will go to a local charity called Open Arms.

New D9P ~ From My Carolina Home

Do you like D9P?

13 thoughts on “Another Disappearing Nine Patch

  1. ejwalker5

    Carole….Yes, definitely like your new version….4pd9p!

    So soft, cuddly & sweet….Open Arms recipient will adore them. Thanks for your continuous support.


  2. Jennie Rauch

    Well I must confess my first reaction to the color combo was “what is she thinking??”! But I kept reading as you kept sewing & it did turn out pretty interesting!

  3. Good Morning Carole! I love your color combination! Probably more than others because I have a habit of just grabbing and piecing what I like together being a scrap quilter above all. Plus, any color of purple is lovely in my eyes being that purple is my favorite color! I have never completed a D9patch or any other Disappearing combination either. LOL. I began one earlier this past fall, but have no idea what happened to it or why I ended up not completing it. But I do love the final quilts that you created with your fabric choices and since they are for charities, that makes them extra special and whoever ends up owning them will cherish them. That is all that matters in the end! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  4. Melanie

    Yes, I do, and have made a couple for charity also. Great idea to test how fabrics work together by making a D9P block or two first….thanks again for the lesson. :o) m

  5. Lisa Marie

    Yes, I love D9P ! They are so quick and work with just about any fabrics. I often make a large feature block (perhaps a paper-pieced animal or something) and surround it by D9P blocks. Always fun to do.

  6. Barbara Jenkins

    I have made a lap robe with D9P and it was fun. I like how yours turned out with the fourth fabric too. May just try that one day.
    Meant to tell you I have almost finished my Spin quilt. May week one of supporting other designers. I’m really pleased with how it is coming out. Thanks for the link….

  7. dezertsuz

    Those are very sweet. I’ve made a couple of D9P, and they are pretty fast and attractive, whatever you do to them, but I can’t say they are a go-to favorite.

  8. I’ve made a handful of disappearing 9patches, and every one has turned out happily. Last December my husband helped make one for our oldest granddaughter. We wanted a pretty quilt that was not precious, which she can take to college with her, and if anything bad happens to it, no one needs to cry. 🙂 It turned out so beautifully, no one who doesn’t quilt would guess how easy they are. Thanks for sharing these. Great donation quilt.

  9. Those turned out nicely with the extra color added into the mix. No I have not made and disappearing 9 patches….I’ve been too busy “scrap dancing” lately!

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