An Interlude on the Veranda

The flowering season continues, and as we head into a holiday weekend, many more blooms have shown their faces. There were several weekend mornings over the past month where I took my study materials out to the veranda on a cool morning with a hot cup of coffee. Quiet and peaceful, birds chirping and enjoying the feast of seeds in the feeder, it is relaxing and easy to concentrate.  Although sometimes I got caught up in the beauty of the forest and the flowers.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Sunlight filters through the forest to the east as the sun comes over the mountaintop.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

I finished 24 hours of CEUs in June, bringing my total close to the 50 I need for the year.  Thank you to everyone who commented for all your support.  I wouldn’t say it was fun, some of it was interesting, but I would just rather be playing.  There is only so much neuropathology, cardiovascular disease, diabetes management, and psychopharmacology one can take, even as interesting as those subjects are to me.  Now I only have one more course to do and four months to do it. Cool quiet mornings on the weekends and my days off helped. So did staying off the computer as it gave me back a lot of time.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

In the garden, things are still blooming wonderfully, especially my hydrangea! Looking over the railing, it is full of blooms in three colors. What looks like white on the right is really a pale pink in the early morning light.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

This lavendar color is my favorite, and I cut a few of these to have inside.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The daylilies continue their show, this one is just so intense with color.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

And this one too.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The paler peach one with the yellow throat blooms just a few feet away.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The ruffled one is still going too.  Daylilies will bloom continuously for a month or more.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The Easter lily bloomed finally, just a few days ago. Just one bloom this year, it may be done, but I’ll give it some fertilizer and we will see what happens.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The geraniums and verbena are happy, and apparently the fairy is out as he left the door open. One can just imagine what wonders await at the top of those stairs inside.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The little blue lobelia in the pretty pot is happy.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

I think the white lobelia got a bit waterlogged as the container is water tight after all. I drained it out, and will be much more careful with the water on this one from here on. I need to move it into more sun too.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

I can’t believe how tall the yellow lantana has become! I didn’t know it would get that tall, it is almost 2 feet. Next year I’ll put those in the front bed for some height.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Here’s my study space in the evening after work, glass of tea at the ready, books open. The impatiens are getting huge and blooming like crazy!

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

This verbena on the porch was lagging along, then all of a sudden took off, blooming and filling in nicely.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Out front, the local goldfinch population got the word out that the diner was open and all the barstools were taken, LOL!

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The hostas came into bloom over the weekend, I love these. The foliage fills in beautifully every year and the flowers are so pretty. These are along the back retaining wall behind the garage.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

These are out front, around the big oak tree.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Close up they are such a pretty purple with a variegated throat.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Here is the hydrangea from the front, spilling through the railing on the steps.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Out back, on the mountainside, the rhododendrons start pale pink opening to white.  They will bloom for a couple of weeks.

Early Morning June Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

In the time I allowed myself between studying and working, I have been planning and sewing on a special event to come in July. It is a Christmas in July event that will cover daily posts here on my blog for 12 days, plus the link up with a blog hop. There will be something for everyone, the crafters, the sewists, the quilters, the stitchers, the tablescapers, the DIYers, the cooks. I promise you will not want to miss a day. But, that is all I will say for now, there are more plans to finalize, sewing to finish up, crafting to do, cards to make, pictures to take and tutorials to write.

How is your summer going?

12 thoughts on “An Interlude on the Veranda

  1. Your flowers are beautiful! That hydrangea makes me drool. I used to have two huge ones out front. When we moved the small front porch and put in the big stone patio we move the bushes to the back. The summer was the first of two years of heat and f drought and they just didn’t make it 😦 I really need to buy some new ones.

  2. Wow I sure do look forward to seeing your posts in the mornings. I especially enjoy the posts you share of all your beautiful flowers. I love the geraniums they remind me of my grandma. I am in awe that you know all of their names.
    I am glad to hear you have completed so many hours of your continuing education. Im excited to see what your have for us with the Christmas in July. Heres a story about a hydrangea plant I had. We had a big bay window and we had a hydrangea the same color as yours that was about the same size as yours. I hated that plant!!! I think because it blocked the view out my big window. One day a man knocked on my door and asked me if he could get a start off of it because his wife liked it and w as expecting a baby. I told him no he couldn’t cut a start off of it but he could have the entire plant. So I went out to the garage got a shovel and a bucket and gave them to him. He dug up the whole plant and when happily on his way. And I finally got to see out my bay window.
    Have a great day today Carole.

  3. Melanie

    Thank you for the lovely garden tour, so beautiful. You have a green thumb, for sure. The veranda is also a wonderfully peaceful place to study, read, rest, view the hills, enjoy the birds, etc. Carole, the lantana in San Diego where I lived until retirement grew into hedges, thick and beautiful, drawing butterflies continually. Love your hydrangeas and all your potted plants. :o) m

  4. Yes….your garden is breathtaking and very relaxing! Your studies remind me of getting my masters and rectification years. UGH! I just don’t have the motivation to do that anymore….good job buckling down and getting ‘er done! July will be filled with family and travels…but will peek in on your upcoming event. 🙂 Happy end of June…you made it!

  5. catsandroses

    Always love seeing your flower photos. And the ones of your birds — amazes me the detail you can capture with your camera! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Good Morning Carole! I am always in such awe of your spectacular outdoor photos; you get such magnificent details in both light and darker areas, it is amazing. Your flowers and plants are amazing and so beautiful; like others I am in awe of the brilliance you have for remembering each and every one of their names. You know me with my problem, I am lucky if I can name 3, but that is alright, I just love their beauty and fragrance!

    The areas that you showed where you go for studying and just quiet times, they are such nice areas on your great porch! Hubby and I both understand why you choose those locations, listening to natures natural quiet in the morning and evening is enchanting and really helps to calm everything in life down. So it was really nice seeing and hearing about why you chose these areas and about sometimes when you could get lost in listening and watching the wildlife instead of studying also. I know what you are studying is a lot of hard information that you must know in order to keep up on new information and be able to do your job to the best of your ability. For someone who used to love to study and had very high hopes of a great career, it is so rewarding and delightful to hear you talking about furthering your education. It makes me smile and be very proud of my friend! So Great Job well done Carole! It is getting closer to being complete.

    Now, in all of this study time you have had the time to put together a Christmas in July package! Oh WOW! You are talented my friend! This sounds like a lot of fun, especially since most of the topics you mentioned I am involved in a lot or somewhat and a few just a tad bit. So, I will definitely be paying attention and be checking in everyday! Thank you for putting this together. Have fun doing it!

    Now have a fantastic creative day!

  7. ejwalker5

    Carole….your yard is awesome, gorgeous & blooming those “yummy” colors of summer.
    Those hydrangeas poking their heads through the fence at the walkway is so picturesque.

    My day is so colorful with your spectacular yard.

    Thank You for the treatment.

  8. Mary Sloan

    I wanted to ask you about the lobelia. Have never gotten pleasant results. Tried again this year. So HOT here. 100 + , heat index. Watering every 2 days. Losing it. Looks wilted. Keeping in shade on sunny side of deck. Help.

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