Memories from Childhood

On the day when we honor our mothers, it is nice to revisit some memories from childhood.  I think that most of our fun memories are those created by our mothers, taking us to special places or making certain days special.  Some time ago, DH and I went to Greensboro, and while we were there we looked up my childhood home.  I was amazed that it hadn’t really changed.  After that trip, DH began wondering about the lake house where his grandparents lived.  Many summer days were spent there while he was growing up, so about a week ago we made a trip to Greenwood, SC to see if we could find it.

Lake House 1

It was a challenge, as an internet search for the property was not fruitful.  All he could find was a survey plat of the property that had his grandfather’s name without any mention of an address, or any other identifying data.  We went to the Registrar of Deeds for Greenwood county to see if they could help us.  Apparently the sale deed from the 1940s has been lost, and we couldn’t find any record of the sale in the 1970s either.  So, we were sent to the tax office to see if any tax records existed.  Searching by his grandfathers name, nothing came up.  There were numbers on the survey, but looking into the huge, musty record books was not successful in finding any information either.  The last thing we tried was to look up another name on the survey of the neighbors property.  And success!  That gave us an address, and that record had their neighbor’s name, the person that bought the property from DH’s grandmother.  Searching for that name found the property address, and amazingly, the survey plat that DH had was attached to the record.  So we had an address.  We put that into his GPS, and drove out to see if we could find it.

Lake House 11

He was very surprised to find the property virtually unchanged from when DH was a kid. Only the addition of a larger deck was different.   The house sits right on Lake Greenwood, and was still the same color too.  The stone fireplace was intact as well. Gorgeous view.

Lake House 12

The next day, we rented a boat and looked for it from the water side. It was a cool and grey day, but we were lucky, the rain held off until much later.

Lake Greenwood 3

And we found it again.  Such fun to hear DH talk about the fun times he had as a kid, swimming in the lake, spending vacations there. The old dock with the lift for the boat is still there, and looks like the original one.

Lake Greenwood 19

Lovely from the water side as well, I can just imagine the kids running down to the water, splashing and squealing as parents keep watch on those chairs.  The stairs lead to the water, but the platform the kids used to swim to is gone.  Can’t you just imagine making homemade ice cream with an old fashioned hand cranked paddle on that lawn?

Lake Greenwood 7

For all the memories that mother’s make for their kids, the best ones usually involve the simple things.  A smile and a hug, fresh baked cookies, holiday meals, a homemade Halloween costume, a summer cookout of hot dogs and smores, and thousands of other small moments that make up our childhood.  For all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day.

Have you ever visited or wanted to revisit a place from your childhood?


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  1. Carol

    Wow, Carole I sure did find this very interesting! My hubby & I have a place on Lake Greenwood near The Reidy River side. We have been there 10 years. Love talking to you about it when I see you!

  2. Jennie Rauch

    Got a chuckle out of your searches! A few years ago my uncle (who still lives in my hometown) offered to take me around town to see a few home addresses I ‘d found during a genealogy search. It has been 43 years since I’ve lived there! Anyway, he pulled up in front of 2 rundown homes & was talking about how my folks had made it so nice & brought me home there when I was born. But which one was “mine”? We talked about how a recent storm had not been kind to these 2 houses with vacant lot between them. . . I took pics, still unsure, but enjoying the day. A bit later he & my aunt recalled the house #, & when we checked, learned that I’d taken pics of the houses where I was NOT born, but the vacant lot? THAT was my first address! Later that day I had him park in front of another home I remembered details about & thought I could pick it out. . . I had a photo but couldn’t read the address. So we stopped & my cousin & I compared the photo to homes , but the big evergreen was gone & the concrete steps & front porch weren’t quite right. We suddenly realized someone had been watching us & was concerned, came out of one of the homes to ask if she could help us. We’d been there several minutes & were taking pictures, after all! I explained our mission, mentioned some family neighbors’ names I recalled, but no luck other than assuring her we were not up to no good. Later, a younger cousin with better eyesight correctly identified the address from the old photo, & we indeed HAD captured a current pic. of the home I recalled. What a day of fun memories! Thanks for sharing your search!

  3. Rosemaryflower

    How sweet. It is kind of fun to go back and look at places. They always look much smaller than you were a kid.
    I have looked at several places on Google Earth where we lived around the world.

  4. Good Morning Carole! I really had a wonderful time reading your post and looking at the great photos. Both of my parents grew up in the town that I was born in and several relatives reside there and I am sure always will. It has been several years since I have been there, but one of my Fathers sisters owns and lives in my Grandmother and Grandfathers home; Dad gets a twinkle in his eye telling me and others about his days of growing up and my days of growing up and the memories that were made in that home. It is always fun and loads of laughing when we get to talking about memories. The same thing happens when talking with Mom, only the kids all chose to sell Grandmas house. Now of course, we all have to talk about memories we have made here in Southern Oregon where Dawn (my daughter) celebrated her first Christmas and Birthday. She is now 30 and has her Masters Degree in Business. I am so thankful we decided to stay in one place and let her experience the memories of just a one town life instead of the many towns that my brother and I lived in while growing up. LOL. I just get to typing like I am talking to you….so I will close. I wish every Mother a Happy Mothers Day. While wishing everyone a Fantastic Beautiful Spring Day that is filled with something delightful!

  5. Barbara Jenkins

    Sometimes it can be very sad to look back and see what has become of places we treasured. Such is my childhood home. The most recent owners have made such a mess of it, I can’t bear to go by it anymore. Other memories are still so special though.

  6. Lovely post. I recently joined a Facebook group set up for people who lived in my area during my childhood years. I have found the little girl who lived next door and was my best mate until they moved away, and quite a few class mates. That prompted me to revisit my childhood home when I was close to the area a month or so back. It is a different colour and there is an obvious extension at the rear, but from the front it looks the same.

  7. Trudi

    I have done the memory trip every time I have travelled “back to the old country” on the other side of the world. The city of Wels in Upper Austria, which was my mother’s hometown and where I was born, first received city status in 120 AD by the Romans and named Ovilava. My grandmother’s house, which was originally a small cottage before one of my uncles expanded it and turned it into a two storey house, was torn down in the 1970s to make way for a freeway. The house may be gone, but the memories are still there.

    My hometown was the medieval city of Steyr in Upper Austria, which was also my father’s hometown. As I was born in the post-war era, my homeland was occupied by the allied forces until 1955. We lived in the American sector and the border to the Russian sector was just a mile away from where we lived. As kids we were able to roam far and wide, but were always warned to stay well away from the Russian soldiers, as there had been incidents of kids being abducted.

    I used to spend a lot of time at my grandmother’s apartment in the city. As a three-year old I decided to visit my grandmother, which required a bus trip from where we lived in the suburbs into the city, followed by a long, mostly up-hill walk through very narrow paved streets. My adventure ended at the city end of the bus trip where I was taken to a police station. I recall sitting on a desk at the police station being asked who I was and where I lived, scared-stiff that I would get jailed for being naughty and relieved when a cop took me back by bus and I spotted my father looking for me near the bus stop. Apparently I left home with a scooter and a tricycle and abandoned them along the way to the bus. At home I got a severe spanking and was locked in a dark garage for an hour.

    The building where my grandmother lived has been beautifully renovated and the last time I was able to stay in the apartment where I grew up, the exterior of the building was in the process of receiving an upgrade, new roof, new front entrance, and thermo-cladding to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

    But there are things that have gone now, like the garden my parents leased and the little log-cabin my father built for us children, which we promptly named the “Lebkuchenhaus” as in Haensel & Gretel. That log-cabin was fantastic, it even had an internal stairway with about 4 steps, that led to a landing and through a small door onto a balcony. Also gone is “my” apple tree across the road from our apartment. For quiet times I used to climb the tree and find a comfortable place to sit, while eating green apples and reading a book.

  8. dezertsuz

    What lovely documentation and now you have pictures to go with his memories! I did visit the house I lived in when my mother died. The street didn’t match my memories because I remembered it straight with cotton fields at the end. The area has built up and the fields are long gone, but the street curved! The school was in the same place and looked the same, though. =)

  9. Jan Beckert

    What a wonderful thing to do and to rediscover! Your pictures remind me of my own family’s summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee, in NH. I and my brothers and sister spent endless summer hours there in the lake and woods. I can still recall the special scents of pine and fresh water. I am fortunate that, though my parents are now gone, we still own the property…your post reminds me also that I want to spend more time there this year! Thanks for a sweet reminisce!

  10. What a fun and interesting post. Occasionally I drive by the first house I lived in as a child. It’s pretty much still the same.. the second house is the house my parent still live in . I was 6 when they moved there. The front of the house hasn’t changes much at all but the inside and the back of the house are totally different. The farm house my grandparents lived in has been torn down and a subdivision is there now 😦

  11. What an adventure you had trying to find the place – and I am so glad that you did! What a beautiful view. No doubt, being there brought back so many memories of his time spent with his grandparents. I have taken my kids past one of my childhood homes a couple times and it is so amusing to hear what they have to say. Great trip down memory lane! Thanks for joining my link party again and for linking up this lovely post! Enjoy your weekend!

  12. youmaybewandering

    Hi Carole, This is such a lovely post remembering both you and your husband’s childhood vacations. Thank you for sharing your adventure! This reminds me so much of my sister’s home on Lake Wylie in North Carolina which although it is in Charlotte still feels like you are escaping every time you visit. Have a lovely weekend!

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