Apple Blossom Tour

The apple tree blossoms are in various stages, some are just blooming, others are done.  We almost waited too late to take a drive out to the apple orchards to get some pictures of the blooms.  They really are beautiful, once again white flowers hold a special place for me.  I just love them.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

I am not sure what varieties of apples will come from these beauties, there are so many different ones in this county.  One can hope for lots of Honey Crisps!  But these could be Jonagolds or Sheep’s Noses, Pink Ladies or Winesaps.  Who can tell?

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

There are many apple orchards in this county, it is our primary economic crop.  Henderson county grows 85% of the apples in the state.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

The sky this day was a striking blue, not a cloud. The lovely blooms have a blush of pink.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Another orchard nearby, but the grass was a bit too tall to get a close shot of the blooms.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Going farther east, this orchard is right on the main road to Bat Cave.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

These blooms are almost pure white.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Yet another orchard off the main road, the branches of these trees are more twisted than the other orchards.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Lovely, aren’t they!

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Soft blush pink, gorgeous blooms.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Row upon row, out in the country, with rolling hills behind this orchard.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

More close up shots, little apples in process.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Softly fragrant, beautiful and abundant.  There was a cold snap this week, so I am hoping that the “Blackberry Winter” didn’t damage the crop.

Apple Blossoms 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Now I am trying to decide if any of these might be an entry in the photo category for the State Fair this year.  The light was just perfect for some of the close up pictures of the blooms.

Thinking about the apples to come in the fall, I am thinking of getting some apples from the store to bake my Apple Cake Donuts or a Caramel Apple Coffee Cake.

Are there fruit trees near you?  What is blooming in your part of the world?

17 thoughts on “Apple Blossom Tour

  1. Melanie

    I hope you do enter your photos; they are outstanding, breathtaking closeups. Now I think you need to design a delicate pink, white, and green quilt! Still a favorite color combo for me. LOL

    Here in the great northwest, we have apple trees, pears, cherries, etc. And surprisingly, PEACHES–some of the best on the west coast. What we don’t have are citurs trees, but sometimes I am lucky to receive meyer lemons from my daughter in San Diego. :o) m

  2. We drove to Bat Cave once, whiling away some time before meeting a grandson at the airport in Greenville. Having seen apples featured in one of your posts last fall, I knew the area was noted for apple production. I remembered that when we saw any number of fruit stands on the Bat Cave road. I hope we remember to take a drive down there this fall.

  3. Rosemaryflower

    So pretty.
    This is my favorite time of year when the trees flower. What a blessing.
    Christina and I took Sarah to a tulip farm last Monday, not this past one 😛
    It was in Haymarket Virginia. Really pretty and we had a picnic, took lots of pictures with Sarah plopped in the middle of tulips and played with things they had there. It was warm but fun.

  4. myrna

    Beautiful pictures, yes doesn’t hurt to enter, the contrast is wonderful. We also have many apple orchards, many old orchards have been changed to the small trees and planted a couple feet apart. The blossoms are out on a lot of the different fruits now. A wonderful drive for Mothers’ Day Sunday. Always enjoy your pictures and blog. Looking forward to the next addition to Tango!!!

  5. Mary Sloan

    I live in South Central Arkansas. Too warm for really great apples. Northwest AR is cooler and has ok apples. We have beautiful blooms here. Our thoroughbred race track, Oaklawn, has the APPLEBLOSSOM FESTIVAL FOR FILLIES AND MARES. Big deal here. Trees are beautiful here. Doubt they have good apples.
    Your pics are beautiful. I am jealous of the HONEY CRISPS.
    PLEASE. enter your pics in contest.

  6. Beautiful photos. I felt quite homesick looking at them. My home county in Ireland (Armagh) is known as the apple county and it now holds an annual apple blossom festival.

  7. A beautiful welcome to Spring!! I bookmarked this post to actually share with my class as I teach them the lifecycle of an apple tree….your pictures of the orchards and the close ups with the blossom and bud and perfect for them to see the transition.

  8. Hi Carole, Love the mountain shot with the redbuds as well as the various apple blossom photos! You might want to submit them to Our State magazine, too. Thanks for sharing them from a fellow Carolinian. Blessings, Janet

  9. Joyce Carter

    Carole, Enjoyed the pictures of the apple tree blossoms.

    There is a barrel filled with several varieties of apples near the 1st Tee on the golf course for us to enjoy while playing golf.

  10. Sharon Schipper

    Love it. I have silk paintings I bought in Japan in the 70’s of apple, cherry and plum blossoms. I think one of the trees in the backyard of the new place may be an apple, not sure, but pretty white blossoms and smooth gray bark! Here’s hoping, else I have to plant two!

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