Quilted Art Project – May update

Try as I might, I still cannot sit still long enough to finish this project, but I have made some progress.  I am hoping that next Sunday, (Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, the greatest day in racing), I’ll be able to find some stitching time while watching the three major auto races that day. Last weekend, I found some purple beads that have added some shine to the project.

Quilted Art Project May 2016 at From My Carolina Home

The area between the larger buttons is being filled in with small seed beads and pearls.

Quilted Art Project May 2016 at From My Carolina Home

This small resin flower is added to the purple doily so it shows well.

Quilted Art Project May 2016 at From My Carolina Home

The point at the top of the swirl is taking shape with more small pearls, buttons and beads.

Quilted Art Project May 2016 at From My Carolina Home

As the swirl sweeps left and down, the buttons get larger, and there are more textural items added like a ribbon rose.

Quilted Art Project May 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Even larger buttons at the bottom,with more beads and pearls to fill in the space under the ribbon embroidery.

Quilted Art Project May 2016 at From My Carolina Home

Here’s a look at the overall piece so far.  I still need to fill in the sweep of buttons a bit more, and add some elements to the doilies.  It is coming along, but still not done yet. I have to rethread the needle with each color change, as I am matching the thread color to the element.
Quilted Art Project May 2016 at From My Carolina Home

I’ll hopefully get a lot done during race day, I’d like to finish it off and get it on the wall soon.  Plus, I think I want to enter it into the state fair crafting competition, so it has to get done.  Click on Quilted Art Project Finish for the final post.

Are you working on any hand work projects? Do you find it difficult to do hand work in the warmer months?


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20 thoughts on “Quilted Art Project – May update

  1. Rosemaryflower

    Hi Carole. This is going to be a masterpiece. I love it.
    Oh yep! you should get it done and enter it in the fair, but arteests can not be rushed!!
    I would love to make something like this. Heaven knows I have enough little bits and baubles… (frightening amounts- I could make the worlds largest art project)
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Jennie Rauch

    It is shaping up! I had a hard time picturing your project in the beginning, but now. . . looking fwd to seeing how you “frame” it for wall hanging! Someone gave me an embroidery kit for a Christmas table topper last year, but I only work on it during Crafty Fingers, a Weds. morning group @ the Sr. Center here, and when I travel. So tho it will be garden season soon, I’ll plod along on Weds. & get it done whenever. I enjoy having a project ongoing, as folks stop by our group & check our progress on whatever project we’re working on, start a conversation. . . My commitment this year is to get more active (not getting any younger or lighter weight if i just sit), so I’m fighting the urge to just sit & stitch or read or do computer games, or card games. . . . for long stretches. Once I develop more active habits, hopefully they’ll slide into daily routine & i’ll be able to create more beautiful things without guilt!

  3. Good Morning Carole! Your project is looking great! The variety of buttons and beads is a great addition and they really add charm and beauty to the whole project. Have a great time watching all of the races and working on this grand project. I do not have trouble working on hand work in the warmer months, if it is really hot I head with a hand embroidery project to a nice shaded spot in our yard and sit and stitch for hours. I hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  4. Linda Mincher

    It looks wonderful! I love all of the buttons and beads. I have been trying to use my Great-Grandmother’s buttons in projects. This is a wonderful use of all of those fun and unique items! Great work!

  5. I see ya got going on this. 🙂 I never seem to tire of having a hand project near by….I’m actually pulling out an old one to get going on again…I’m looking forward to seeing this one on your wall too. 🙂

  6. שושנה ווגל

    switch to cotton and you’ll be waiting to get your hands on some new projects!!! shoshana

  7. It is coming along beautifully…as to my hand work THUS far today it’s resulted in a lot of dirt under my fingernails ! 🙂 Got quite a bit of weeding done and some flower seed planting / it is supposed to rain again and then I’ll sew 🙂

  8. Deanna Bishop

    Cant wait to see the end of your project. It is really pretty. Off to Brendas to go sew my daughters birthday gift. Im making her an owl wall hanging. Brendas teaching me how to applique it on the sewing machine today.

  9. I am so anxious to see the finished project….happy sewing on race day! It’s lovely so far….even in the little snatches we see. But who can go wrong with purples and green? Blessings for southeastern WV…..

  10. No hand working happens around here until football season and I’ve got to come up with one before September! I finished that beastly Cathedral Window during the last season. I think I need some applique for the 2016 season.

  11. Oooh, this is coming on beautifully. Even using aircon it’s too hot in the summer for me to hand quilt/embellish anything lap size or larger, today’s our first day with the aircon turned on and it’s too hot to be outside, we’ve switched from winter to summer overnight that’s just how it goes – Chris 😀

  12. Good things take time! 🙂 I find it extremely difficult to do stitching when it’s warm out – there’s just so many other things to occupy my time. I will do some knitting if I’m up late and watching TV, but usually by that time I’m sleeping!

  13. It’s surprising that what sounds to be ‘small’ additions can make such a difference to how this looks. This will be a beautiful and original entry for your state craft fair.

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