Azalea Walk

The azalea island is in full bloom now, and those flowers are bringing out the pollinators in droves.  I promised a walk around the azaleas on our property, and here are the pictures. I know I have mentioned this before, white flowers are my favorites. The white azaleas on two bushes did beautifully.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

The third one budded a bit earlier and got bitten by the frost. Some of the flowers are pure white, but others show the discoloration of damage.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

Next to it are a medium pink, and a darker pink.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

Behind it in the middle of the circle is another lighter pink. It is looking a bit scrawny, and I may need to take it out and replant another one.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

Around the other side of the circle, two more azaleas, with the white one still mostly buds just a few days ago.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

They are beautiful though. The same white azalea just a day later is doing well with no bloom damage.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

Down the drive next to the meadow, the pink has bloomed, and a fourth white is just starting up.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

The intense color of this deep pink azalea is just gorgeous.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

I like the lighter, softer pink too.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

In the back, a row of coral azaleas are blooming well. Unfortunately, they also suffered some frost damage. The edges of the flowers are discolored in spots.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

Frost damage on a flower is visible while a butterfly landed for a bit of a rest.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

There are sections that look good, pretty in deep coral, these are in the back too.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

Back to the front again, this pink one is really going strong. It was hard to keep away from all the bees!

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

I’ll finish with another closeup view of the white ones, still my favorite.

Azalea Walk at From My Carolina Home

If you aren’t tired of flower posts, I’ll show you the apple blossoms in a few days.  They are really getting going now.

What is blooming near you now?

15 thoughts on “Azalea Walk

  1. Betty Jansen

    We are a bit later in bloom here. We have some tulips, the service berry tree that the cedar waxwings love has bloomed. I looked out yesterday and the little white puffs on the frittelaria had bloomed. The birds are beginning to show up, one species at a time, so the bird food is going fast. When the grosbeaks and Orioles show up we will know that spring is really here in Illinois. Thank you for the beautiful azalea pics. Betty Jansen

  2. ejwalker5

    Gorgeous azaleas….full blooms and so colorful…..thanks for posting, Carole
    Since we downsized, miss the backyard that was full of various spring blooming perennials.

  3. Your Azalea’s are breath taking!!!! You have so many beauties. I don’t have any azalea’s right now. I had three but they didn’t survive the high heat and drought we had a few years back, followed by a severe winter. We at the the far edge of the growing range for those beauties and it can be a challenge to keep them going. My iris are just getting into bloom right now so I should have some great photos of them soon 🙂

  4. Melanie

    I can’t wait for your apple blossom photos. Your azaleas are gorgeous and the contrast between the colors and the green of the trees is wonderful. Quilters love gardens, don’t we???? Here in the northwest, we are awaiting many of our flowers to bloom, but white dogwoods are blooming, and my pink dogwood (finally safe from the deer munchings) is in glorious bloom. My first rhodie to bloom is a gorgeous apricot color, awaiting others to bloom soon. I love spring!

  5. lois92346

    It’s a little bit of paradise! I, for one, never tire of flower posts. They bring a smile to my face.

  6. Good Morning Carole! After reading all of the other posts, I have to agree with every one your azaleas are beautiful and quilters definitely do love flower gardens! Here in Southern Oregon the flowering trees are gorgeous. I will have to take the camera with us next time we go into town and stop and get pictures of a variety of them. Although, I do not know their names, hopefully Deanna will. I will also get other pictures of my flower beds and post them. Another comment I totally agree with is that any post of yours involving your flowers is a wonderful way to begin a morning. We saw the smallest Hummingbird yesterday morning, it was not any bigger than a pinky finger. She was all grey but sat for just long enough to say a hello and then took off. We love to watch the hummingbirds and well actually all of the birds. In the mornings and evenings it is a relaxing time to sit on the front porch and listen to their songs while planning the day or discussing the day. I hope that you have a fantastic creative day!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    Oh my, Azaleas are so pretty. Yours are very healthy and big and perky!!
    How lovely and colorful it must be to look out of your window.
    That is my favorite part about Spring 🙂 After all of the snow slush, sand on the roads, filthy garage floor….
    we finally get some happy colors.
    today was sunny here, lots of clouds and nice wind.
    We sat outside the club house at Ashby Ponds (me mom and dad). It was delightful

  8. Your azaleas are beautiful, Carole. Unfortunately I’ve never had any success with azaleas, but I do love them. Nothing much blooming here, but the leaves are finally showing their Autumn colours.

  9. Betty Jansen

    Carole, the shrub name is Fothergilla and the nice thing about it is that it thrives in shade. Betty J.

  10. dezertsuz

    Those are all so beautiful! Our church building has some gorgeous ones, but they are the softest pinky-lavender color. I am amazed at the color variety in Azaleas. And I don’t have a single on in my yard! I think Knoxville is all bloomed out. There are the kinds of things that bloom all the time, such as roses or vinca or pansies, but that’s about it. I guess hydrangeas should begin showing up before long, though.

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