March In The Garden

A warm spell made it possible to get out and do some clean up in the garden for the last two weekends.  It is still too soon to plant any annuals as our last frost date is mid-April. I did call the garden center and reserve my usual flat of torenias, and I’ll pick them up in April.  I got the brick planter cleaned out, and it looks a lot better. There are daylily bulbs on each end, and I cannot remember what is in the middle. Tulips or gladiolas are most likely, but I just don’t know.  It will be fun to watch them and see what I planted. I cleaned out most of the front flower bed too, while DH worked on the hosta bed. Get ready for a picture heavy post.

planter box cleaned

The tulips are coming up, and two little purple hyacinths struggled to produce a couple of sweet blooms.

In the Garden March 2016 From MyCarolina Home

The redbud is coming into bloom, and is just lovely.

March 2016 in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

The sun brought out the lovely pink shades.  There are bees all over them, and that is a good thing.  These are the really large, gentle bees that don’t pay any attention to me.

Redbud March 26 close

The cherry blossoms started out with pinkish buds, then opened up to pure white.

Cherry 1

On the mountainside out back, the violas cover the ground with purple flowers.

Viola mountainside March 2016

Here’s a closer look.  There are hundreds of them!

Violas March 2016

The rhododendron is putting up some lovely buds, and I hope they bloom after the danger of freeze is over.

Rhododendron buds March 2016

The cardinal pair stopped by the feeder recently too.  Have you ever seen a male cardinal feed the female? It is so sweet.

Cardinals March 2016 2

After they left, the goldfinches came in full flock!  There were at least a dozen, taking turns on the feeder.  I managed to get four at once.

Goldfinches March 2016 1

Inside are the most wonderful flowers of all, white roses. DH knows these are my favorite flower, delicate and sweet. He brought me a dozen of them just because he saw them and knew I’d love them.

Roses 3

He is definitely a keeper.

Roses 5

Close up of one, there is a blush of pink in the center. Just lovely and the whole kitchen has a sweet fragrance.

Roses 4

The white hyacinth peaked last week and has now faded.

In the Garden March 2016 From MyCarolina Home

And the amaryllis finally bloomed! Only two blooms on one flower spike this year, but I am still thrilled that it did bloom for the third year.

Amaryllis 2016 ~ From My Carolina Home

Gorgeous isn’t it!!

Amaryllis 2016 ~ From My Carolina Home

Velvety red flowers, huge blooms. I know that my MIL never thought she was giving me a gift that would continue blooming yearly for three years.  It surprises me too!  Can there possibly be a fourth year?

Amaryllis 2016 ~ From My Carolina Home

I’ll have to give it some flower food and see.

Amaryllis 2016 ~ From My Carolina Home

Back out front, the tulips came into bloom on Saturday, lovely!

March 2016 in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

These ajuga reptans, also called blue bugle flowers, are all over the grass next to the front sidewalk.  It is a wild ground covering plant like the violas.  I’d like to get rid of the dandelions, but if I do, it might kill these pretty flowers.

March 2016 in the Garden at From My Carolina Home

If you get the posts by email, stop by the blog and see the new header with the redbud and the mountains. I’ve also added some pages at the top to help readers find projects and tutorials.

Anything in bloom around your house?

23 thoughts on “March In The Garden

  1. It is so fun to see spring peeking up out of the ground. We have forsythia in bloom in the backyard and along the driveway, and the daffodils are going strong. Our tulips are poking out but no blooms yet.I need a few warm days to get out in the yard and clean out the beds, but weather is drizzly and gloomy this week. Love the new header photo.

  2. Betty Harden

    Beautiful photos. Which garden center do you get your torenias? I fell in love with them from your pictures last year. Your place is coming alive and so beautiful. Betty

  3. Rosemaryflower

    Oh your header is really pretty!
    I love all of your flowers, and the roses are lovely too.
    This is my favorite time of year (in spite of the pollen overload). Everything is just beautiful.
    Happy Monday I hope you have sunshine today.

  4. Lesley

    What can I say – everything is beautiful – a reward for all the hard work you must have put into keeping everything on track!!

  5. Sharon Schipper

    Gorgeous! We had a blizzard last Wednesday, dumped up to 2 wet feet of snow down here in the Denver basin, and whole lot more up in the mtns above us. So it’s all still on the soft-scape. I’m finally seeing daffodils around town, and the neighbors forsythia has been in bloom for about 2 weeks now. Nothing compared to your spring bounty! Love your rose bouquet. I told my daughters that since I was cooking Easter dinner, I thought they should bring me an easter lily! Instead they brought me an everblooming orchid (translation: fake!) I guess since I”m in the midst of that move, it makes sense, and I certainly can’t kill it! My new house does have a lilac bush in the front, should be blooming just about as we finish our moving, love it! and I’m thinking the house needs some clematis climbing about the fences…. does anyone have ideas about a south facing front porch that gets loads of heat in the summer? We’ll definitely put out the cooleroo shade over that big front window! but I’d love to do some planters and the only thing I can come up with are Shasta daisies and periwinkles! Even in March the first time I looked at the house, that south porch was very warm!

    sharon in Colorado

  6. Clare Moore

    Gorgeous photos. Your amaryllis is divine. My sister in law has one and it has been flowering for years now. Definitely give it some food and expect more beautiful flowers.

  7. My favourite kind of posts; each photo filled with floral gorgeousness! Your garden is beginning to sing a glorious song of Spring. Love your blossom trees and those Cardinals are very sweet. Gorgeous photos!

  8. Good Afternoon Carole! As always, I get lost in the beauty of your pictures. I learn from your descriptions and names and the bits of information that you provide, so it is always a pleasant read and a slow oohing and awwwing all the way through. As I have shared before, hubby and I love to watch our woodland friends and the birds are always a morning and evening ritual with us. Well as soon as I can handle the temperature outside. LOL. This time of year, even when it is far to cold in the evenings, I grab a heavy quilt and sit outside listening to the birds and the frogs along the creek running into the Applegate River below our home.

    We are still being warned of frost also, so no planting going on here. I have purchased several seed packets this year of a huge variety of wild flowers and some types of flowers I have no clue…but they sure look pretty. It is still staying pretty cool and still raining in the higher elevations. For the past 2 days, we did not have any rain. So hopefully it will not be much longer and the ground will be warm enough to begin planting.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your beauty with us! I really treasure all of it. Have a fantastic creative day!

  9. Trudi

    I love your garden photos. Here on the southern half of the globe, my roses are getting ready for a final burst of flowers while the leaves on my two dwarf cherry trees are already turning to a reddish-gold and dropping. Now that the weather has cooled, I need to get out into the garden and pull the weeds which have flourished during the heat of summer. I received notification this morning that the spring bulbs I ordered last week, will be delivered today – that’s nearly 400 bulbs to be planted.

  10. catsandroses

    Love the new header and all your garden photos. (And those roses are beautiful — hubby is definitely a ‘keeper’!) Here, the forsythia is about done blooming now, but that yellow is being replaced with the pretty bright yellow japanese kerria which is coming in bloom. The last blooms of the AMAZINGLY FRAGRANT daphne odora plant are still going — love plucking a sprig to bring this wonderful fragrance indoors. Lots of pretty grape hyacinths are blooming, as is the gorgeous vibrant pink blooms from the wild currant bushes (they look wonderful together in a small bouquet, with the grape hyacinths). The plum trees are in full bloom — hoping for some plums this year, though I’m not seeing bees like you are. Lots more things to come — very much looking forward to the lilacs blooming and the first flush of roses in a few weeks!

  11. I am in envy of all your beautiful spring blossoms and just keep posting them cause I love them. A friend showed me a picture she took today of crocus blooming in the pasture…means spring is here in Saskatchewan, CA!

  12. Deanna Bishop

    Hi Carole. Sorry I didnt post on this yesterday. Not sure why I didnt lol I love your pictures. Our purple hyacinths are blooming right now just a few but they are so pretty. I love the shade of purple they are. Our tulips are about 6 inches high right now . Red tulips are my favorite flowers.
    About 12 years ago we had a bluish/puplish hydrangea growing in the corner of our bay window and one day some man knocked on our door and asked me if he could have a start off of the plant that him and his pregnant wife were just driving around the neighborhoods as they were new to the area and his wife liked them. I told him no he couldnt have a start…BUT he could have the whole plant!!!! He was surprised lol so I went and got a shovel and a big huge box for him and he dug it up. I was so glad to get rid of that bush but my husband wasnt happy at all.

  13. dezertsuz

    I like your new banner. Thanks for sharing your spring. I have a dozen tulips, and they all came up, but not one has put up a bud! I have two tiny grape hyacinths, though, and that made me happy.

  14. Your flowers are lovely and I do love the Spring Header 🙂 I need to take a new one for mine :/ It’s been a while. I have lot’s blooming out there right now but haven’t been taking very many photos. Still having major back issues and finally got my spinal injection this week so things are getting better I just want to give it a couple of more days until I really get out and do stuff. It’s been boring here but I have read a ton of books 🙂 Kindle is my new best friend.

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  16. Rattlebridge Farm -- Foodie Friday and Everything Else

    Oh, how gorgeous! Right now, I’ve just got wisteria and Carolina jessamyn blooming, but irises and daylilies are up. Your post will be featured today at Foodie Friday and Everything Else.

  17. I enjoyed your post, Carole! What beautiful flowers you have, and the roses especially. My husband is thoughtful that way too; he often brings me flowers “just because.” 🙂 Those redbuds — they really are the bright jewel of North Carolina, aren’t they? How long have you lived in the N.C. mountains? We love our North Carolina mountains, and the coast, too. We can’t really be objective, but we do think North Carolina is a beautiful place to live. 🙂

    Have a great weekend, Carole!



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