Three Events Eight Days

Get your guys for this post, it will be car heavy!  Our British Car Club had three events in eight days, lots of food and fun and a special day with the next generation of car lovers.  First we gathered at a member’s home after a nice drive in the mountains. We had a cookout on a warm day.  This particular drive was in remembrance of a member we lost this past year to pancreatic cancer.

British Car Events November

We parked all over the place.

British Car Events November

British Car Events November

Just look at the view from John and Gail’s house. Gorgeous!

British Car Events November

Then, we gathered on Wednesday at the local Jaguar dealer who sponsor our car show, to give the proceeds from the car show to two local Meals on Wheels groups. That is logical, isn’t it, for a car club to pick Meals on Wheels? We have helped to support them for many years now. Of course the dealership had to park one of their most wonderful cars in the room, an F-type that had a sticker price of over $99,000!! OMG, must be nice!

British Car Events November

This past Saturday we had a fun time with a short drive, and then a meet and greet. We started off by gathering in a local parking lot so we could go together to the meeting place. That is our blue TVR on the left.  Even the parking lots are pretty here, LOL!!  Still have some color hanging on here and there.

British Car Events November

British Car Events November

Driving out to Clyde, we met up with a group of young people from Western Carolina University.

British Car Events November

We grabbed coffee at the Burger King, and spent over an hour talking with the next generation of car enthusiasts.

British Car Events November

The young people had a great time, full of questions and our guys had a great time showing off their cars and engines. It is exciting to see younger people interested in these wonderful old cars.  After all, someday we will want someone to buy them from us, LOL!!  More pics from all these events are on our club site at, if your guy wants to see more.

British Car Events November

We are done with driving events for the year, but I need to find something glitzy to wear to the Christmas party next month. Thrift stores, here I come.  Last time I looked for something glitzy, I managed to come home with a sequined jacket for $5!  But I have worn it several times, so it is time for something new, or at least new to me!  The ones I frequent the most benefit the Humane Society and the local Council on Aging.  I noticed a new resale shop here too, might have to check it out.  But, I refuse to leave the house on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  So, maybe on Small Business Saturday, we’ll get to some shopping.  Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

9 thoughts on “Three Events Eight Days

  1. Rosemaryflower

    This is exciting to see youngsters in love with real cars.
    This is a great event really, in memory of your friend that died from that horrible pancreatic cancer.
    I did a three month cancer rotation in nursing school back in dinosaur days, and it was all I could take.
    What a devastating disease. I seriously could not cope with that side of medicine.

    The cars look way cool. I love that Jag, I drove my boss’ Jag around the parking lot many times back in the 80’s.
    They are beautiful cars. We have a Jaguar dealership and a Maserati dealership just down the road, but then….. This is Loudoun County Virginia. There are a lot of people with so much money. Not us though lol

  2. Carole, Thank you for sharing these magnificent pictures with us! I will pull up your site while over at my Dad and Moms later on today and let both of them enjoy also. We still have loads of fall colors hanging around also, we just started racking up leaves yesterday and it will be a daily job for over a month. Such fun to look forward to….not really! But the leaves do make great fertilizer and protection for flower bulbs and so forth. I do hope that you have a fantastic Thanksgiving! We are going to the market today for all of the feast necessities. Also, like you, we do not leave our home on Friday for anything other than 911, which hopefully will not occur!

    Have a festive and loving Thanksgiving! Brenda, Kevin Miss Dodger, Mr. Shakes and Chicca

  3. Lesley Gilbert

    Have you ever heard of a HUMBER car? There is a man in my home town of HULL (which happens to be next to the River Humber, coincidence) who has a collection of 27 and shows them off in a mini museum, free to view. Here are a couple of links to look at if you are interested –
    and a Wki one with more info about Humber origins —

  4. Carole, that looks like such fun! When I first met my hubby he had an Austin Mini …. ohhh, the adventures that were had with that car and then the babies came along and that was that. 😀 I hope you will share with us the ‘something glitzy’ that you get for the party.

  5. oksewnsew

    Carole, just wanted to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t let the turkey being the only one being It will be a quiet day here, expecting cold & LOTS of cold rain, then turning to ice & snow for Friday thru several days next week. I’m always looking forward to I always enjoy your postings, keep up the great work. ;o)


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