Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite holiday, watching the Macy’s parade in my jammies with a hot cup of coffee, turkey baking all afternoon, and football games!  Inevitably there is something that goes awry on a holiday, and those stories end up being the best and most memorable of all.  I told several of my family stories last year on my post Thanksgiving 101.  There is some fun reading there along with the comments on the post with more stories.  The holiday story that comes to mind this year wasn’t Thanksgiving, but it did involve a turkey.

Turkeys 2015 - 5

My husband and I were celebrating out first holiday season after we got married, and my mother and grandmother made the six hour drive to visit us for a few days.  My mother, who was always up for something new, wanted to cook the turkey with a 24 hour method at a low temperature.  So, why not?  I went to work, leaving my poor husband home to entertain the ladies all day, and mom in charge of the turkey.  Well, about four hours after she put the bird in, the oven in that old apartment burnt through the element shooting the oven temp up over 500 degrees.  Luckily, someone noticed that, although to this day I still don’t know exactly what happened.  A call to the apartment office, and the manager (who thankfully was still there) happened to have an empty apartment where they could use the oven.  Unfortunately, when DH grabbed the turkey out of our burned up oven, a tidal wave of turkey juice and grease crested over the top of the roaster and down the front of his shirt.   Soaking wet with hot broth, he managed to get the turkey over to the other place, and cleaned up both the kitchen and himself before I got home.   I was grateful that I didn’t know about this while it was happening!!  And the turkey was still delicious the next day as it was supposed to be.

Brining Turkey - 17

So on this day, set a pretty table and bake a delicious turkey, using your favorite method.

Thanksgiving Tablescape 9

Count your blessings.  I am most grateful for family and friends, and for internet friends and followers, including you, dear reader.

Thanksgiving Decor 6

These guys are thankful to still be here.  I am thankful to have such wonderful wildlife walking past our windows on a regular basis.

November Turkeys 2015 - 7

Just for fun, see my Thanksgiving post from last year about the Macy’s parade, and my Pinterest board Thanksgiving Parade! with loads of photos from previous parades including a lot of historic photos.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day, and weekend.  Do you have a holiday story to share?

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Carole! We awoke to our first frost covered ground this morning, with the fog covering the tops of the snow covered pine tree Mountain across the road. Although I truly dislike the cold temperatures, seeing fresh frost and snow is totally beautiful! Hubby and I are taking it easy this morning then we are going to my parents and spend the remainder of the day! My Mom has to work today, so we are having a light feast and it will be so much fun for just Dad, hubby and I to spend time baking, cooking and playing Wahoo. I do wish you and yours a blessed day with love and plentifulness. Brenda

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