Slow Stitching Sunday #6

Wow, it is hard to believe I have been at this for six weeks!  Progress is being made, though, and this week was a bit more productive.  I finished off the scissors, in spite of all the knots that the metallic thread made.

Slow Stitching week 6 - 3

I got most of the way on the thimble. It was a real dilemma as to whether to stitch the outline and details first, or after the base. Doing them first meant I could see the pattern, but it was more difficult to get the background around the flowers. I still have the top part to go, plus the division lines down the front.

Slow Stitching week 6 - 1

With brown left in the needle, I got a bit done on the measuring tape.

Slow Stitching week 6 - 2

There was red left in the needle from the holly berries on the thimble, so I decided to do the background red on the buttons, leaving just a bit open to see where the french knots will go.

Slow Stitching week 6 - 4

The pins didn’t get any attention at all. They are still where they were last week.

Slow Stitching week 6 - 5

Slow stitching, but making some progress each week.  I would probably be done by now if I didn’t have so many projects going at once, LOL!!  I still have several weeks in November to get them done.  As Deborah pointed out in her comment last week, even a little bit of progress each week gets the project done over time.  I am certain that blogging about the progress and linking up with Kathy at Slow Stitching Sunday has really motivated me to have some progress to show.  Total count now – five completely stitched and four in progress.

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14 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday #6

  1. It is so much fun to watch your progress in words and pictures. I had a silly thought. There would be no stopping you if you had a needle for each color. There is probably a good reason that you don’t.

  2. Yes, slow progress is still progress! And I am sure you’re not the only one guilty of having so many projects on the go at once 🙂

  3. Carole, You have made a lot of progress and each design is looking so pretty! Like you, when it comes to hand embroidery projects, I have several projects going at one time. But, like the others have said, no matter how slow the progress as long as we continue to take a stitch now and then, they all get finished. I finished the stitching on a Christmas present the other night and plan on getting the final touches done today. I will also be quilting some more stitches on the Scrap Dance quilt. I have to have it finished by the 15th because it is a birthday present for dear hubby. Did you know that Nancy Zeiman has a Christmas Stocking contest going on? I entered her contest on table runners this summer and have several Stocking patterns that will make wonderful Christmas gifts and so I will be posting about them as I get them going. Thank You for sharing your lovely stitches and continuing to inspire me! Have a wonderful creative day!

  4. The link party motivates me to work on things as well. You are making great progress – one line of thread a day gets the job done.

  5. Little bit by little bit, you will have all those lovely stitcheries done. I love looking at the progress each time you post. As for having several pretties on the go at a time; that is what makes what we do so interesting. Besides, variety is the spice of life. Have a happy week stitching.

  6. I love that you are using up your floss to do a little bit on different ornaments. It makes is seem that they are all in progress. They are very pretty.

  7. The little thimble is just darling! I’m really enjoying seeing your progress each week. What fun it will be to use these sweet pieces in your Christmas decorating!! 🙂

  8. Your progress is exciting to see each week. I love the sewing theme for each block, so cute! My favourite piece today is the amazing texture you’ve created on the thimble – just perfect. Look forward to seeing how you progress this week 🙂

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