Quick Quilt

Our local quilt club is doing some kid quilts for a local charity.  I did two with Winnie the Pooh fabric using the directional print two ways.  I figured that with a goal of 50, it wouldn’t hurt to run up just one more quick quilt.  It is so much easier with my stash to do a girlie quilt, so I did.  I had this neon pink I wanted to use up, and I paired it with a blue floral and a muted yellow print.  I started with sewing 5-inch wide strips of two colors together to make it go faster, then cross cut into 5-inch strips of two color blocks.

Quick Quilt 1

I cut some squares of all three fabrics too, and arranged them in a diagonal pattern. Each row was laid out as I went to keep the squares in proper order.

Quick Quilt 3

I took them all to the ironing board, and pressed the seams in opposite directions to make nesting easier.

Quick Quilt 4

The main portion of the top went together really fast.

Quick Quilt 5

It was going so fast, I almost forgot to get pictures! I added a thin, 1-inch pale blue border, then a 3-inch border of the blue print. I had just enough of the screaming pink to use as a backing.

Quick Quilt 6

Loading it on the frame, I stitched down the edges. Then, I went through the pantographs for something cute.

Quick Quilt 7

I decided on the sweet little bow panto. Perfect for a girl quilt.

Quick Quilt 13

I did the quilting in pale pink thread, Essentials top and bottom. Warm and Natural batting.

Quick Quilt 9

Here’s the back.

Quick Quilt 12

I had hoped to use the pink for binding, but there wasn’t enough after quilting.

Quick Quilt 11

So, next time I’ll make the binding with the blue floral and put it on. Yes, by machine, grrrrrr. I’ll be using a couple of your suggestions, so we’ll see how it does. At least it will go on fast. Still, how can anyone be crabby while quilting on a cold, rainy day, while watching old 1940s black and white movies, and this view out the window?

October Valley 2015 -2

Yes, we still have color.  Isn’t autumn wonderful?

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  1. Sharon Schipper

    Adorable, and not babyish, so will do her for a long time and not get put away with her baby things! I did my last baby quilt with strips, started out as a trip around the world, but was too long, so took it apart and made it into a bargello, with waves rather than medallions, came out lovely. Love the strip quilt ideas, and how did our grandmothers do all this without rotary cutters? we are blessed!

    So much inspiration, so little time! I was in my stash this weekend, and made a resolution to use and re-use and not buy anymore for a while (oh, but the colors! I need to stop my Craftsy Store emails!)

    1. Hi Sharon…IF YOU FIND A WAY TO KEEP THIS RESOLVE, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH THE REST OF US…lol…I’ve made that resolution so many times it isn’t funny. Making quilts for charity is one way to assuage the guilt of fabric-a-holism. Denial is another.

  2. What a lovely quilt it turned out to be. The extra borders were just the thing…and the colors are very feminine. I think any girl—of any age will just love it. That blue looks like an older Thimbleberries…Flower Market maybe? Our guild and local church make quite a few quilts for charity. It works out well for each of us as we use up stash. I’m impressed with you and a little ashamed of myself. I will confess I go to my fabrics I’m LEAST fond of to make these giveaways. I should take a lesson from you and “up my game” with some more “loved” fabrics. Raining here in southeastern WV…I never mind the rain but we’ve lost alot of our colorful leaves so we are looking a bit more dreary today. Blessings….

  3. Carole, I think your girly quilt is beautiful! Our small group decided last week that we are going to focus on making wheelchair quilts for the elderly and veterans in our community. I really like the way you put this quilt together and think later on today, I will give this a try. We are absolutely loving all of the Autumn colors waving around in the breeze here and definitely love seeing all of your photos. I did manage to get about a fourth of my Scrap Dance quilt done, but not as much as I had planned.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog! I can not figure out how to get email notifications when people do comment on my blog. I am hoping that my daughter will be able to make time in her busy schedule to come and help me with several different aspects on my blog. I am in 7th Heaven with my early bday present and hubby has found a couple of sites that will help him learn how to clean them and hopefully get them running wonderfully. We also need to get some items for the treadle….so it may be awhile before I get to actually sew on either one. My birthday is not until the 21st of November. Thank you for the early good wishes! I almost forgot, yesterday afternoon hubby and I took several pictures of some of my embroidery projects. I hope to have a new post later on this evening or by tomorrow. Have a wonderful creative day!

  4. Sharon Schipper

    Dear Kathy in WV
    I’m laughing! so true! I think both of your methods, charity and DENIAL, are good solutions… my issue is also the doggone antique orphan squares I bought from eBay, originally to make replacements of the shredded rayon squares in my Grandmom’s I inherited, but then it got to be BAD… I haven’t been on eBay for ages just for that reason (I have a full set of yellow 12 inch squares embroidered with state flowers…. sheesh)

    Ethical question: if we make a quilt entirely out of antique squares and then have it quilted professionally, can we still call it antique?? I have a lovely hand pieced 6 pointed star flower with muslin hexie dividers (for the life of me, can’t find the name of the pattern!) that dates to about 1935-1940 I want to have carefully quilted, right now I have it hanging on a wall, with a sturdy sheet for backing to keep it flat. It was given to me by an elderly client when I was doing home health work in the 90’s, and somehow I have to save all that handwork. It makes a great wall hanging, but would be best spread over a guest room bed…. and of course, some day my daughters will inherit all this loving stash, and only one of them quilts! hee hee

  5. I agree, one’s day can’t get much better than doing a little stitching, watching an old black and white movie with that glorious Autumnal view outside. Those trees are bedecked in the most gorgeous colours aren’t they. This is a lovely quilt. I love the pretty, girly prints. How lovely to think that somewhere in the world, a little girl will receive this pretty quilt, wrap this ‘pretty’ around her and be blessed with the warmest of hugs from you.

  6. Oh that view! Love your very methodical description of putting this sweet quilt together, it’s turned out great. The bows are just perfect, aren’t they?!

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